Unofficial CRUX PortDB

Maintainer:jbloomfield at live dot com
Type:httpup (sync file)

Port: Version: Description: Health: Port download command:
VMware-Horizon-Client 2312-8.12.0-23149323 Horizon Client for Linux ERROR httpup sync VMware-Horizon-Client
asio 1.28.0 Cross-platform C++ library for ASynchronous netwo… WARN httpup sync asio
cadence git-c167f35 Set of tools useful for audio production (JACK) WARN httpup sync cadence
chiaki git-8911a447 Open-source client for PlayStation Remote Play ERROR httpup sync chiaki
clic git-6627ba6 Common LISP Interactive Client for gopher WARN httpup sync clic
dfu-programmer 0.7.1 Device Firmware Update based USB programmer for A… WARN httpup sync dfu-programmer
disputils git-5ca96f Set of utilities for querying information about c… ERROR httpup sync disputils
dragon 1.2.0 simple drag-and-drop source/sink for X or Wayland ERROR httpup sync dragon
drist git-c4d5a55 Tool to configure and sync configurations to serv… WARN httpup sync drist
ecl 21.2.1 Embeddable Common Lisp WARN httpup sync ecl
gameconqueror 0.17 scanmem + GUI ERROR httpup sync gameconqueror
herbstluftwm 0.9.5 Manual X11 tiling window manager WARN httpup sync herbstluftwm
hikari 2.3.3 Stacking Wayland compositor inspired by cwm FATAL httpup sync hikari
hplip 3.21.8 HP Linux Imaging and Printing FATAL httpup sync hplip
hyprcursor 0.1.4 Hyprland cursor format, library and utilities FATAL httpup sync hyprcursor
hyprland 0.37.1 Dynamic tiling Wayland compositor, based on wlroo… WARN httpup sync hyprland
hyprland-protocols git-0c2ce70 Wayland protocol extension for Hyprland WARN httpup sync hyprland-protocols
hyprlang 0.5.0 Hypr configuration language WARN httpup sync hyprlang
ironbar 0.13.0 A customisable and feature-rich GTK bar for wlroo… WARN httpup sync ironbar
libdisplay-info 0.1.1 EDID and DisplayID library WARN httpup sync libdisplay-info
libldm git-674da9b Tool and library for managing Microsoft Windows D… WARN httpup sync libldm
libliftoff 0.4.1 Lightweight KMS plane library WARN httpup sync libliftoff
libucl git-e6c5d80 Universal Config Language WARN httpup sync libucl
lswt git-e0f5f7a List Wayland toplevels (windows) FATAL httpup sync lswt
ly git-4ee2b3e Lightweight TUI display manager WARN httpup sync ly
nicotine-plus 3.2.9 Graphical Soulseek client ERROR httpup sync nicotine-plus
nwg-displays 0.3.9 Output management utility for wlroots-based Wayla… WARN httpup sync nwg-displays
nwg-drawer 0.4.3 Application drawer component of nwg-shell project WARN httpup sync nwg-drawer
nwg-icon-picker 0.1.0 GTK icon browser WARN httpup sync nwg-icon-picker
nwg-look 0.2.5 GTK3 settings editor, targeted at wlroots-based W… WARN httpup sync nwg-look
nwg-panel 0.9.17 GTK=based panel for wlroots-based Wayland composi… WARN httpup sync nwg-panel
obs-studio git-b45a732 Open Broadcaster Software Studio WARN httpup sync obs-studio
playerctl 2.4.1 Command-line utility and library for controlling … WARN httpup sync playerctl
python3-dasbus 1.7 DBus library for Python, inspired by pydbus WARN httpup sync python3-dasbus
python3-i3ipc 2.2.1 Python library to control i3wm and sway WARN httpup sync python3-i3ipc
rdesktop 1.9.0 RDP client WARN httpup sync rdesktop
river 0.3.0 Dynamic tiling Wayland compositor FATAL httpup sync river
sandbar git-4af3974 dwm-like bar for river FATAL httpup sync sandbar
sc-im 0.8.2 Spreadsheet Calculator IMproved ERROR httpup sync sc-im
sdbus-cpp git-28921ad C++ D-Bus library for Linux WARN httpup sync sdbus-cpp
skroll git-d6561c6 scroll to stdoout ERROR httpup sync skroll
tailscale 1.58.2 Private WireGuard networks made easy WARN httpup sync tailscale
termbox 1.1.0 simple API for text-based interfaces WARN httpup sync termbox
thinglaunch git-89c06a1 simple launcher ERROR httpup sync thinglaunch
tomlplusplus 3.4.0 Header-only TOML config file parser and serialize… WARN httpup sync tomlplusplus
unclutter-xfixes 1.2 utility for hiding the X cursor, but this time no… ERROR httpup sync unclutter-xfixes
waybar 1 Customisable Wayland bar for wlroots-based compos… ERROR httpup sync waybar
websocketpp 0.8.2 C++/Boost Asio based websocket client/server libr… WARN httpup sync websocketpp
windowchef 0.5.2 stacking window manager that cooks windows with o… ERROR httpup sync windowchef
wlr-randr 0.4.0 Utility to manage outputs of a Wayland compositor WARN httpup sync wlr-randr
xdg-desktop-portal-hyprland git-4fc83e6 XDG Desktop Portal for Hyprland WARN httpup sync xdg-desktop-portal-hyprland
xeyes 1.3.0 track cursor in Xorg WARN httpup sync xeyes