Unofficial CRUX PortDB

Maintainer:main at wawrzek dot name
Type:httpup (sync file)

Port: Version: Description: Health: Port download command:
abcde 2.9.3 A Better CD Encoder WARN httpup sync abcde
cd-discid 1.4 Backend utility to get cddb information WARN httpup sync cd-discid
cnijfilter2 6.40-1 Drivers for Canon printers WARN httpup sync cnijfilter2
connman 1.41 a daemon for managing Internet connections within… WARN httpup sync connman
econnman 1.1 enlighthenment connman client (for DR19) OK httpup sync econnman
efl 1.27.0 efl libraries WARN httpup sync efl
enlightenment 0.26.0 Enlightenment window manager. INFO httpup sync enlightenment
ephoto 1.6.0 Comprehensive image/photo viewer using EFL ERROR httpup sync ephoto
evisum 0.6.0 EFL system monitor OK httpup sync evisum
font-manager 0.8.6 A simple font management application for GTK Desk… ERROR httpup sync font-manager
gnome-autoar 0.4.4 GNOME library to use archives for internet transf… WARN httpup sync gnome-autoar
libraw 0.20.2 Library for reading RAW files obtained from digit… OK httpup sync libraw
luajit 2.0.5 LuaJIT (Just-in-Time Compiler) for Lua WARN httpup sync luajit
nautilus 45.2.1 GNOME file manager WARN httpup sync nautilus
nautilus-dropbox 2024.01.22 Linux client for Dropbox WARN httpup sync nautilus-dropbox
netcat-openbsd 1.226 Netcat from OpenBSD rewritten by Debian OK httpup sync netcat-openbsd
p5-mojolicious 9.17 API to search the database WARN httpup sync p5-mojolicious
p5-musicbrainz-discid 0.06 Perl interface for the MusicBrainz libdiscid libr… WARN httpup sync p5-musicbrainz-discid
p5-musicbrainz-webservice 1.0.5 API to search the database WARN httpup sync p5-musicbrainz-webservice
python-efl 1.26.1 python binding for efl libraries OK httpup sync python-efl
rage 0.4.0 audio/video player WARN httpup sync rage
solaar 1.1.11 Tool to manage Logitech keyboards OK httpup sync solaar
terminology 1.13.0 terminal emulator ERROR httpup sync terminology
tracker 3.7.1 Search engine for desktop, mobile and embedded WARN httpup sync tracker
utils 0 OK httpup sync utils