Unofficial CRUX PortDB

Maintainer:r dot oreshnikov at gmail dot com
Type:httpup (sync file)

Port: Version: Description: Health: Port download command:
brother_dcp1600 3.0.1 Brother DCP-1600 printer driver OK httpup sync brother_dcp1600
core 3.7 CRUX Linux kernel FATAL httpup sync core
dhcp 4.4.3-P1 ISC DHCP server, client and relay agent OK httpup sync dhcp
firefox-esr 115.11.0esr Firefox ESR binary ERROR httpup sync firefox-esr
freerdp 2.11.5 Free implementation of the Remote Desktop Protoco… ERROR httpup sync freerdp
i2c-tools 4.3 I2C Tools for Linux OK httpup sync i2c-tools
iso 3.7 Linux CRUX distribution image OK httpup sync iso
jwm 2.4.3 A lightweight window manager for the X11 Window S… ERROR httpup sync jwm
libreoffice-ru 24.2.2 Full featured cross platform office suite for rus… ERROR httpup sync libreoffice-ru
live 3.7 CRUX live-update script OK httpup sync live
locale 3.7 Russian system locales ERROR httpup sync locale
lshw B.02.19.2 Show detailed computer configuration information OK httpup sync lshw
net-snmp 5.9.4 SNMP daemon and client tools OK httpup sync net-snmp
ntp 4.2.8p17 Network Time Protocol software OK httpup sync ntp
p5-dbi 1.643 Database independent interface for Perl OK httpup sync p5-dbi
p5-sqlite 1.71_06 Perl DBI driver for SQLite OK httpup sync p5-sqlite
p7-zip 24.05 File archiver with a high compression ratio ERROR httpup sync p7-zip
pkgnew 2.3 A set of support scripts for building Linux CRUX … OK httpup sync pkgnew
rss 1.23.0 Reports/Restore shell scripts for administration OK httpup sync rss
tftp-hpa 5.2 An enhanced version of the BSD tftp client/server OK httpup sync tftp-hpa
uasm 2.56.2 A free MASM-compatible assembler based on JWasm ERROR httpup sync uasm
ucarp 1.5.2 Userspace implementation of the CARP protocol OK httpup sync ucarp
xorg-font-paratype-ttf 2.005 ParaType font family with extended cyrillic and l… OK httpup sync xorg-font-paratype-ttf