Unofficial CRUX PortDB

Maintainer:pitillo at crux-arm dot nu
Type:rsync (sync file)

Port: Version: Description: Health: Port download command:
aop 0.6 Aop is a curses based arcade game. FATAL rsync -aqz aop/
ascii 3.12 Easy conversion table between various bytes repre… OK rsync -aqz ascii/
blockrage 0.2.3 "falling-blocks" arcade game ERROR rsync -aqz blockrage/
chromium-bsu Chromium B.S.U. is a fast paced, arcade-style, to… ERROR rsync -aqz chromium-bsu/
chrpath 0.13 chrpath allows you to modify the dynamic library … ERROR rsync -aqz chrpath/
cscope 15.8a developer's tool for browsing source code ERROR rsync -aqz cscope/
ctorrent 3.3.2 Enhanced CTorrent is a BitTorrent client for unix… OK rsync -aqz ctorrent/
cython 0.20 language that lets writing C extensions for the P… OK rsync -aqz cython/
devio 1.2 Read and write block devices OK rsync -aqz devio/
djmount 0.71 UPnP AV client OK rsync -aqz djmount/
dmidecode 2.12 Dmidecode reports information about your system's… ERROR rsync -aqz dmidecode/
docbook-xml 4.5 A widely used XML scheme for writing documentatio… WARN rsync -aqz docbook-xml/
docbook-xsl 1.75.2 Docbook XSL Stylesheets OK rsync -aqz docbook-xsl/
elfhacks 0.4.1 brief elfhacks application interface OK rsync -aqz elfhacks/
farsight2 0.0.31 farsight extension OK rsync -aqz farsight2/
farsight2-git git farsight extension OK rsync -aqz farsight2-git/
fcheck 2.07.59 Intrusion detection. Policy enforcement/auditing … OK rsync -aqz fcheck/
gconf 2.26.0 configuration database system ERROR rsync -aqz gconf/
glc 0.5.8 glc is an ALSA and OpenGL capture tool for Linux OK rsync -aqz glc/
glpng git glpng is a small toolkit to make loading PNG imag… OK rsync -aqz glpng/
gtk-doc 1.10 gtk documentation system OK rsync -aqz gtk-doc/
gtkdialog 0.7.20 Gtkdialog is a small utility for fast and easy GU… OK rsync -aqz gtkdialog/
gtmess 0.97 console MSN Messenger. ERROR rsync -aqz gtmess/
gxmame 0.35beta2 GXMame is a frontend for XMame using the GTK libr… ERROR rsync -aqz gxmame/
gxmessage 2.20.0 A GTK2 based xmessage clone. ERROR rsync -aqz gxmessage/
hostap-utils 0.4.7 hostap-utils OK rsync -aqz hostap-utils/
ircd 10.3p1 IRC server ERROR rsync -aqz ircd/
jnettop 0.13.0 Jnettop is a traffic visualiser. ERROR rsync -aqz jnettop/
leafpad GTK+ based simple text editor. OK rsync -aqz leafpad/
libexosip2 3.3.0 eXosip2 - the eXtended osip Library ERROR rsync -aqz libexosip2/
libnice 0.1.4 Nice is an implementation of the ICE standard. OK rsync -aqz libnice/
libnice-git git Nice is an implementation of the ICE standard. OK rsync -aqz libnice-git/
libosip2 3.3.0 GNU an implementation of SIP OK rsync -aqz libosip2/
lightmediascanner 0.4.5 Light media scanner OK rsync -aqz lightmediascanner/
linphone 3.6.1 Let you phone to your friends anywhere in the who… ERROR rsync -aqz linphone/
minidlna 1.1.0 erver software with the aim of being fully compli… OK rsync -aqz minidlna/
mog 0.63-1548 originally a Konami game for the MSX system OK rsync -aqz mog/
nbd 3.3 Network blcok device client/server ERROR rsync -aqz nbd/
nikto 2.1.5 Nikto is an Open Source (GPL) web server scanner OK rsync -aqz nikto/
openocd 0.7.0 on-chip programming and debugging support with JT… ERROR rsync -aqz openocd/
orbit2 2.14.19 Code for an ORB written in C will spontaneously e… OK rsync -aqz orbit2/
p5-apachedbi 1.08 Initiate a persistent database connection ERROR rsync -aqz p5-apachedbi/
p5-dbi 1.618 Database independent interface for Perl ERROR rsync -aqz p5-dbi/
p5-mysql 4.020 Perl Database Interface to the MySQL database ERROR rsync -aqz p5-mysql/
p5-xml-simple 2.18 XML::Parser ERROR rsync -aqz p5-xml-simple/
packetstream 0.1.4 brief interface of the 'packetstream' thread-safe… OK rsync -aqz packetstream/
pd 0.45.4 Real-time graphical programming environment for a… WARN rsync -aqz pd/
pidgin-xfire 0.9.4 XFire plugin for GAIM OK rsync -aqz pidgin-xfire/
portaudio v19_20140130 A free, cross platform, open source audio I/O lib… OK rsync -aqz portaudio/
quilt 0.61 Quilt started as a series of patch scripts OK rsync -aqz quilt/
sdl_image 1.2.12 SDL_image is an image file loading library. OK rsync -aqz sdl_image/
sdl_mixer 1.2.12 A sample multi-channel audio mixer library. OK rsync -aqz sdl_mixer/
sdl_sound 1.0.3 A library for decoding various sound formats. OK rsync -aqz sdl_sound/
sdlmame 0144s Mame emulator OK rsync -aqz sdlmame/
siege 3.0.6 Siege is an http load testing and benchmarking ut… ERROR rsync -aqz siege/
sipcrack 0.3 SIPcrack is a SIP protocol login cracker OK rsync -aqz sipcrack/
tcedemo2avi 1.0 True combat demo to avi converter. WARN rsync -aqz tcedemo2avi/
texi2html 1.64 Texi2html is a Perl script that converts Texinfo … ERROR rsync -aqz texi2html/
voipong 2.0 VoIPong is a utility which detects all Voice Over… OK rsync -aqz voipong/
wavemon 0.7.6 Ncurses-based monitoring application for wireless… ERROR rsync -aqz wavemon/
wrt54g-debrick-util 48 Debrick utility for WRT54G routers OK rsync -aqz wrt54g-debrick-util/
x11vnc 0.9.13 VNC server for real X displays ERROR rsync -aqz x11vnc/
xcdroast 0.98 XCDRoast is a CD authoring program with a GUI. ERROR rsync -aqz xcdroast/
xdg-utils 1.0.2 Xdg-utils is a set of command line tools. ERROR rsync -aqz xdg-utils/
xdialog 2.3.1 Xdialog is designed to be a replacement for dialo… ERROR rsync -aqz xdialog/
xinput_calibrator 0.7.5 generic touchscreen calibration program for X.Org ERROR rsync -aqz xinput_calibrator/
zaz 1.0.0 Zaz puzzle game where the player has to arrange b… OK rsync -aqz zaz/