Unofficial CRUX PortDB

Maintainer:slackalaxy at gmail dot com
Type:httpup (sync file)

Port: Version: Description: Health: Port download command:
abiword 3.0.5 A lightweight and featureful Word Processor OK httpup sync abiword
acpid 2.0.34 ACPI daemon OK httpup sync acpid
adoptium11-jdk 11.0.23+9 AdoptOpen (Adoptium) JDK 11 distribution OK httpup sync adoptium11-jdk
adoptium17-jdk 17.0.9+9 AdoptOpen (Adoptium) JDK 17 distribution OK httpup sync adoptium17-jdk
adoptium8-jdk 8u412-b08 AdoptOpen (Adoptium) JDK 8 distribution OK httpup sync adoptium8-jdk
aiksaurus 1.2.1 CLI/GTK thesaurus OK httpup sync aiksaurus
aline 011208 A Sequence Alignment Editor and Viewer OK httpup sync aline
aliview 1.28 Alignment viewer and editor OK httpup sync aliview
alltray Minimize any window to tray OK httpup sync alltray
amplicon b09.1 Design PCR primers on aligned sequences OK httpup sync amplicon
aptx 1050 Archaeopteryx - visualise, analyse and edit phylo… OK httpup sync aptx
argtable 2.13 ANSI C library for parsing command line arguments OK httpup sync argtable
arka 0.11 A GUI for genpak OK httpup sync arka
artha 1.0.3 An open source thesaurus OK httpup sync artha
bedtools 2.31.1 A powerful toolset for genome arithmetic OK httpup sync bedtools
bgoffice 20140827 GBGoffice dictionaries OK httpup sync bgoffice
bigwig 4 Convert bedGraph to bigWig file OK httpup sync bigwig
biobb_structure_checking 3.13.4 Functions to check the quality of a 3D structure OK httpup sync biobb_structure_checking
biopython 1.83 A set of Python tools for biological computation OK httpup sync biopython
blobby2 1.1 Blobby Volley 2 OK httpup sync blobby2
bluecurve-gtk-themes 1.0.0 RedHat's GTK+ Bluecurve engine and theme OK httpup sync bluecurve-gtk-themes
bluefish 2.2.15 A powerful editor OK httpup sync bluefish post6406579 Module-bluetooth-discover works only if started '… OK httpup sync
bmz-cursors a2eb059 BMZ mouse cursor for your X11 desktop OK httpup sync bmz-cursors
bodr 10 Blue Obelisk Data Repository OK httpup sync bodr
bowtie 1.3.1 A short read aligner of DNA sequences OK httpup sync bowtie
bowtie2 2.5.4 A tool for aligning sequencing reads OK httpup sync bowtie2
bpp-core 2.4.1 Bio++ Core Library. OK httpup sync bpp-core
bpp-phyl 2.4.1 Bio++ Phyl Library. OK httpup sync bpp-phyl
bpp-phyl-omics 2.4.1 Bio++ Phyl Omics Library. OK httpup sync bpp-phyl-omics
bpp-popgen 2.4.1 Bio++ PopGen Library. OK httpup sync bpp-popgen
bpp-qt 2.4.1 Bio++ Qt Graphic Library OK httpup sync bpp-qt
bpp-seq 2.4.1 Bio++ Seq Library. OK httpup sync bpp-seq
bpp-seq-omics 2.4.1 Bio++ Seq Omics Library. OK httpup sync bpp-seq-omics
bpp1-numcalc 1.8.0 Bio++ 1 NumCalc Library OK httpup sync bpp1-numcalc
bpp1-phyl 1.9.0 Bio++ 1 Phyl Library OK httpup sync bpp1-phyl
bpp1-seq 1.7.0 Bio++ 1 Seq Library OK httpup sync bpp1-seq
bpp1-utils 1.5.0 Bio++ 1 Utils Library OK httpup sync bpp1-utils
bppphyview 0.6.1 Bio++ PhyViewer OK httpup sync bppphyview
bppsuite 2.4.1 Bio++ Suite OK httpup sync bppsuite
bwa 0.7.17 Burrows-Wheeler Aligner OK httpup sync bwa
calibre-bin 7.10.0 Ebook manager OK httpup sync calibre-bin
cap3 20091029 CAP3 Assembly Program OK httpup sync cap3
caps-coev 2.0 Coevolution Analysis using Protein Sequences OK httpup sync caps-coev
cdrtools 3.02a09 Highly portable CD/DVD/BluRay recording software OK httpup sync cdrtools
celestia 1.6.4 Realtime Space Simulation OK httpup sync celestia
chemical-mime-data 0.1.94 Support for various chemical MIME types OK httpup sync chemical-mime-data
chemtool 1.6.14 Chemical Molecule Drawing Program OK httpup sync chemtool
chimerax 1.7.1 The next-generation molecular visualization progr… OK httpup sync chimerax
clearlooks-classic 0.6.2 The classic Clearlooks themes OK httpup sync clearlooks-classic
clustalo 1.2.4 Clustal Omega OK httpup sync clustalo
clustalw 2.1 ClustalW OK httpup sync clustalw
clustalx 2.1 ClustalW frontend for X11 OK httpup sync clustalx
cmst 2023.03.14 QT GUI for Connman with system tray icon. OK httpup sync cmst
codeml-native 4.10.6 CodeML built with native CPU arch OK httpup sync codeml-native
connman 1.42 A command-line network manager OK httpup sync connman
cran2crux a69eb37 Write CRUX ports for CRAN R modules OK httpup sync cran2crux
cufflinks 2.2.1 A reference-guided assembler for RNA-Seq experime… OK httpup sync cufflinks
cutadapt1 1.14 Trim adapters from high-throughput sequencing rea… OK httpup sync cutadapt1
data2fcs 1.0 Data2FCS and FCS2Data OK httpup sync data2fcs
datamash 1.8 Basic numeric, textual and statistical operations OK httpup sync datamash
db43 4.3.29 Berkeley DB legacy lib OK httpup sync db43
dbus-python 1.2.18 D-Bus Python bindings OK httpup sync dbus-python
dendropy 4.6.1 A Phylogenetic Computing Library OK httpup sync dendropy
dia 0.97.3 GTK+ Diagramming Creation Software. OK httpup sync dia
diffuse 0.4.8 A graphical tool for merging and comparing text f… OK httpup sync diffuse
digger 20020314 Digger remastered! OK httpup sync digger
djview 4.12 A web-centric format for distributing documents OK httpup sync djview
djvulibre 3.5.28 DjVu decoding api OK httpup sync djvulibre
doxygen 1.9.6 Source code documentation generator tool OK httpup sync doxygen
edirect 22.1.20240517 Command line access to Entrez databases OK httpup sync edirect
eigen3 3.4.0 C++ template library for linear algebra OK httpup sync eigen3
electricsheep 20090306 A collaborative abstract artwork OK httpup sync electricsheep
embassy 6.6.0 EMBOSS associated software OK httpup sync embassy
emboss 6.6.0 The European Molecular Biology Open Software Suite OK httpup sync emboss
ensembl_rest 0.3.4 An interface to the Ensembl REST APIs OK httpup sync ensembl_rest
evince-gtk2 2.32.0 Old Evince OK httpup sync evince-gtk2
exonerate 2.4.0 Exonerate: a generic tool for sequence alignment OK httpup sync exonerate
facsdir 0.1 Desktop directory shared by FACS applications OK httpup sync facsdir
farstream 0.2.9 Audio/video communications framework. OK httpup sync farstream
fastqc 0.12.1 A quality control tool for high throughput sequen… OK httpup sync fastqc
fasttree 2.1.11 Infers approximately-ML phylogenetic trees OK httpup sync fasttree
fcsalyzer 0.9.22 Flow cytometry analysis program OK httpup sync fcsalyzer
figtree 1.4.4 A graphical viewer of phylogenetic trees OK httpup sync figtree
fiji 20240517_1417 Fiji is Just ImageJ, with extras OK httpup sync fiji
file-roller-gtk2 2.32.2 File-roller archive manager OK httpup sync file-roller-gtk2
finchtv 1.3.1 Geospiza's FinchTV is the popular way to view DNA… OK httpup sync finchtv
flam3 3.1.1 Algorithmically generated images and animations OK httpup sync flam3
flt-sne 1.2.1 FFT-accelerated Interpolation-based t-SNE (FIt-SN… OK httpup sync flt-sne
fonts-apple-emoji 17.4 Apple Color Emoji for Linux OK httpup sync fonts-apple-emoji
fonts-apple-garamond 134 Apple TTF OK httpup sync fonts-apple-garamond
fonts-apple-ny wwdc23 Apple New York fonts OK httpup sync fonts-apple-ny
fonts-apple-sf wwdc23 Apple San Francisco fonts OK httpup sync fonts-apple-sf
foo2zjs e04290d HP printer drivers foo2zjs OK httpup sync foo2zjs
freerdp 2.11.2 Free Remote Desktop Protocol OK httpup sync freerdp
fyre 1.0.1 A tool for producing computational artwork OK httpup sync fyre
g3data 1.5.4 A tool for extracting data from graphs OK httpup sync g3data
gbgoffice 1.4 Bgoffice dictionary frontend OK httpup sync gbgoffice
gblocks 0.91b Select blocks of evolutionarily conserved sites OK httpup sync gblocks
gcc5 5.5.0 The GNU Compiler Collection version 5.5.0 OK httpup sync gcc5
gchemutils 0.12.13 GNOME Chemistry Utilities OK httpup sync gchemutils
gcolor2 0.4 GTK+2 color selector OK httpup sync gcolor2
gconf 3.2.6 An obsolete configuration database system OK httpup sync gconf
gconfmm 2.28.3 C++ bindings for GConf OK httpup sync gconfmm
gdk-pixbuf-xlib 2.40.2 Deprecated Xlib integration for GdkPixbuf OK httpup sync gdk-pixbuf-xlib
gelemental 2.0.2 Periodic table OK httpup sync gelemental
geneconv 1.81a Statistical Tests for Detecting Gene Conversion OK httpup sync geneconv
genfstab 28 Generate output suitable for addition to an fstab… OK httpup sync genfstab
genometools 1.6.5 A collection of bio-informatics tools OK httpup sync genometools
genpak 0.26 Utilities to manipulate DNA sequences OK httpup sync genpak
gftp 2.9.1b GTK+ FTP client OK httpup sync gftp
git-lfs 3.3.0 Git large file storage OK httpup sync git-lfs
gkrellm 2.3.11 A process stack of system monitors OK httpup sync gkrellm
gkrellm-skins 20030129 Themes for GKrellM from plus some extra OK httpup sync gkrellm-skins
glib1 1.2.10 Legacy Glib OK httpup sync glib1
gnome-colors-48 0830ee5 GNOME Colors with 48x48 png icons OK httpup sync gnome-colors-48
gnome-doc-utils 0.20.10 GNOME doc utilities OK httpup sync gnome-doc-utils
gnome-icon-theme-extras 3.12.0 GNOME icon theme extra icons OK httpup sync gnome-icon-theme-extras
gnome-icon-theme-stock 2.28.0 GNOME2 icon theme stock OK httpup sync gnome-icon-theme-stock
gnome-icon-theme-symbolic 3.12.0 GNOME icon theme symbolic OK httpup sync gnome-icon-theme-symbolic
gnome-mime-data 2.18.0 GNOME application and MIME types OK httpup sync gnome-mime-data
gnome-vfs 2.24.4 GNOME Virtual File System OK httpup sync gnome-vfs
gnome-vfsmm 2.26.0 C++ wrapper for the gnomevfs2 library. OK httpup sync gnome-vfsmm
gnumeric-gtk2 1.10.17 Gnumeric spreadsheet -- last GTK2 release OK httpup sync gnumeric-gtk2
goffice08 0.8.17 Goffice legacy OK httpup sync goffice08
google-chrome current web browser by Google (Stable Channel) INFO httpup sync google-chrome
gp2fasta 0.2 Convert gp files to fasta OK httpup sync gp2fasta
gpaint 0.3.4 GNU Paint: a small-scale GTK2 painting program OK httpup sync gpaint
gparted-gtk2 0.33.0 Graphical partition editor OK httpup sync gparted-gtk2
gst0-plugins-base 0.10.36 Base set of GStreamer plugins, v0 OK httpup sync gst0-plugins-base
gstreamer0 0.10.36 Gstreamer legacy OK httpup sync gstreamer0
gtk-theme-adwaitadark 25b859e gtk2 theme matching the default gtk3 theme Adwait… OK httpup sync gtk-theme-adwaitadark
gtk1 1.2.10 GTK1 OK httpup sync gtk1
gtk1-industrial-engine 0.2.36 Industrial for GTK1 OK httpup sync gtk1-industrial-engine
gtk1-theme-switch 1.0.1 GTK1 theme switch OK httpup sync gtk1-theme-switch
gtk2fontsel 0.1 Font selection tool similar to xfontsel implement… OK httpup sync gtk2fontsel
gtk3-nocsd 82ff5a0 A hack to disable gtk+ 3 client side decoration OK httpup sync gtk3-nocsd
gtkglext 1.2.0 GtkGLExt is an OpenGL extension to GTK. OK httpup sync gtkglext
gtklife 5.3 Conway's Life program for *nix OK httpup sync gtklife
gtkman 1.0.1 A simple GTK2 manual page viewer OK httpup sync gtkman
gtkmm 2.24.5 C++ interface to GTK+. OK httpup sync gtkmm
gtktetris 1.0 A tetris clone with GTK+ interface. OK httpup sync gtktetris
gucharmap-gtk2 2.33.2 Character map utility OK httpup sync gucharmap-gtk2
guidance 2.02 GUIDe tree based AligNment ConfidencE OK httpup sync guidance
hdf5 1.14.3 Hierarchical Data Format 5 OK httpup sync hdf5
hexchat 2.16.2 GTK+ based IRC client OK httpup sync hexchat
hmmer 3.4 Hidden Markov Model profile OK httpup sync hmmer
httpdirfs 1.2.5 HTTP Directory Filesystem OK httpup sync httpdirfs
hyphy 2.5.50 Hypothesis Testing using Phylogenies OK httpup sync hyphy
icyque 78b90a4 ICQ plugin for Pidgin OK httpup sync icyque
iepcalc 1.0 Isoelectric pint calculator OK httpup sync iepcalc
ifuse 814a0e3 A fuse filesystem implementation to access the co… OK httpup sync ifuse
igv 2.17.4 Integrative Genomics Viewer OK httpup sync igv
inkscape-gtk2 0.92.5 Inkscape SVG ediror last GTK2 version OK httpup sync inkscape-gtk2
io_lib 1.15.0 Provides a trace file reading interface OK httpup sync io_lib
ioq3 972635e Quake III ioquake port OK httpup sync ioq3
iqtree Efficient software for phylogenomic inference OK httpup sync iqtree
jalview A Sequence Alignment Editor and Viewer OK httpup sync jalview
jdiskreport 1.4.1 How much space the files and directories consume? OK httpup sync jdiskreport
ktsuss 9ea2e83 keep the su simple, stupid OK httpup sync ktsuss
kwindowsystem 5.115.0 KDE Framework - kwindowsystem OK httpup sync kwindowsystem
lalnview 3.0 Visualize local alignments OK httpup sync lalnview
leafpad 0.8.19 GTK+ based simple text editor OK httpup sync leafpad
libatasmart 0.19 Implementation of an ATA S.M.A.R.T. library OK httpup sync libatasmart
libbonobo 2.32.1 Independant CORBA interface support library OK httpup sync libbonobo
libbonoboui 2.24.5 Independant CORBA interface support library OK httpup sync libbonoboui
libcap-ng 0.8.3 Make programming with posix capabilities easier OK httpup sync libcap-ng
libcef 99.2.15 Chromium Embedded Framework OK httpup sync libcef
libelogind 246.10 Elogind libs (only) in a non-standard location OK httpup sync libelogind
libglade 2.6.4 library to load glade interface files in a progra… OK httpup sync libglade
libglademm 2.6.7 A C++ interface for the glade library. OK httpup sync libglademm
libgnome 2.32.1 Libraries needed for GNOME OK httpup sync libgnome
libgnomecanvas 2.30.3 Engine for structured graphics. OK httpup sync libgnomecanvas
libgnomecanvasmm 2.26.0 A C++ API for libgnomecanvas OK httpup sync libgnomecanvasmm
libgnomemm 2.30.0 C++ wrappers for libgnome OK httpup sync libgnomemm
libgnomeui 2.24.5 User interface library needed for GNOME OK httpup sync libgnomeui
libgnomeuimm 2.28.0 C++ wrappers for libgnomeui OK httpup sync libgnomeuimm
libgsf 1.14.51 GNOME Structured File Library OK httpup sync libgsf
libgtop 2.40.0 A library to get system-specific data OK httpup sync libgtop
libidl 0.8.14 A library for creating trees of CORBA Interface D… OK httpup sync libidl
libimobiledevice 3969bc9 A cross-platform protocol library to communicate … OK httpup sync libimobiledevice
libimobiledevice-glue fde8946 Library used by the libimobiledevice project OK httpup sync libimobiledevice-glue
liblxqt 1.4.0 The core library of LXQt OK httpup sync liblxqt
libplist c46afc8 Handle Apple Property List files in binary or XML… OK httpup sync libplist
libqtxdg 3.12.0 A Qt 5 implementation of XDG spec… OK httpup sync libqtxdg
libtiff44 4.4.0 Library for manipulation of TIFF (Tag Image File … OK httpup sync libtiff44
libusbmuxd 032bc1f Handle usbmux protocol connections with iOS devic… OK httpup sync libusbmuxd
libvncserver 0.9.14 VNC server or client libraries OK httpup sync libvncserver
libxml210 2.10.4 XML library compat-version 2.10 OK httpup sync libxml210
lilo 24.2 LILO patched to support NVME OK httpup sync lilo
lmdb 0.9.32 The Lightning Memory-Mapped Database Manager OK httpup sync lmdb
lshw B.02.19 lshw: HardWare LiSter for Linux OK httpup sync lshw
lxqt-build-tools 0.13.0 Tools needed to build LXQt OK httpup sync lxqt-build-tools
lyx 2.3.8 document processor OK httpup sync lyx
mafft dc90a8b A multiple sequence alignment program OK httpup sync mafft
masterpdfeditor4 4.3.89 The best solution for working with PDF files in L… OK httpup sync masterpdfeditor4
medit 1.2.0 GTK+ text editor OK httpup sync medit
mega 11.0.13 Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis OK httpup sync mega
meld 1.8.6 A visual diff and merge tool OK httpup sync meld
meme-db-gomo 3.2 GOMo Databases to be used with MEME Suite OK httpup sync meme-db-gomo
meme-db-motif 12.23 Motif Databases to be used with MEME Suite OK httpup sync meme-db-motif
meme-db-tgene 1.0 T-Gene Databases to be used with MEME Suite OK httpup sync meme-db-tgene
meme-suite 5.5.5 Motif-based sequence analysis tools OK httpup sync meme-suite
microsoft-edge 125.0.2535.51 Microsoft Edge stable INFO httpup sync microsoft-edge
miniconda3 24.3.0 Mini version of Anaconda Python distribution OK httpup sync miniconda3
mplayer latest MPlayer OK httpup sync mplayer
mplayer-skins 0.68 MPlayer extra skins OK httpup sync mplayer-skins
mrbayes 3.2.7a Bayesian inference of phylogeny OK httpup sync mrbayes
mtpaint 3.50 simple GTK+1/2 painting program OK httpup sync mtpaint
mumsa 1.0 Assessment of the quality of multiple sequence al… OK httpup sync mumsa
murrine-themes 6b1420e Murrine GTK themes OK httpup sync murrine-themes
muscle 3.8.1551 MUltiple Sequence Comparison by Log-Expectation OK httpup sync muscle
muscle5 5.1 MUSCLE 5: Next-generation MUSCLE OK httpup sync muscle5
ncbi-blast 2.2.26 BLAST: Basic Local Alignment Search Tool OK httpup sync ncbi-blast
ncbi-blast-plus 2.15.0 BLAST+ Command Line Applications OK httpup sync ncbi-blast-plus
ncbi-rmblastn 2.2.28 NCBI RMBlast OK httpup sync ncbi-rmblastn
netcdf 4.9.2 Network Common Data Form OK httpup sync netcdf
netcdf-cxx 1b1e0e6 netCDF-C++ libraries and utilities OK httpup sync netcdf-cxx
njam 1.25 A full-featured cross-platform pac-man like game. OK httpup sync njam
nlopt 2.7.1 Nonlinear optimization library OK httpup sync nlopt
obsidian-cursor-themes 1.0 Obsidian cursor themes OK httpup sync obsidian-cursor-themes
openbabel 2.4.1 Open Babel 3D Library OK httpup sync openbabel
openmm 8.0.0 High performance, customizable molecular simulati… OK httpup sync openmm
openoffice 4.1.15 Apache OpenOffice OK httpup sync openoffice
openvpn 2.6.10 A Secure tunneling daemon WARN httpup sync openvpn
opera 110.0.5130.23 Opera web browser OK httpup sync opera
orbit2 2.14.19 A CORBA 2.4-compliant Object Request Broker OK httpup sync orbit2
osmo 0.2.14 Osmo PIM OK httpup sync osmo
p5-algorithm-munkres 0.08 OK httpup sync p5-algorithm-munkres
p5-array-compare 3.0.8 Perl extension for comparing arrays. OK httpup sync p5-array-compare
p5-bio-phylo 2.0.1 An object-oriented Perl toolkit for analyzing and… OK httpup sync p5-bio-phylo
p5-bioperl 1.6.924 Perl modules for biology OK httpup sync p5-bioperl
p5-class-method-modifiers 2.15 Provides Moose-like method modifiers OK httpup sync p5-class-method-modifiers
p5-convert-binary-c 0.84 Binary Data Conversion using C Types OK httpup sync p5-convert-binary-c
p5-crypt-rc4 2.02 Crypt::RC4 OK httpup sync p5-crypt-rc4
p5-data-stag 0.14 Structured Tags OK httpup sync p5-data-stag
p5-dbd-mysql 4.050 A MySQL driver for the Perl5 Database Interface (… OK httpup sync p5-dbd-mysql
p5-dbd-pg 3.18.0 DBI PostgreSQL interface OK httpup sync p5-dbd-pg
p5-dbd-sqlite 1.74 Self Contained SQLite RDBMS in a DBI Driver OK httpup sync p5-dbd-sqlite
p5-dbi 1.643 Database independent interface for Perl OK httpup sync p5-dbi
p5-devel-checklib 1.16 Check that a library is available OK httpup sync p5-devel-checklib
p5-digest-perl-md5 1.9 Perl Implementation of Rivest's MD5 algorithm OK httpup sync p5-digest-perl-md5
p5-error 0.17029 Error/exception handling in an OO-ish way OK httpup sync p5-error
p5-extutils-config 0.008 A wrapper for perl's configuration OK httpup sync p5-extutils-config
p5-extutils-helpers 0.026 Various portability utilities for module builders OK httpup sync p5-extutils-helpers
p5-extutils-installpaths 0.012 Build.PL install path logic made easy OK httpup sync p5-extutils-installpaths
p5-gd 2.78 Perl interface to the gd2 graphics library OK httpup sync p5-gd
p5-graph 0.9727 Graph OK httpup sync p5-graph
p5-graphviz 2.25 Interface to AT&T's GraphViz. Deprecated. See Gra… OK httpup sync p5-graphviz
p5-heap 0.80 Heap OK httpup sync p5-heap
p5-html-element-extended 1.18 HTML::Element::Extended OK httpup sync p5-html-element-extended
p5-html-tableextract 2.15 HTML::TableExtract OK httpup sync p5-html-tableextract
p5-html-template 2.97 Perl module to use HTML-like templating language OK httpup sync p5-html-template
p5-html-tree 5.07 Work with HTML in a DOM-like tree structure OK httpup sync p5-html-tree
p5-io-sessiondata 1.03 Supporting module for SOAP::Lite OK httpup sync p5-io-sessiondata
p5-io-stringy 2.113 I/O on in-core objects like strings and arrays OK httpup sync p5-io-stringy
p5-io-tty 1.20 Pseudo ttys and constants OK httpup sync p5-io-tty
p5-ipc-run 20231003.0 System() and background procs w/ piping, redirs, … OK httpup sync p5-ipc-run
p5-libxml-perl 0.08 libxml::perl OK httpup sync p5-libxml-perl
p5-math-derivative 1.01 Numeric 1st and 2nd order differentiation. OK httpup sync p5-math-derivative
p5-math-spline 0.02 Math::Spline OK httpup sync p5-math-spline
p5-math-utils 1.14 Useful mathematical functions not in Perl OK httpup sync p5-math-utils
p5-module-build-tiny 0.047 A tiny replacement for Module::Build OK httpup sync p5-module-build-tiny
p5-moo 2.005005 Minimalist Object Orientation (with Moose compati… OK httpup sync p5-moo
p5-ole-storage_lite 0.22 Read and write OLE storage files. OK httpup sync p5-ole-storage_lite
p5-postscript 0.06 PostScript OK httpup sync p5-postscript
p5-readonly 2.05 Facility for creating read-only scalars, arrays, … OK httpup sync p5-readonly
p5-set-object 1.42 Unordered collections (sets) of Perl Objects OK httpup sync p5-set-object
p5-set-scalar 1.29 Set::Scalar OK httpup sync p5-set-scalar
p5-soap-lite 1.27 Perl's Web Services Toolkit OK httpup sync p5-soap-lite
p5-sort-naturally 1.03 Sort lexically, but sort numeral parts numerically OK httpup sync p5-sort-naturally
p5-spreadsheet-parseexcel 0.65 Read information from an Excel file. OK httpup sync p5-spreadsheet-parseexcel
p5-statistics-descriptive 3.0801 Module of basic descriptive statistical functions. OK httpup sync p5-statistics-descriptive
p5-sub-quote 2.006008 Efficient generation of subroutines via string ev… OK httpup sync p5-sub-quote
p5-svg 2.87 Perl extension for generating Scalable Vector Gra… OK httpup sync p5-svg
p5-svg-graph 0.02 SVG::Graph OK httpup sync p5-svg-graph
p5-task-weaken 1.06 Ensure that a platform has weaken support OK httpup sync p5-task-weaken
p5-test-deep 1.204 Test::Deep OK httpup sync p5-test-deep
p5-test-most 0.38 Test::Most OK httpup sync p5-test-most
p5-test-nowarnings 1.04 Make sure you didn't emit any warnings while test… OK httpup sync p5-test-nowarnings
p5-test-pod 1.52 Check for POD errors in files OK httpup sync p5-test-pod
p5-test-simple 1.302198 Basic utilities for writing tests. OK httpup sync p5-test-simple
p5-test-warn 0.37 Perl extension to test methods for warnings OK httpup sync p5-test-warn
p5-tk 804.036 Tk - a Graphical User Interface Toolkit OK httpup sync p5-tk
p5-tree-dag_node 1.32 An N-ary tree OK httpup sync p5-tree-dag_node
p5-type-tiny 2.004000 Tiny, yet Moo(se)-compatible type constraint OK httpup sync p5-type-tiny
p5-xml-dom 1.46 XML::DOM OK httpup sync p5-xml-dom
p5-xml-dom-xpath 0.14 Perl extension to add XPath support to XML::DOM, … OK httpup sync p5-xml-dom-xpath
p5-xml-filter-buffertext 1.01 XML::Filter::BufferText OK httpup sync p5-xml-filter-buffertext
p5-xml-regexp 0.04 XML::RegExp OK httpup sync p5-xml-regexp
p5-xml-sax-writer 0.57 SAX2 XML Writer OK httpup sync p5-xml-sax-writer
p5-xml-twig 3.52 XML, The Perl Way OK httpup sync p5-xml-twig
p5-xml-xpathengine 0.14 A re-usable XPath engine for DOM-like trees OK httpup sync p5-xml-xpathengine
p5-yaml 1.30 YAML Ain't Markup Language OK httpup sync p5-yaml
pagan2 1.53 A general-purpose method for the alignment of DNA… OK httpup sync pagan2
pal2nal 14.1 Create a codon-based DNA alignment OK httpup sync pal2nal
paml 4.10.6 PAML: Phylogenetic Analysis by Maximum Likelihood WARN httpup sync paml
pamlx 1.3.1 pamlX: the graphical user interface for PAML OK httpup sync pamlx
pango-compat 1.34.1 A library for layout and rendering of text (requi… OK httpup sync pango-compat
pango-querymodules 1.8.0 Pango modules OK httpup sync pango-querymodules
pango48 1.48.10 A library for layout and rendering of text OK httpup sync pango48
pangox-compat 0.0.2 pangox compatibility library (no longer provided … OK httpup sync pangox-compat
pavucontrol-qt 1.4.0 PavuControl port to QT5 OK httpup sync pavucontrol-qt
pbzx 1.0.2 A pbzx stream parser OK httpup sync pbzx
pdb-tools 2.4.8 A swiss army knife for manipulating and editing P… OK httpup sync pdb-tools
pdbfixer 1.9.0 Fix problems in PDB files in preparation for simu… OK httpup sync pdbfixer
pdflib-lite 7.0.5p3 A library for generating PDF files OK httpup sync pdflib-lite
perlprimer f415ea6 Design primers for PCR and sequencing OK httpup sync perlprimer
pfam-domain-generator Pfam35.0 Pfam domain generator OK httpup sync pfam-domain-generator
phyml 3.3.20220408 Phylogenetic estimation using Maximum Likelihood OK httpup sync phyml
physamp 1.1.0 Phylogenetic Sampling and Optimization of Sequenc… OK httpup sync physamp
physfs 3.2.0 Library to provide abstract access to various arc… OK httpup sync physfs
pidgin 2.14.13 A multi-protocol instant messaging client OK httpup sync pidgin
pidgin-opensteamworks 1.7.2 A plugin to connect to Steam Friends/Steam IM. OK httpup sync pidgin-opensteamworks
pnmixer 0.7.2 System tray mixer application OK httpup sync pnmixer
polar-cursor-themes 1.4 Polar cursor themes OK httpup sync polar-cursor-themes
polkit-qt5 0.112.0 PolicyKit API with a Qt-style API OK httpup sync polkit-qt5
poppler21 21.11.0 Compatibility poppler for inkscape 0.92.5 OK httpup sync poppler21
poppler21-glib 21.11.0 Compatibility poppler-glib for inkscape 0.92.5 OK httpup sync poppler21-glib
prank 170427 A probabilistic multiple alignment program OK httpup sync prank
prboom-plus 2.6.66 Doom source port OK httpup sync prboom-plus
pygtk 2.24.0 set of bindings for the GTK widget set OK httpup sync pygtk
pymol 3.0.0 Open-source foundation of the user-sponsored PyMO… OK httpup sync pymol
python-cairo 1.18.2 A set of python bindings for cairo. OK httpup sync python-cairo
python-gobject 2.28.7 Python bindings for GObject (legacy) OK httpup sync python-gobject
python-lxml 4.7.1 A pythonic binding for the libxml2 and libxslt li… OK httpup sync python-lxml
python-setuptools 45.1.0 Easily download, build, install, upgrade, and uni… OK httpup sync python-setuptools
python-uniconvertor 973d5b6 a cross-platform universal vector graphics transl… OK httpup sync python-uniconvertor
qt4 4.8.7 QT4 OK httpup sync qt4
qt5-styleplugins 335dbec Additional style plugins for Qt5 OK httpup sync qt5-styleplugins
qt5ct 1.8 Qt5 Configuration Utility OK httpup sync qt5ct
qt6-pdfwidgets 6.7.0 PDF Widges Qt6 plugins OK httpup sync qt6-pdfwidgets
qt6-quick3dphysics 6.7.0 Physics engine integration for Qt Quick 3D OK httpup sync qt6-quick3dphysics
qt6-webview 6.7.0 Display web content inside a QML application OK httpup sync qt6-webview
quarto 1.3.450 Open source scientific and technical publishing s… OK httpup sync quarto
r4-biocmanager 1.30.23 R module BiocManager OK httpup sync r4-biocmanager
rarian 0.8.4 A documentation metadata library OK httpup sync rarian
raxml 8.2.13 RAxML - Randomized Axelerated Maximum Likelihood OK httpup sync raxml
referencer 1.2.2 Organize documents or references OK httpup sync referencer
remmina 1.4.35 A remote desktop client OK httpup sync remmina
rstudio-desktop 2024.04.1+748 RStudio is an integrated development environment … OK httpup sync rstudio-desktop
samtools0 0.1.19 Sequence Alignment/Map Tools version 0.1.19 OK httpup sync samtools0
scwrl 4.0.2 Prediction of protein side-chain conformations OK httpup sync scwrl
seaview 5.0.5 Multiple sequence alignment and phylogeny GUI OK httpup sync seaview
seq-ana 1.7.2 Biologic sequences analysis OK httpup sync seq-ana
seqkit 2.8.1 Atoolkit for FASTA/Q file manipulation OK httpup sync seqkit
seqmonk 1.48.1 A Mapped Sequence Analysis tool OK httpup sync seqmonk
sharutils 4.15.2 GNU shell archive packing utilities OK httpup sync sharutils
sim 204 SIM - Local similarity program for use with the L… OK httpup sync sim
skype Skype for Linux OK httpup sync skype
smplayer 23.12.0 MPlayer/MPV frontend OK httpup sync smplayer
smplayer-themes 20.11.0 SMPlayer icon themes OK httpup sync smplayer-themes
snpeff 4_3t Genetic variant annotation and effect prediction … OK httpup sync snpeff
spades 3.15.4 A single-cell genome assembler OK httpup sync spades
spice 0.15.0 A remote computing solution OK httpup sync spice
spice-gtk 0.41 Spice GTK client and libraries OK httpup sync spice-gtk
spice-protocol 0.14.4 SPICE protocol headers OK httpup sync spice-protocol
spidey 20060601 mRNA-to-genomic alignment OK httpup sync spidey
squizz 0.99d A sequence/alignment format checker and converter OK httpup sync squizz
staden 2.0.0b11 DNA sequence assembly, editing, and analysis tools OK httpup sync staden
stellarium 24.1 A planetarium for your computer OK httpup sync stellarium
strawberry 1.0.23 Strawberry music player OK httpup sync strawberry
streamripper 1.64.6 Rip SHOUTcast Radio Streams to MP3 Files OK httpup sync streamripper
streamtuner 0.99.99 Stream Directory Browser OK httpup sync streamtuner
stringtie 2.2.1 Transcript assembly and quantification for RNA-Seq OK httpup sync stringtie
supertux 0.6.3 A classic 2D jump'n run sidescroller game OK httpup sync supertux
t_coffee A multiple sequence alignment program OK httpup sync t_coffee
tabix0 0.2.6 Legacy version of Tabix OK httpup sync tabix0
tango-icon-theme-48 7097f74 Tango theme including 48x48 PNG icons OK httpup sync tango-icon-theme-48
tcl 8.6.14 The Tcl scripting language. OK httpup sync tcl
tcllib 1.21 The Tcl Library, a kitchen-sink of packages. OK httpup sync tcllib
terminus-font-otb 4.49.1 Terminus font OK httpup sync terminus-font-otb
tk 8.6.14 A GUI toolkit for TCL OK httpup sync tk
tklib 0.7 utility modules for TCL/Tk OK httpup sync tklib
topd 4.6 TOPD/FMTS is a new software for comparing phyloge… OK httpup sync topd
topdraw sep2002 A sketchpad for protein topology diagrams OK httpup sync topdraw
tophat 2.1.2 Splice junction mapper for RNA-Seq reads OK httpup sync tophat
treebest 347fa82 Tree Building guidEd by Species Tree OK httpup sync treebest
treegraph A feature rich phylogenetic tree editor OK httpup sync treegraph
treerecs 1.2 Treerecs: a tree reconciliation tool OK httpup sync treerecs
treeviewx 0.5.1 Program to display phylogenetic trees OK httpup sync treeviewx
trimmomatic 0.39 A flexible read trimming tool for Illumina NGS da… OK httpup sync trimmomatic
tslib 1.22 C library for filtering touchscreen events OK httpup sync tslib
ubuntulooks 0.9.12 An engine forked from Clearlooks 2.7 to bring a u… OK httpup sync ubuntulooks
ubuntulooks-themes 0.16 Themes for the Ubuntulooks gtk2 engine OK httpup sync ubuntulooks-themes
ugene 50.0 A unified bioinformatics toolkit OK httpup sync ugene
usbmuxd 360619c A socket daemon to multiplex connections from and… OK httpup sync usbmuxd
vcftools 0.1.16 A program package designed for working with VCF f… OK httpup sync vcftools
viber current Viber for PC OK httpup sync viber
viewnior 1.8 Viewnior is a fast and simple image viewer for GN… OK httpup sync viewnior
vscodium Free/Libre Open Source Software Binaries of VS Co… INFO httpup sync vscodium
wehi-cellsymphony 20130721 Audio representation of flow cytometric data OK httpup sync wehi-cellsymphony
wehi-deid 20130720 Flow cytometry De-Identifier OK httpup sync wehi-deid
wehi-hackit 20050203 Clip a stream of cells from flow cytometry files OK httpup sync wehi-hackit
wehi-weasel 38118 Flow cytometry data analysis and display program OK httpup sync wehi-weasel
wise 2.4.1 Compares a protein sequence to a genomic DNA sequ… WARN httpup sync wise
wordnet 3.0 WordNet database OK httpup sync wordnet
wps-office WPS Office for Linux OK httpup sync wps-office
wps-office-dicts WPS Office dictionaries adapted from LibreOffice OK httpup sync wps-office-dicts
wv 1.2.9 MS Word document import library OK httpup sync wv
wxpython2 Crossplatform GUI Toolkit OK httpup sync wxpython2
xar 452 eXtensible ARchiver OK httpup sync xar
xcdroast 1.19 X-CD-Roast is a flexible frontend for optical dis… INFO httpup sync xcdroast
xine-lib 1.2.13 Multimedia playback engine OK httpup sync xine-lib
xine-ui 0.99.14 A free multimedia player OK httpup sync xine-ui
xmms 1.2.11 X MultiMedia System OK httpup sync xmms
xmms-crossfade 0.3.14 A Crossfade/Gapless plugin for XMM OK httpup sync xmms-crossfade
xmms-cue 0.2 XMMS Cuesheet reader plugin OK httpup sync xmms-cue
xmms-flac 1.3.4 Xmms FLAC plugin OK httpup sync xmms-flac
xmms-mp4 20050213 Plugin to support .mp4/.m4a/.aac files in XMMS OK httpup sync xmms-mp4
xmms-pulse 0.9.4 PulseAudio plugin for XMMS OK httpup sync xmms-pulse
xmms-shn 2.4.1 Playback for shorten (.shn) files with xmms OK httpup sync xmms-shn
xmms-skins-almond 0f54653 Almond skins for XMMS OK httpup sync xmms-skins-almond
xmms-skins-ater 1.7 Ater Xmms skins OK httpup sync xmms-skins-ater
xmms-skins-bunjee a45a6ed Bunjee skins for XMMS OK httpup sync xmms-skins-bunjee
xmms-skins-carbonate dd60cd2 Carbonate skins for XMMS OK httpup sync xmms-skins-carbonate
xmms-skins-fruity d7d3a55 FruityLoops skins for XMMS OK httpup sync xmms-skins-fruity
xmms-skins-garetjax 07a8f0b Garet Jax's skins for XMMS OK httpup sync xmms-skins-garetjax
xmms-skins-glassworx 95b4d45 Glassworx skins for XMMS OK httpup sync xmms-skins-glassworx
xmms-skins-minimalist a9d6fbb Minimalistic skins for XMMS OK httpup sync xmms-skins-minimalist
xmms-skins-njoy a82b9fa NJOY skins for Xmms OK httpup sync xmms-skins-njoy
xmms-skins-nostalgia 123b010 A few Winamp/Xmms OK httpup sync xmms-skins-nostalgia
xmms-skins-vortigo 1.1 Vortigo Xmms skins OK httpup sync xmms-skins-vortigo
xmms-skins-winamp 513567f Minimalistic skins for XMMS OK httpup sync xmms-skins-winamp
xmms-skins-ximian 19526 Ximian skins for XMMS OK httpup sync xmms-skins-ximian
xmms-skins-yaxay c8e864b yaXay skins for Xmms OK httpup sync xmms-skins-yaxay
xmms-status-plugin 1.0 A status docklet for XMMS OK httpup sync xmms-status-plugin
xmms-wavpack 1.0.3 WavPack playback for xmms OK httpup sync xmms-wavpack
xmms-wma 1.0.5 Plug-in support of format WMA V1/V2 for XMMS OK httpup sync xmms-wma
xopen0 0.2.1 A xopen function that can deal with compressed fi… OK httpup sync xopen0
xournal An application for notetaking and sketching OK httpup sync xournal
xscreensaver-gtk2 6.04 XScreenSaver patched to work with electricsheep a… INFO httpup sync xscreensaver-gtk2
xscreensaver-stopper 94d9723 Stop XScreenSaver when fullscreen is playing OK httpup sync xscreensaver-stopper
xv 3.10 John Bradley's interactive image viewer OK httpup sync xv
zoom-linux latest Online conference OK httpup sync zoom-linux
zotero-gtk2 4.0.28 Zotero is a free, easy-to-use tool to help you co… OK httpup sync zotero-gtk2