Unofficial CRUX PortDB

Maintainer:spw at sdf dot org
Type:httpup (sync file)

Port: Version: Description: Health: Port download command:
acpi 1.4 Linux acpi client providing battery, AC power and… OK httpup sync acpi
avfs 0.9.8 A virtual filesystem which enables programs to lo… WARN httpup sync avfs
bbdb 2.35 The Insiduous Big Brother Database for Emacsen WARN httpup sync bbdb
cairo-cleartype 1.10.2 cairo vector graphics library with cleartype patc… OK httpup sync cairo-cleartype
cairo-ubuntu 1.10.2 Cairo vector graphics library, with Ubuntu's LCD … OK httpup sync cairo-ubuntu
conkeror git Emacs-inspired web browser based on xulrunner FATAL httpup sync conkeror
consoleswapcaps 1 Keymap to swap caps lock and control at the conso… ERROR httpup sync consoleswapcaps
easytag 2.1 Tag editor for MP3 etc. ERROR httpup sync easytag
emacs-w3m cvs Emacs interface to the w3m browser FATAL httpup sync emacs-w3m
fontconfig-ubuntu 2.8.0 A library for configuring and customizing font ac… ERROR httpup sync fontconfig-ubuntu
freetype2-cleartype 2.4.4 TrueType font rendering library with cleartype pa… OK httpup sync freetype2-cleartype
freetype2-ubuntu 2.4.4 TrueType font rendering library, with Ubuntu's LC… OK httpup sync freetype2-ubuntu
git-annex 3.20111203 git-annex - manage files with git without checkin… OK httpup sync git-annex
gmime 2.4.25 MIME-handling suite FATAL httpup sync gmime
gtypist 2.8.5 A universal typing tutor OK httpup sync gtypist
libffi 3.0.9 Portable Foreign Function Interface Library ERROR httpup sync libffi
libreoffice 3.3.3 full featured cross platform office suite (binary) OK httpup sync libreoffice
libxft-cleartype 2.2.0 FreeType-based font drawing library for X with cl… OK httpup sync libxft-cleartype
libxft-ubuntu 2.2.0 X font rendering client library, with Ubuntu's LC… ERROR httpup sync libxft-ubuntu
mr git mr - multiple repositories ERROR httpup sync mr
notmuch 0.6 Notmuch - The mail indexer OK httpup sync notmuch
offlineimap offlineimap - sync a Maildir with an IMAP server OK httpup sync offlineimap
org-mode git Org-mode - Your life in plain text ERROR httpup sync org-mode
php-mysqli 5.3.6 MySQLi module for PHP FATAL httpup sync php-mysqli
poppler 0.14.4 A PDF rendering library based on xpdf 3.0 ERROR httpup sync poppler
python-mpd 0.3.0 python-mpd - an MPD (Music Player Daemon) client … OK httpup sync python-mpd
sbcl 1.0.49 Steel Bank Common Lisp (binary) ERROR httpup sync sbcl
slimlock git Unholy screen locker based on SLiM. ERROR httpup sync slimlock
sonata sonata - elegant GTK+ music client for mpd ERROR httpup sync sonata
stumpwm git StumpWM - powerful window manager written in Comm… ERROR httpup sync stumpwm
surfraw 2.2.7 Shell Users' Revolutionary Front Rage Against the… OK httpup sync surfraw
terminator 0.95 Terminator is a little project to produce an effi… ERROR httpup sync terminator
texlive-full 20110526 The TeX Live La/TeX distribution FATAL httpup sync texlive-full
ttf-vista-fonts 1 Microsoft Vista True Type Fonts OK httpup sync ttf-vista-fonts
urw-fonts 1.41 Free good quality fonts gpl'd by URW++. OK httpup sync urw-fonts
urxvtcd 1 Either runs urxvtd if it's not running, then load… ERROR httpup sync urxvtcd
vlock 2.2.2 Utility for locking virtual consoles. WARN httpup sync vlock
xapian 1.2.6 Very fast Open Source Search Engine Library OK httpup sync xapian
xbindkeys 1.8.3 Bind keys to shell scripts in X ERROR httpup sync xbindkeys
yapet 0.7 Yet Another Password Encryption Tool OK httpup sync yapet
zile 2.3.9 Zile Is Lossy Emacs OK httpup sync zile