Unofficial CRUX PortDB

Type:httpup (sync file)

Port: Version: Description: Health: Port download command:
aircrack-ng 1.6 Aircrack Wifi cracking tool kit OK httpup sync aircrack-ng
alizams-bin 1.7.4 Medical Imaging. Open 2D, 3D and 4D images in DIC… OK httpup sync alizams-bin
android-tools r33.0.3 Android SDK Platform-Tools OK httpup sync android-tools
arandr 0.1.10 Python GUI for xrandr OK httpup sync arandr
arp-scan 1.9.7 The ARP Scanner INFO httpup sync arp-scan
arpspoof Poison hosts via arp-requests as well as arp-repl… OK httpup sync arpspoof
artwiz-aleczapka-fonts 1.3 Improved set of atwiz fonts OK httpup sync artwiz-aleczapka-fonts
binwalk 2.3.3 A tool for searching a given binary image for emb… OK httpup sync binwalk
circuit-simulator 1.6 Electronic circuit simulator written by Paul Fals… OK httpup sync circuit-simulator
ckut 2.5 A simple utility for updating the linux kernel OK httpup sync ckut
cmus 2.9.1 Small and fast music player using the ncurses lib… OK httpup sync cmus
cubicsdr 0.2.5-9c32b97 Cross-Platform and Opensource Software-Defined Ra… OK httpup sync cubicsdr
dhcp-spoof 0.1.a207d4c DHCP spoofing attack tool OK httpup sync dhcp-spoof
dkms 3.0.6 Dynamic Kernel Modules System OK httpup sync dkms
dmz-cursors 1.0 Xcursors for HDPI screens OK httpup sync dmz-cursors
dosbox 0.74-3 SDL-based DOS emulator for classic games OK httpup sync dosbox
dracut 057 Low-level tool for generating an initramfs/initrd… OK httpup sync dracut
eigen 3.4.0 Lightweight C++ template library for vector and m… OK httpup sync eigen
emacs-gtk3 28.1 GNU emacs - an extensible text editor OK httpup sync emacs-gtk3
emacs-no_x11 28.1 GNU emacs - an extensible text editor OK httpup sync emacs-no_x11
enet 1.3.17 A relatively thin, simple and robust network comm… OK httpup sync enet
ettercap Ettercap is a comprehensive suite for man in the … OK httpup sync ettercap
fcitx A lightweight input method framework OK httpup sync fcitx
fcitx-configtool-gtk3 0.4.10 GTK3 configuration tool for the fcitx input frame… OK httpup sync fcitx-configtool-gtk3
fcitx-qt5 1.2.7 Qt5 module for fcitx input framework OK httpup sync fcitx-qt5
feh 3.8 A fast and light image viewer OK httpup sync feh
flashrom 1.2 A utility for programming flash chips. OK httpup sync flashrom
fluxbox 1.3.7 A blackbox based window manager OK httpup sync fluxbox
fping 5.1 A program to send ICMP echo probes to network hos… INFO httpup sync fping
frei0r-plugins 1.8.0 Minimalistic plugin API for video effects OK httpup sync frei0r-plugins
geoip 1.6.12 Non-DNS IP-to-country resolver C library & utils OK httpup sync geoip
geoip-database 20211221 GeoIP legacy country database (based on GeoLite2 … OK httpup sync geoip-database
gloox 1.0.24 C++ libraries for development of Jabber client/co… OK httpup sync gloox
gnuradio GNU Radio is a free & open-source software develo… OK httpup sync gnuradio
gpredict 2.2.1 real-time satellite tracking and orbit prediction OK httpup sync gpredict
gqrx 2.15.9-a8270ca An open source software defined radio receiver (S… OK httpup sync gqrx
gr-osmosdr 0.2.3-821fdb3 Osmocom Gnu Radio Blocks OK httpup sync gr-osmosdr
grdc 20031019 Great Digital Clock OK httpup sync grdc
gtest 1.11.0 Google C++ test utility OK httpup sync gtest
hashcat 6.2.5 Hashcat password cracker for GPU OK httpup sync hashcat
hashcat-utils 1.9 Hashcat password cracker for GPU OK httpup sync hashcat-utils
hcxdumptool 6.2.6 Small tool to capture packets from wlan devices OK httpup sync hcxdumptool
hcxtools 6.2.7 Tools to convert captured packets for hashcat or … OK httpup sync hcxtools
hcxtools-35 3.5.0-e4b60f4 Set of tools to capture packets from WLAN devices… OK httpup sync hcxtools-35
hping3 20051105 A command-line oriented TCP/IP packet assembler/a… OK httpup sync hping3
iotop 0.6 Top like program to display I/O load. OK httpup sync iotop
jack 1.9.19 A real-time, low latency audio daemon. OK httpup sync jack
kismet-2016 2016-07-R1 A wireless network sniffer (Ncurses Based) INFO httpup sync kismet-2016
libjaylink 0.2.0 Library to access J-Link devices OK httpup sync libjaylink
libnet 1.2 Library for constructing and injecting network pa… OK httpup sync libnet
libnftnl 1.2.2 Library for nftables Linux firewall OK httpup sync libnftnl
libxml2-python 2.9.10 Python bindings for the XML library version 2 OK httpup sync libxml2-python
liquid-dsp 1.4.0 Opensource signal processing library for software… OK httpup sync liquid-dsp
log4cpp 1.1.3 log4ccp is a simple to use C++ logging API. OK httpup sync log4cpp
lshw B.02.19 A small tool to provide detailed hardware informa… OK httpup sync lshw
macchanger 1.7.0 Change your NIC's MAC address OK httpup sync macchanger
masscan 1.3.2 Fast scan of the Internet OK httpup sync masscan
miniupnpc 2.2.3 Small UPnP client library/tool to access Internet… OK httpup sync miniupnpc
mlt 7.12.0 An open source multimedia framework OK httpup sync mlt
movit 1.6.3 The modern video toolkit OK httpup sync movit
mplayer 2022-11-04 Versatile media player and encoder/converter OK httpup sync mplayer
ncdu 1.15.1 NCurses Disk Usage OK httpup sync ncdu
ncrack 0.7 Ncrack is a high-speed network authentication cra… OK httpup sync ncrack
nftables 1.0.4 Nftables Linux firewall OK httpup sync nftables
ntop 1.2a2 Ntop is a network watcher (OLD VERSION) INFO httpup sync ntop
nvidia-dkms 535.146.02 NVIDIA Linux Display Driver (long lived branch, D… INFO httpup sync nvidia-dkms
nwipe 0.33 Securely erase disks using a variety of recognise… OK httpup sync nwipe
openntpd 6.8p1 Portable version of OpenBSD's NTP implementation OK httpup sync openntpd
python-future 0.18.2 Clean single-source support for Python 3 OK httpup sync python-future
python3-beniget 0.4.1 A static analyzer for Python code OK httpup sync python3-beniget
python3-gast 0.5.3 AST that abstracts the underlying Python version OK httpup sync python3-gast
python3-numpy 1.21.6 Array processing for numbers, strings, records, a… OK httpup sync python3-numpy
python3-pybind11 2.9.2 A lightweight header-only library that exposes C+… OK httpup sync python3-pybind11
python3-pyserial 3.5 Multiplatform Serial Port Module for Python OK httpup sync python3-pyserial
python3-pythran 0.11.0 Ahead of Time compiler for numeric kernels OK httpup sync python3-pythran
python3-scipy 1.8.0 SciPy is open-source software for mathematics, sc… OK httpup sync python3-scipy
qwt 6.2.0 Extension to the Qt4 GUI application framework OK httpup sync qwt
rtaudio 5.2.0 Set of C++ classes that provide a common API for … OK httpup sync rtaudio
rtl8812au Realtek 8812au USB Wireless Driver (Aircrack Mod) OK httpup sync rtl8812au
rtl8814au-dkms Realtek 8814au USB Wireless Driver OK httpup sync rtl8814au-dkms
rxvt-unicode 9.30 Virtual terminal fork with unicode and xft support OK httpup sync rxvt-unicode
secure-delete 3.1a Secure file, disk, swap, memory erasure utilities… OK httpup sync secure-delete
shotcut 22.11.25 Video editor OK httpup sync shotcut
skypeforlinux-bin Skype Messenger for Linux OK httpup sync skypeforlinux-bin
smplayer 22.7.0 Mplayer frontend OK httpup sync smplayer
smplayer-themes 20.11.0 Themes for SMPlayer OK httpup sync smplayer-themes
soapy-rtlsdr 0.3.2 A plugin module to use the RTL-SDR dongle within … OK httpup sync soapy-rtlsdr
soapy-sdr 0.8.1 An opensource API and runtime library for interfa… OK httpup sync soapy-sdr
sox 20211029 Sound eXchange, the Swiss Army knife of audio man… OK httpup sync sox
supertuxkart-bin 1.3 SuperTuxKart is a 3D open-source arcade racer OK httpup sync supertuxkart-bin
sysstat 12.5.6 A collection of performance monitoring tools OK httpup sync sysstat
telegram-bin 4.14.9 Telegram Instant Messenger Client for Linux OK httpup sync telegram-bin
tuxedo-keyboard-dkms 3.0.10-4866634 TUXEDO Computers Kernel Module for keyboard backl… OK httpup sync tuxedo-keyboard-dkms
ugtrain 0.4 The Universal Elite Game Trainer for CLI OK httpup sync ugtrain
uhd Linux driver for USRP OK httpup sync uhd
usbpicprog 0.6.0 An open source Microchip PIC programmer for the U… OK httpup sync usbpicprog
virtualbox-bin 7.0.10 Virtualisation software for x86 hardware (binary … INFO httpup sync virtualbox-bin
virtualbox-extpack 7.0.10 Virtualisation software for x86 hardware (binary … OK httpup sync virtualbox-extpack
vlc 3.0.18 The cross-platform media player and streaming ser… OK httpup sync vlc
volk 2.5.0 The Vector Optimized Library of Kernels OK httpup sync volk
warmux 11.04.1 Clone of turn-based artillery games like Scorched… OK httpup sync warmux
wavemon 0.9.2 Ncurses-based monitoring for wireless network dev… OK httpup sync wavemon
whowatch 1.8.6 Whowatch - Monitor Linux Users and Processes in R… OK httpup sync whowatch
wxgtk3-dev 3.1.3 A cross-platform GUI Library OK httpup sync wxgtk3-dev
xconsole 1.0.7 Xorg's xconsole INFO httpup sync xconsole
xosd 2.2.14 X11 Onscreen Display OK httpup sync xosd
xpdf 4.04 PDF viewer OK httpup sync xpdf
xxhash 0.8.1 Extremely fast non-cryptographic hash algorithm OK httpup sync xxhash