Unofficial CRUX PortDB

Maintainer:steffen at sdaoden dot eu
Type:httpup (sync file)

Port: Version: Description: Health: Port download command:
acpid 2.0.34 ACPI event management daemon with netlink support OK httpup sync acpid
apulse 0.1.13 PulseAudio emulation for ALSA OK httpup sync apulse
bluealsa 4.2.0 Bluetooth Audio ALSA Backend (for users in "audio… OK httpup sync bluealsa
bmake 20240520 NetBSD make program OK httpup sync bmake
bogofilter-lmdb 1.2.5 Fast Bayesian spam filtering, using LMDB backend OK httpup sync bogofilter-lmdb
calendar 20231020 BSD calendar program; program from OpenBSD, DB fr… OK httpup sync calendar
cwm 7.4 Linux port of the OpenBSD window manager OK httpup sync cwm
doxygen 1.11.0 Source code documentation generator tool OK httpup sync doxygen
dtach 0.9 Emulates the detach feature of screen. OK httpup sync dtach
encfs 20200509 Encrypted filesystems via FUSE OK httpup sync encfs
ipcalc 1.0.3 ipcalc: calculate IPv4/6 broadcast, network and h… OK httpup sync ipcalc
iw 6.9 nl80211 based CLI configuration utility for wirel… OK httpup sync iw
kexec-tools 2.0.28 User space utility to load and exec another kernel OK httpup sync kexec-tools
libao 1.2.2 Cross-platform audio output library and plugins OK httpup sync libao
lighttpd 1.4.76 Secure, fast, compliant and very flexible web ser… WARN httpup sync lighttpd
lmdb 0.9.32 The Lightning Memory-Mapped Database Manager OK httpup sync lmdb
lynx-redux 2.9.1 Lynx text web browser, with reduced functionality OK httpup sync lynx-redux
mawk 20240124 An implementation of new/posix awk OK httpup sync mawk
nawk 20240504-bsd The one, true implementation of AWK OK httpup sync nawk
pam_xdg 0.8.3 PAM module to manage XDG Base Directories 0.8 (se… OK httpup sync pam_xdg
plzip 1.11 Multi-threaded lzip (with non-upstream patches) OK httpup sync plzip
postfix-lmdb 3.9.0 Secure and fast drop-in replacement for Sendmail … WARN httpup sync postfix-lmdb
s-cdda 0.8.5 S-cdda: access audio CDs (informations and track … OK httpup sync s-cdda
s-cdda-to-db 0.8.0 S-cdda-to-db: use S-cdda to create music database OK httpup sync s-cdda-to-db
s-dkim-sign 0.6.1 S-dkim-sign: postfix-only DKIM sign-only milter OK httpup sync s-dkim-sign
s-postgray 0.8.2 S-postgray: (fast+secure) postfix graylisting pol… OK httpup sync s-postgray
slock 1.5 A simple X display locker INFO httpup sync slock
sox 20230330 Sound eXchange, the Swiss Army knife of audio man… OK httpup sync sox
st 0.9.2 Simple terminal emulator for X, with X resource s… WARN httpup sync st
tcc 20240420 Tiny C Compiler - C Scripting Everywhere OK httpup sync tcc
usocks 20200917 detour network traffic through SOCKS5 proxy OK httpup sync usocks
wireguard-tools 1.0.20210914 Tools for configuring WireGuard OK httpup sync wireguard-tools
xclip 0.13 A command line interface to the X11 clipboard OK httpup sync xclip
yt-dlp 2024.04.09 CLI program to access YouTub and other data conte… OK httpup sync yt-dlp