Unofficial CRUX PortDB

Maintainer:timcowchip at gmail dot com
Type:httpup (sync file)

Port: Version: Description: Health: Port download command:
blueberry 1.2.5 Bluetooth configuration tool FATAL httpup sync blueberry
dbus-python3 1.2.8 D-Bus Python bindings FATAL httpup sync dbus-python3
dconf-editor 3.30.2 dconf Editor FATAL httpup sync dconf-editor
ecwolf 1.3.3 Advanced source port of "Wolfenstein 3D" and "Spe… FATAL httpup sync ecwolf
exaile 4.0.0-rc3 music player for gnome WARN httpup sync exaile
flburn 0.0.3 CD/DVD burning application INFO httpup sync flburn
geocode-glib 3.26.0 Helper library for geocoding services FATAL httpup sync geocode-glib
glances 3.1.0 CLI curses-based monitoring tool FATAL httpup sync glances
gnome-bluetooth 3.28.2 The GNOME Bluetooth Subsystem FATAL httpup sync gnome-bluetooth
gnome-icon-theme 3.12.0 GNOME icon theme. INFO httpup sync gnome-icon-theme
gnome-icon-theme-symbolic 3.12.0 GNOME icon theme, symbolic icons. INFO httpup sync gnome-icon-theme-symbolic
google-chrome 73.0.3683.86 web browser by Google (Stable Channel) INFO httpup sync google-chrome
gpodder 3.10.7 Podcast client written in Python FATAL httpup sync gpodder
graphviz 2.40.1 Graphviz is open source graph visualization softw… FATAL httpup sync graphviz
gtk-theme-numix-solarized 20180913 Solarized versions of Numix GTK2 and GTK3 theme FATAL httpup sync gtk-theme-numix-solarized
gtk3 3.24.7 A multi-platform toolkit for creating graphical u… FATAL httpup sync gtk3
handbrake 1.2.0 Multithreaded video transcoder ERROR httpup sync handbrake
isomaster 1.3.13 CD/DVD Image Editor INFO httpup sync isomaster
jgmenu 1.6 Small X11 menu intended to be used with openbox a… INFO httpup sync jgmenu
jwm 2.3.7 A lightweight window manager for the X11 Window S… FATAL httpup sync jwm
libgweather 3.28.2 Location and timezone database and weather-lookup… FATAL httpup sync libgweather
masterpdfeditor 4 A complete solution for creation and editing PDF … FATAL httpup sync masterpdfeditor
medit 1.2.0 GTK+ text editor FATAL httpup sync medit
mutagen 1.42.0 Python based tagging library. FATAL httpup sync mutagen
mygpoclient 1.8 Python client Library for the web ser… FATAL httpup sync mygpoclient
numlockx 1.2 Turns on the numlock key in X11 INFO httpup sync numlockx
opusfile 0.11 Library for opening, seeking, and decoding .opus … FATAL httpup sync opusfile
os-prober 1.77 os-prober INFO httpup sync os-prober
podcastparser 0.6.4 Simplified, fast RSS parsing library in Python FATAL httpup sync podcastparser
polybar 3.3.0 A fast and easy-to-use status bar FATAL httpup sync polybar
python3-feedparser 5.2.1 Parse RSS and Atom feeds in Python FATAL httpup sync python3-feedparser
python3-psutil 5.6.1 lib for process and system monitoring in Python FATAL httpup sync python3-psutil
python3-setproctitle 1.1.10 Allows a python process to change its process tit… FATAL httpup sync python3-setproctitle
tint2 0.12.12 Lightweight panel/taskbar w/launchers INFO httpup sync tint2
txt2tags 2.6 A minimal markup document generator. FATAL httpup sync txt2tags
vala 0.44.0 self-hosting compiler that translates Vala source… FATAL httpup sync vala
vala-panel 0.4.86 Gtk3 panel for compositing window managers FATAL httpup sync vala-panel
vala-panel-extras 0.1.8 Weather StatusNotifierItems for Indicator plugins FATAL httpup sync vala-panel-extras
vala-panel-sntray 0.4.11 Plugin for xfce4-panel and vala-panel to show Sta… FATAL httpup sync vala-panel-sntray
vice 3.3 VICE Commodore emulator with ethernet and sdlsound FATAL httpup sync vice
wayland-protocols git Wayland protocols support FATAL httpup sync wayland-protocols
wego 0 Weather app for your terminal. INFO httpup sync wego
xa 2.3.8 Cross-assembler for 6502 microprocessor FATAL httpup sync xa
xcb-util-xrm 1.3 XCB utility functions for the X resource manager FATAL httpup sync xcb-util-xrm
xdgmenumaker 1.5 application menu generator for window managers FATAL httpup sync xdgmenumaker
xdialog 2.3.1 Xdialog is designed to be a replacement for dialo… ERROR httpup sync xdialog
xorg-luit 1.1.1 Filter that can be run between an arbitrary appli… FATAL httpup sync xorg-luit
xorg-xload 1.1.3 System load average display for X FATAL httpup sync xorg-xload
xsensors 0.80 X11 interface to lm_sensors FATAL httpup sync xsensors