Unofficial CRUX PortDB

Maintainer:crux at crux dot nu
Type:rsync (sync file)

Port: Version: Description: Health: Port download command:
a2ps 4.15.6 ASCII to Postscript converter (Prettyprint) OK rsync -aqz a2ps/
abseil-cpp 20240116.2 Abseil Common Libraries (C++) OK rsync -aqz abseil-cpp/
adwaita-icon-theme 46.0 Adwaita Icon Theme OK rsync -aqz adwaita-icon-theme/
alsa-lib 1.2.11 ALSA libraries OK rsync -aqz alsa-lib/
alsa-oss 1.1.8 ALSA OSS Emulation OK rsync -aqz alsa-oss/
alsa-plugins ALSA Plugins contains plugins for various audio l… OK rsync -aqz alsa-plugins/
alsa-ucm-conf 1.2.11 Alsa use case manager configuration OK rsync -aqz alsa-ucm-conf/
alsa-utils 1.2.11 ALSA utils OK rsync -aqz alsa-utils/
apache 2.4.59 Apache HTTP server version 2.4.x WARN rsync -aqz apache/
apr 1.7.4 Apache Portable Runtime library OK rsync -aqz apr/
apr-util 1.6.3 APR-util provides a number of helpful abstraction… OK rsync -aqz apr-util/
aspell GNU aspell is a spell checker designed to replace… OK rsync -aqz aspell/
aspell-en 2020.12.07-0 English dictionary for aspell OK rsync -aqz aspell-en/
at-spi2-core 2.52.0 Protocol definitions and daemon for D-Bus at-spi OK rsync -aqz at-spi2-core/
autoconf-2.13 2.13 A package of M4 macros to produce scripts to auto… OK rsync -aqz autoconf-2.13/
autoconf-archive 2023.02.20 A collection of freely re-usable Autoconf macros OK rsync -aqz autoconf-archive/
babl 0.1.108 Dynamic, any to any, pixel format translation lib… OK rsync -aqz babl/
bash-completion 2.14.0 Programmable completion functions for bash OK rsync -aqz bash-completion/
bin86 0.16.21 8086 assembler and loader which can generate 32-b… OK rsync -aqz bin86/
bindutils 9.18.27 Bind tools OK rsync -aqz bindutils/
boehm-gc 8.2.6 Garbage collection and memory leak detection for … OK rsync -aqz boehm-gc/
brotli 1.1.0 Brotli compression library OK rsync -aqz brotli/
btrfs-progs 6.8.1 Filesystem utilities for btrfs OK rsync -aqz btrfs-progs/
bubblewrap 0.9.0 Unprivileged sandboxing tool INFO rsync -aqz bubblewrap/
c-ares 1.28.1 Asynchronous C DNS library OK rsync -aqz c-ares/
cabextract 1.11 Microsoft Cabinet file decompressor OK rsync -aqz cabextract/
cairo 1.18.0 A 2D graphics library with support for multiple o… OK rsync -aqz cairo/
ccache 4.9.1 A fast compiler cache OK rsync -aqz ccache/
ccrypt 1.11 Utility for encrypting and decrypting files and s… OK rsync -aqz ccrypt/
cdparanoia 10.2 CDDA extraction tool with jitter correction OK rsync -aqz cdparanoia/
cdrkit 1.1.11 A suite of programs for recording CDs and DVDs OK rsync -aqz cdrkit/
chrony 4.5 Network time protocol client/server OK rsync -aqz chrony/
chrpath 0.17 Change or delete the rpath or runpath in ELF files OK rsync -aqz chrpath/
cifs-utils 7.0 Utilities for doing and managing mounts of the Li… OK rsync -aqz cifs-utils/
ck4up 1.4 ck4up - Check for Updates, a utility to monitor w… OK rsync -aqz ck4up/
clang 18.1.6 clang compiler OK rsync -aqz clang/
clang-ccache-bindings 18 Masquerade directory to use ccache with clang OK rsync -aqz clang-ccache-bindings/
clang-distcc-bindings 18 Masquerade directory to use distcc with clang OK rsync -aqz clang-distcc-bindings/
clex 4.7 File manager with full-screen user interface OK rsync -aqz clex/
clisp 2.49.93 GNU CLisp is an ANSI Common Lisp Implementation. OK rsync -aqz clisp/
cmocka 1.1.7 Unit testing framework OK rsync -aqz cmocka/
compiler-rt 18.1.6 Compiler runtime libraries for clang OK rsync -aqz compiler-rt/
conky 1.21.1 Light-weight system monitor INFO rsync -aqz conky/
consolekit 1.2.6 Framework for defining and tracking users, login … OK rsync -aqz consolekit/
courier-unicode 2.3.0 Unicode library from the courier project OK rsync -aqz courier-unicode/
cppunit 1.15.1 C++ unit testing library OK rsync -aqz cppunit/
crux-bashcompletion 20031028 Programmable bash completion for pkgutils and por… OK rsync -aqz crux-bashcompletion/
cryptsetup 2.7.2 user-friendly dm-crypt/LUKS interface OK rsync -aqz cryptsetup/
cups 2.4.8 CUPS - Common UNIX Printing System OK rsync -aqz cups/
cups-browsed 2.0.0 Helper daemon to browse the network for remote CU… OK rsync -aqz cups-browsed/
cups-filters 2.0.0 Backends and filters for CUPS OK rsync -aqz cups-filters/
cyrus-sasl 2.1.28 Simple Authentication and Security Layer OK rsync -aqz cyrus-sasl/
dar 2.7.14 Disk ARchive - a sophisticated backup utility for… OK rsync -aqz dar/
dbus 1.14.10 A message bus system INFO rsync -aqz dbus/
dbus-glib 0.112 D-Bus GLib bindings OK rsync -aqz dbus-glib/
desktop-file-utils 0.27 Command-line utilities for working with desktop e… OK rsync -aqz desktop-file-utils/
dialog 1.3-20240307 A tool to display dialog boxes from shell scripts OK rsync -aqz dialog/
directx-headers 1.613.1 Official DirectX headers available under an open … OK rsync -aqz directx-headers/
dnsmasq 2.90 Caching DNS forwarder and DHCP/TFTP server OK rsync -aqz dnsmasq/
dosfstools 4.2 tools for creating and checking DOS filesystems i… OK rsync -aqz dosfstools/
double-conversion 3.3.0 Binary-decimal and decimal-binary routines for IE… OK rsync -aqz double-conversion/
dovecot 2.3.21 IMAP and POP3 server with ssl/ipv6 support, writt… OK rsync -aqz dovecot/
dracut 101 An event-driven initramfs infrastructure OK rsync -aqz dracut/
dropbear 2024.85 Small and secure SSH2 server and client OK rsync -aqz dropbear/
dtc 1.7.0 Device Tree Compiler and libfdt OK rsync -aqz dtc/
duktape 2.7.0 embeddable Javascript engine, with a focus on por… OK rsync -aqz duktape/
efibootmgr 18 manipulate efi boot managers OK rsync -aqz efibootmgr/
efivar 39 Tools and library to manipulate EFI variables OK rsync -aqz efivar/
enscript 1.6.6 GNU enscript, converts ASCII files to PostScript OK rsync -aqz enscript/
evilwm 1.4.3 The minimalist window manager OK rsync -aqz evilwm/
exfat-utils 1.4.0 FUSE module and Utilities for the exFAT filesystem OK rsync -aqz exfat-utils/
exfatprogs 1.2.3 Userspace utilities for the exfat filesystem kern… OK rsync -aqz exfatprogs/
exif 0.6.22 Simple command line interface to libexif OK rsync -aqz exif/
exiv2 0.28.2 Exif and Iptc metadata manipulation library and t… OK rsync -aqz exiv2/
f2fs-tools 1.16.0 Userland tools for the Flash-Friendly File System… OK rsync -aqz f2fs-tools/
fakeroot 1.34 Run commands in an environment faking root privil… OK rsync -aqz fakeroot/
fcron 3.3.1 Enhanced periodical command scheduler like cron INFO rsync -aqz fcron/
fdm 2.2 Program to fetch mail and deliver it in various w… OK rsync -aqz fdm/
fetchmail 6.4.38 A remote-mail retrieval utility OK rsync -aqz fetchmail/
ffmpeg 6.1.1 Complete solution to record, convert and stream a… OK rsync -aqz ffmpeg/
firefox-bin 126.0 Firefox binary OK rsync -aqz firefox-bin/
flac 1.4.3 Free Lossless Audio Codec. OK rsync -aqz flac/
fmt 10.2.1 An open-source formatting library OK rsync -aqz fmt/
fontconfig 2.15.0 A library for configuring and customizing font ac… OK rsync -aqz fontconfig/
freeglut 3.4.0 A free alternative to the OpenGL Utility Toolkit … OK rsync -aqz freeglut/
freetype 2.13.2 A free and portable TrueType font rendering engine OK rsync -aqz freetype/
fribidi 1.0.14 Unicode Bidirectional (BiDi) Algorithm OK rsync -aqz fribidi/
fuse 2.9.9 Interface for userspace filesystems INFO rsync -aqz fuse/
fuse3 3.16.2 Interface for userspace filesystems INFO rsync -aqz fuse3/
gdb 14.2 The GNU Debugger (GDB) OK rsync -aqz gdb/
gdk-pixbuf 2.42.12 An image loading library for GTK+ OK rsync -aqz gdk-pixbuf/
geeqie 2.4 Gtk+ based image viewer OK rsync -aqz geeqie/
gexiv2 0.14.2 GObject wrapper around the Exiv2 photo metadata l… OK rsync -aqz gexiv2/
ghostscript 10.03.1 Postscript interpreter OK rsync -aqz ghostscript/
giflib 5.2.2 A compressed GIF library compatible with libungif OK rsync -aqz giflib/
git 2.45.1 Directory content manager OK rsync -aqz git/
gl-headers 2019.1.0 OpenGL headers for building GStreamer's OpenGL su… OK rsync -aqz gl-headers/
glew 2.2.0 The OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library OK rsync -aqz glew/
glib 2.80.2 Low-level data structure handling, portability wr… OK rsync -aqz glib/
glib-networking 2.78.1 Network-related giomodules for glib OK rsync -aqz glib-networking/
glslang 14.2.0 OpenGL and OpenGL ES shader front end and validat… OK rsync -aqz glslang/
gnu-efi 3.0.18 GNU EFI library OK rsync -aqz gnu-efi/
gnupg 2.4.5 GNU privacy guard OK rsync -aqz gnupg/
gnuplot 6.0.0 GNUPlot, a graph plotting software OK rsync -aqz gnuplot/
gnutls 3.8.5 A library that provides a secure layer over a rel… OK rsync -aqz gnutls/
gobject-introspection 1.78.1 A middleware layer between C libraries (using GOb… OK rsync -aqz gobject-introspection/
gphoto2 2.5.28 Command-line client for libgphoto2 OK rsync -aqz gphoto2/
gphotofs 0.5 FUSE filesystem client based on libgphoto2 OK rsync -aqz gphotofs/
graphene 1.10.8 A thin layer of graphic data types OK rsync -aqz graphene/
graphviz 11.0.0 Graph visualization software OK rsync -aqz graphviz/
grub2 2.12 A Multiboot boot loader WARN rsync -aqz grub2/
grub2-efi 2.12 GNU GRUB2 (EFI version) OK rsync -aqz grub2-efi/
gsettings-desktop-schemas 46.0 Shared GSettings schemas for the desktop OK rsync -aqz gsettings-desktop-schemas/
gst-libav 1.24.3 Gstreamer libav Plugin. OK rsync -aqz gst-libav/
gst-plugins-base 1.24.3 An essential exemplary set of plugins for gstream… OK rsync -aqz gst-plugins-base/
gstreamer 1.24.3 open-source multimedia framework OK rsync -aqz gstreamer/
gtk 2.24.33 A multi-platform toolkit for creating graphical u… OK rsync -aqz gtk/
gtk-engines 2.20.2 Standard theme engines for GTK+2 OK rsync -aqz gtk-engines/
gtk-theme-adwaita 3.20 gtk2 theme matching the default gtk3 theme Adwaita OK rsync -aqz gtk-theme-adwaita/
gtk3 3.24.42 A multi-platform toolkit for creating graphical u… OK rsync -aqz gtk3/
gutenprint 5.3.4 Print plugin and ghostscript/cups driver (formerl… OK rsync -aqz gutenprint/
gvim 9.1.0363 GTK version of the vim editor OK rsync -aqz gvim/
harfbuzz 8.5.0 An OpenType text shaping engine OK rsync -aqz harfbuzz/
hicolor-icon-theme 0.17 default fallback used by the icon theme specifica… OK rsync -aqz hicolor-icon-theme/
hpcups 3.23.12 Ghostscript add-on for HP inkjet/laserjet printers OK rsync -aqz hpcups/
htop 3.3.0 An interactive process viewer OK rsync -aqz htop/
hunspell 1.7.2 Advanced spell checker OK rsync -aqz hunspell/
hunspell-en 2020.12.07 Hunspell dictionary for English OK rsync -aqz hunspell-en/
hyphen 2.8.8 Library for high quality hyphenation and justific… OK rsync -aqz hyphen/
i3 4.23 A tiling window manager OK rsync -aqz i3/
icu 74.2 Widely used set of C/C++ libraries providing Unic… OK rsync -aqz icu/
iftop 1.0pre4 Real-time bandwidth usage information on a networ… OK rsync -aqz iftop/
imagemagick 7.1.1-32 Image manipulation wizard OK rsync -aqz imagemagick/
imlib2 1.12.2 A fast image manipulation library OK rsync -aqz imlib2/
inih 58 Simple .INI file parser library written in C OK rsync -aqz inih/
intltool 0.51.0 Internationalization tool collection. OK rsync -aqz intltool/
iputils 20240117 Basic networking utilities INFO rsync -aqz iputils/
irssi 1.4.5 Terminal based IRC client for UNIX systems OK rsync -aqz irssi/
iso-codes 4.16.0 ISO Country/Language/Currency codes OK rsync -aqz iso-codes/
itstool 2.0.7 XML to PO and back again OK rsync -aqz itstool/
iwd 2.17 Wireless daemon for Linux OK rsync -aqz iwd/
jasper 4.2.4 Codec JPEG-2000 Part-1 standard OK rsync -aqz jasper/
jdk8-bin 8.412.08.1 Java 8 Software Development Kit (amazon-corretto) WARN rsync -aqz jdk8-bin/
jfsutils 1.1.15 Tools for IBM's journaled file system OK rsync -aqz jfsutils/
json-c 0.17 JSON implementation in C OK rsync -aqz json-c/
json-glib 1.8.0 serialization and deserialization of JSON objects OK rsync -aqz json-glib/
keyutils 1.6.3 Tools to control the Linux key management system OK rsync -aqz keyutils/
krb5 1.21.2 Network Authentication Protocol INFO rsync -aqz krb5/
lame 3.100 MP3 encoder OK rsync -aqz lame/
lcms2 2.16 Little CMS intends to be an small-footprint color… OK rsync -aqz lcms2/
ldb 2.9.0 LDAP-like embedded database library WARN rsync -aqz ldb/
lftp 4.9.2 Sophisticated command line based FTP client OK rsync -aqz lftp/
libaio 0.3.113 Native asynchronous I/O (AIO) support library OK rsync -aqz libaio/
libart_lgpl 2.3.21 A library for high-performance 2D graphics OK rsync -aqz libart_lgpl/
libassuan 2.5.7 IPC library for the GnuPG components OK rsync -aqz libassuan/
libb2 0.98.1 C library providing BLAKE2b, BLAKE2s, BLAKE2bp, B… OK rsync -aqz libb2/
libclc 18.1.6 libclc is an implementation of the library requir… OK rsync -aqz libclc/
libcupsfilters 2.0.0 Code of the filters of the former cups-filters pa… OK rsync -aqz libcupsfilters/
libestr 0.1.11 some essentials for string handling (and a bit mo… OK rsync -aqz libestr/
libev 4.33 high-performance event loop/event model with lots… OK rsync -aqz libev/
libevent 2.1.12 Event notification library OK rsync -aqz libevent/
libexif 0.6.24 An EXIF tag parsing library OK rsync -aqz libexif/
libfastjson 1.2304.0 A fast JSON library for C OK rsync -aqz libfastjson/
libffcall 2.4 Library to build foreign function call interfaces… OK rsync -aqz libffcall/
libgcrypt 1.10.3 A general purpose cryptographic library based on … OK rsync -aqz libgcrypt/
libgd 2.3.3 Library for the dynamic creation of images OK rsync -aqz libgd/
libgpg-error 1.49 A small library defining error values for GnuPG c… OK rsync -aqz libgpg-error/
libgphoto2 2.5.31 A library designed to allow access to digital cam… WARN rsync -aqz libgphoto2/
libgudev 238 GObject bindings for libudev OK rsync -aqz libgudev/
libid3tag 0.16.3 ID3 tag manipulation library OK rsync -aqz libid3tag/
libidn 1.42 Provides support for IETF Internationalized Domai… OK rsync -aqz libidn/
libidn2 2.3.7 Provides support for IETF Internationalized Domai… OK rsync -aqz libidn2/
libjpeg-turbo 3.0.3 Library of JPEG support functions. OK rsync -aqz libjpeg-turbo/
libksba 1.6.6 X.509 and CMS support library OK rsync -aqz libksba/
liblogging 1.0.6 An easy to use logging library OK rsync -aqz liblogging/
libmng 2.0.3 libmng - Mutliple Image Network Graphics OK rsync -aqz libmng/
libmpeg2 0.5.1 MPEG1/MPEG2 decoder (includes libmpeg2) OK rsync -aqz libmpeg2/
libmypaint 1.6.1 libmypaint is a library for making brushstrokes OK rsync -aqz libmypaint/
libnl 3.9.0 Library providing APIs to netlink protocol based … OK rsync -aqz libnl/
libnvme 1.9 C library for NVM Express on Linux OK rsync -aqz libnvme/
libogg 1.3.5 Ogg bitstream and framing library OK rsync -aqz libogg/
libpcap 1.10.4 Packet capture library OK rsync -aqz libpcap/
libpng 1.6.43 Library of PNG support functions with APNG suppor… OK rsync -aqz libpng/
libppd 2.0.0 legacy support library for PPD files OK rsync -aqz libppd/
libpsl 0.21.5 Public Suffix List library OK rsync -aqz libpsl/
librsvg 2.58.0 SVG rendering library with cairo backend OK rsync -aqz librsvg/
libsdl 1.2.15 SDL, Simple DirectMedia Layer OK rsync -aqz libsdl/
libsdl2 2.30.3 SDL version 2, Simple DirectMedia Layer OK rsync -aqz libsdl2/
libseccomp 2.5.5 Library for Linux Kernel's syscall filtering mech… OK rsync -aqz libseccomp/
libsecret 0.21.4 Library for storing and retrieving passwords and … OK rsync -aqz libsecret/
libsigsegv 2.14 GNU libsigsegv is a library for handling page fau… OK rsync -aqz libsigsegv/
libslirp 4.7.0 A general purpose TCP-IP emulator OK rsync -aqz libslirp/
libsndfile 1.2.2 Library for manipulating sound files OK rsync -aqz libsndfile/
libsoup 2.74.3 HTTP library implementation in C OK rsync -aqz libsoup/
libspectre 0.2.12 Library for rendering Postscript documents OK rsync -aqz libspectre/
libtasn1 4.19.0 The ASN.1 library used by GnuTLS and others OK rsync -aqz libtasn1/
libtheora 1.1.1 a free and open video compression format OK rsync -aqz libtheora/
libtiff 4.6.0t Library for manipulation of TIFF (Tag Image File … OK rsync -aqz libtiff/
libunbound 1.20.0 Validating resolver library OK rsync -aqz libunbound/
libunique 1.1.6 Unique is a library for writing single instance a… OK rsync -aqz libunique/
libunistring 1.2 Functions for manipulating Unicode strings and C … OK rsync -aqz libunistring/
libunwind 1.8.1 Portable and efficient API to determine the call-… OK rsync -aqz libunwind/
liburcu 0.14.0 a LGPLv2.1 userspace RCU (read-copy-update) libra… OK rsync -aqz liburcu/
libusb-compat 0.1.8 Compatibility library for libusb 1.0 OK rsync -aqz libusb-compat/
libvisual 0.4.2 Libvisual Audio Visualization OK rsync -aqz libvisual/
libvisual-plugins 0.4.2 collection of visualization plugins for use with … OK rsync -aqz libvisual-plugins/
libvorbis 1.3.7 Vorbis codec library OK rsync -aqz libvorbis/
libvpx 1.14.0 The VP8/VP9 Codec SDK OK rsync -aqz libvpx/
libwebp 1.4.0 A library for a new image format comparable to JP… OK rsync -aqz libwebp/
libwnck 2.31.0 Window Navigator Construction Kit library OK rsync -aqz libwnck/
libxkbcommon 1.7.0 A library to handle keyboard descriptions. OK rsync -aqz libxkbcommon/
libxklavier 5.4 A library providing high-level API for X Keyboard… OK rsync -aqz libxklavier/
libxml2 2.12.7 XML library version 2 OK rsync -aqz libxml2/
libxslt 1.1.39 XSL Transformations library OK rsync -aqz libxslt/
libyaml 0.2.5 A YAML parser and emitter library. OK rsync -aqz libyaml/
libzip 1.10.1 Library to handle zip files OK rsync -aqz libzip/
links 2.29 text mode web browser OK rsync -aqz links/
linux-firmware 20240513 Firmware blobs for use with the Linux kernel. OK rsync -aqz linux-firmware/
lld 18.1.6 Linker from the LLVM project OK rsync -aqz lld/
lldb 18.1.6 LLDB is a next generation, high-performance debug… OK rsync -aqz lldb/
llvm 18.1.6 LLVM compiler backend OK rsync -aqz llvm/
lm_sensors 3.6.0 Tools for monitoring system health (temperatures,… OK rsync -aqz lm_sensors/
lsof 4.99.3 list open files OK rsync -aqz lsof/
lua 5.4.6 A programming language designed for extending app… OK rsync -aqz lua/
lua51 5.1.5 A programming language designed for extending app… OK rsync -aqz lua51/
lua52 5.2.4 A programming language designed for extending app… OK rsync -aqz lua52/
lua53 5.3.6 A programming language designed for extending app… OK rsync -aqz lua53/
lvm2 2.03.24 Userspace toolset for logical volume management OK rsync -aqz lvm2/
lxappearance 0.6.3 Enables change of themes, icons, and fonts used b… OK rsync -aqz lxappearance/
maildrop 3.1.6 Mail Delivery Agent with filtering abilities INFO rsync -aqz maildrop/
mailx 14.9.24 Replacement for Berkeley Mail and System V mailx … INFO rsync -aqz mailx/
make-ca 1.13 A utility to deliver and manage a complete PKI co… OK rsync -aqz make-ca/
mariadb 11.3.2 SQL database server, drop-in replacement for MySQL WARN rsync -aqz mariadb/
mathopd 1.6b16 Very fast and highly configurable HTTP server OK rsync -aqz mathopd/
mc 4.8.31 GNU Midnight Commander OK rsync -aqz mc/
mdadm 4.3 Multiple device (RAID) admin tool OK rsync -aqz mdadm/
mingw-ccache-bindings 10.2.0 Masquerade directory to use ccache with mingw OK rsync -aqz mingw-ccache-bindings/
mingw-w64-binutils 2.39 GNU binutils for mingw-w64 toolchain OK rsync -aqz mingw-w64-binutils/
mingw-w64-crt 11.0.0 C runtime (crt) for mingw-w64 toolchain OK rsync -aqz mingw-w64-crt/
mingw-w64-gcc 13.1.0 gcc for mingw-w64 toolchain OK rsync -aqz mingw-w64-gcc/
mingw-w64-headers 11.0.0 headers for mingw-w64 toolchain OK rsync -aqz mingw-w64-headers/
mod_php 8.3.7 PHP DSO module for apache INFO rsync -aqz mod_php/
mpg123 1.32.6 Commandline MP3 player OK rsync -aqz mpg123/
mpup 2.0.1 Meta driver script for ports(8) OK rsync -aqz mpup/
msmtp 1.8.26 An SMTP client suitable for use with mutt etc. OK rsync -aqz msmtp/
mtools 4.0.43 Utilities to access MS-DOS disks without mounting… OK rsync -aqz mtools/
mupdf 1.24.2 Lightweight PDF and XPS viewer OK rsync -aqz mupdf/
mutt 2.2.13 Text-based email client that sucks less OK rsync -aqz mutt/
mypaint-brushes 1.3.1 Brushes used by libmypaint OK rsync -aqz mypaint-brushes/
nano 8.0 GNU pico clone (a tiny text editor) INFO rsync -aqz nano/
neon 0.33.0 Neon is an HTTP and WebDAV client library OK rsync -aqz neon/
neovim 0.10.0 Vim-fork focused on extensibility and usability OK rsync -aqz neovim/
nettle 3.9.1 Low-level cryptographic library OK rsync -aqz nettle/
newsboat 2.35 RSS/Atom feed reader for text terminals OK rsync -aqz newsboat/
nfs-utils 2.6.4 NFS utilities INFO rsync -aqz nfs-utils/
ngrep 1.47 Network grep utility OK rsync -aqz ngrep/
nodejs 22.2.0 Evented I/O for V8 javascript. OK rsync -aqz nodejs/
npth 1.7 POSIX library for priority-based and scheduled mu… OK rsync -aqz npth/
nsd 4.9.1 Authoritative only, high performance name server WARN rsync -aqz nsd/
nspr 4.35 Netscape Portable Runtime library OK rsync -aqz nspr/
nss 3.100 Mozilla Network Security Services (NSS) OK rsync -aqz nss/
nvidia 550.78 NVIDIA Linux Display Driver (production branch) INFO rsync -aqz nvidia/
nvidia-fb 545.29.06 NVIDIA Linux Display Driver (feature branch) INFO rsync -aqz nvidia-fb/
nvidia-settings 495.46 Tool for configuring the NVIDIA graphics driver OK rsync -aqz nvidia-settings/
nvme-cli 2.9.1 NVMe management command line interface OK rsync -aqz nvme-cli/
ocaml 5.2.0 Objective CAML Compiler OK rsync -aqz ocaml/
oniguruma 6.9.9 Regular expressions library OK rsync -aqz oniguruma/
openbox 3.6.1 Fast, lightweight, standards-compliant window man… OK rsync -aqz openbox/
openldap 2.6.8 Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Tool… OK rsync -aqz openldap/
openmp 18.1.6 LLVM OpenMP Runtime Library OK rsync -aqz openmp/
opus 1.5.2 a totally open, royalty-free, highly versatile au… OK rsync -aqz opus/
orc 0.4.38 The Oil Runtime Compiler OK rsync -aqz orc/
p11-kit 0.25.3 Provides a way to load and enumerate PKCS#11 modu… OK rsync -aqz p11-kit/
p5-ipc-run3 0.049 run a subprocess with input/ouput redirection OK rsync -aqz p5-ipc-run3/
p5-parse-yapp 1.21 Perl module for generating and using LALR parsers OK rsync -aqz p5-parse-yapp/
p5-xml-parser 2.47 XML::Parser OK rsync -aqz p5-xml-parser/
pango 1.52.2 A library for layout and rendering of text OK rsync -aqz pango/
paper 2.1.0 Utility to set the default paper size OK rsync -aqz paper/
parted 3.6 A library and frontend to manipulate partition ta… OK rsync -aqz parted/
pear 1.10.14 Framework and distribution system for reusable PH… OK rsync -aqz pear/
php 8.3.7 PHP interpreter, extension modules and support st… OK rsync -aqz php/
php-fcgi 8.3.7 CGI/FastCGI version of the PHP interpreter OK rsync -aqz php-fcgi/
php-fpm 8.3.7 FastCGI Process Manager for PHP OK rsync -aqz php-fpm/
php-ftp 8.3.7 FTP module for PHP OK rsync -aqz php-ftp/
php-gd 8.3.7 GD module for PHP OK rsync -aqz php-gd/
php-gettext 8.3.7 Gettext module for PHP OK rsync -aqz php-gettext/
php-mbstring 8.3.7 Multibyte string module for PHP OK rsync -aqz php-mbstring/
php-mysql 8.3.7 MySQL module for PHP OK rsync -aqz php-mysql/
php-sockets 8.3.7 Socket module for PHP OK rsync -aqz php-sockets/
php-sqlite3 8.3.7 SQLite3 module for PHP OK rsync -aqz php-sqlite3/
php-zip 8.3.7 Zip module for PHP OK rsync -aqz php-zip/
pinentry 1.3.0 Secure PinEntry Dialog OK rsync -aqz pinentry/
pkg-get 0.4.7 Package management tool for CRUX OK rsync -aqz pkg-get/
pkg-get-bashcompletion 0.4.5 Programmable bash completion for pkt-get OK rsync -aqz pkg-get-bashcompletion/
polkit 124 Application development toolkit for controlling s… INFO rsync -aqz polkit/
poppler 24.05.0 PDF rendering library based on xpdf 3.0 OK rsync -aqz poppler/
poppler-data 0.4.12 Poppler encoding data OK rsync -aqz poppler-data/
popt 1.19 commandline option parser OK rsync -aqz popt/
portdbc 1.3 CRUX's portdb command line client OK rsync -aqz portdbc/
postfix 3.9.0 Postfix Mail Transport Agent (MTA) INFO rsync -aqz postfix/
ppp 2.5.0 A daemon which implements the PPP protocol for in… OK rsync -aqz ppp/
prime-run 1.0 A wrapper script for NVIDIA PRIME Render Offload OK rsync -aqz prime-run/
protobuf 25.3 Protocol Buffers are a way of encoding structured… OK rsync -aqz protobuf/
prt-get-bashcompletion 5.19.3 Programmable bash completion for prt-get OK rsync -aqz prt-get-bashcompletion/
prt-utils 1.3.3 Collection of scripts for CRUX, mainly oriented t… OK rsync -aqz prt-utils/
psutils 2.10 Postscript Utilities OK rsync -aqz psutils/
publicsuffix-list 20230812.1829.5e6ac3a Cross-vendor public domain suffix database OK rsync -aqz publicsuffix-list/
pulseaudio 17.0 PulseAudio is a cross-platform, networked sound s… OK rsync -aqz pulseaudio/
pure-ftpd 1.0.51 Fast, secure, production-quality and standard-con… OK rsync -aqz pure-ftpd/
python 2.7.18 Python interpreter, version 2.7 OK rsync -aqz python/
python3-build 1.2.1 A simple, correct PEP517 package builder OK rsync -aqz python3-build/
python3-cairo 1.26.0 A set of python bindings for cairo. OK rsync -aqz python3-cairo/
python3-cffi 1.16.0 Foreign Function Interface for Python calling C c… OK rsync -aqz python3-cffi/
python3-flit-core 3.9.0 Simplified packaging of Python modules WARN rsync -aqz python3-flit-core/
python3-gobject 3.48.2 Python bindings for GLib/GObject/GIO/GTK+/GStream… OK rsync -aqz python3-gobject/
python3-installer 0.7.0 A low-level library for installing from a Python … WARN rsync -aqz python3-installer/
python3-mako 1.3.5 A template library written in Python OK rsync -aqz python3-mako/
python3-markupsafe 2.1.5 Implements a XML/HTML/XHTML Markup safe string fo… OK rsync -aqz python3-markupsafe/
python3-mysqlclient 2.2.4 MySQL interface for Python OK rsync -aqz python3-mysqlclient/
python3-packaging 24.0 Core utilities for Python packages. OK rsync -aqz python3-packaging/
python3-pep517 0.13.1 Wrappers to build Python packages using PEP 517 h… WARN rsync -aqz python3-pep517/
python3-pip 24.0 A tool for installing and managing Python package… OK rsync -aqz python3-pip/
python3-poetry-core 1.9.0 Poetry PEP 517 Build Backend & Core Utilities WARN rsync -aqz python3-poetry-core/
python3-pycparser 2.22 C parser and AST generator written in Python. OK rsync -aqz python3-pycparser/
python3-pyparsing 3.1.2 Python parsing module. WARN rsync -aqz python3-pyparsing/
python3-pyproject-hooks 1.1.0 A low-level library for calling build-backends in… OK rsync -aqz python3-pyproject-hooks/
python3-six 1.16.0 Python 2 and 3 compatibility utilities OK rsync -aqz python3-six/
python3-tomli 2.0.1 A lil' TOML parser WARN rsync -aqz python3-tomli/
python3-wheel 0.43.0 A built-package format for Python OK rsync -aqz python3-wheel/
qemu 9.0.0 Fast CPU emulator and virtualizer for the x86 pla… INFO rsync -aqz qemu/
qemu-all 9.0.0 Fast CPU emulator and virtualizer for all support… INFO rsync -aqz qemu-all/
qpdf 11.9.0 Utility that does structural, content-preserving … OK rsync -aqz qpdf/
qpdfview 0.5 PDF viewer OK rsync -aqz qpdfview/
qt5 5.15.13 Qt Free Edition, version 5.x. OK rsync -aqz qt5/
qt6-3d 6.7.1 C++ and QML APIs for easy inclusion of 3D graphics OK rsync -aqz qt6-3d/
qt6-5compat 6.7.1 Module that contains unsupported Qt 5 APIs OK rsync -aqz qt6-5compat/
qt6-base 6.7.1 A cross-platform application and UI framework OK rsync -aqz qt6-base/
qt6-charts 6.7.1 Provides a set of easy to use chart components OK rsync -aqz qt6-charts/
qt6-connectivity 6.7.1 Provides access to Bluetooth hardware OK rsync -aqz qt6-connectivity/
qt6-datavis3d 6.7.1 Qt6 Data Visualization module OK rsync -aqz qt6-datavis3d/
qt6-declarative 6.7.1 Classes for QML and JavaScript languages OK rsync -aqz qt6-declarative/
qt6-imageformats 6.7.1 Plugins for additional image formats: TIFF, MNG, … OK rsync -aqz qt6-imageformats/
qt6-location 6.7.1 Create mapping solutions using data available fro… OK rsync -aqz qt6-location/
qt6-lottie 6.7.1 A family of player software for a certain json-ba… OK rsync -aqz qt6-lottie/
qt6-multimedia 6.7.1 Classes for audio, video, radio and camera functi… OK rsync -aqz qt6-multimedia/
qt6-networkauth 6.7.1 Network authentication module OK rsync -aqz qt6-networkauth/
qt6-positioning 6.7.1 Provides access to position, satellite and area m… OK rsync -aqz qt6-positioning/
qt6-quick3d 6.7.1 Qt module and API for defining 3D content in Qt Q… OK rsync -aqz qt6-quick3d/
qt6-quicktimeline 6.7.1 Qt module for keyframe-based timeline construction OK rsync -aqz qt6-quicktimeline/
qt6-remoteobjects 6.7.1 Inter-process communication (IPC) module develope… OK rsync -aqz qt6-remoteobjects/
qt6-scxml 6.7.1 Static and runtime integration of SCXML models in… OK rsync -aqz qt6-scxml/
qt6-sensors 6.7.1 Provides access to sensor hardware and motion ges… OK rsync -aqz qt6-sensors/
qt6-serialbus 6.7.1 Qt module for general purpose serial bus access OK rsync -aqz qt6-serialbus/
qt6-serialport 6.7.1 Provides access to hardware and virtual serial po… OK rsync -aqz qt6-serialport/
qt6-shadertools 6.7.1 Experimental module providing APIs and a host too… OK rsync -aqz qt6-shadertools/
qt6-speech 6.7.1 Qt speech support OK rsync -aqz qt6-speech/
qt6-svg 6.7.1 Classes for displaying the contents of SVG files OK rsync -aqz qt6-svg/
qt6-tools 6.7.1 A cross-platform application and UI framework (De… OK rsync -aqz qt6-tools/
qt6-translations 6.7.1 A cross-platform application and UI framework (Tr… OK rsync -aqz qt6-translations/
qt6-virtualkeyboard 6.7.1 Virtual keyboard framework OK rsync -aqz qt6-virtualkeyboard/
qt6-wayland 6.7.1 Provides APIs for Wayland OK rsync -aqz qt6-wayland/
qt6-webchannel 6.7.1 Provides access to QObject or QML objects from HT… OK rsync -aqz qt6-webchannel/
qt6-webengine 6.7.1 Provides support for web applications using the C… OK rsync -aqz qt6-webengine/
qt6-websockets 6.7.1 Provides WebSocket communication compliant with R… OK rsync -aqz qt6-websockets/
qt6-webview 6.7.1 Lets you display web content inside a QML applica… OK rsync -aqz qt6-webview/
qtwebengine 5.15.17 The Qt WebEngine module provides a web browser en… OK rsync -aqz qtwebengine/
quota 4.09 Tools for the Linux quota system OK rsync -aqz quota/
rdfind 1.6.0 find duplicate files utility OK rsync -aqz rdfind/
re2 2024-05-01 Fast, safe, thread-friendly regular expression en… OK rsync -aqz re2/
reiserfsprogs 3.6.27 Filesystem utilities for ReiserFS OK rsync -aqz reiserfsprogs/
robin-hood-hashing 3.11.5 Fast & memory efficient hashtable based on robin … OK rsync -aqz robin-hood-hashing/
rpcbind 1.2.6 Server that converts RPC program numbers into uni… OK rsync -aqz rpcbind/
rpcsvc-proto 1.4.4 rpcsvc proto.x files from glibc OK rsync -aqz rpcsvc-proto/
rsyslog 8.2404.0 The rocket-fast system for log processing OK rsync -aqz rsyslog/
ruby 3.3.1 Ruby interpreter OK rsync -aqz ruby/
ruby-doc 3.3.1 Data files for the ri documentation system of Ruby WARN rsync -aqz ruby-doc/
ruby-gdbm 2.1.0 Ruby bindings for GNU dbm OK rsync -aqz ruby-gdbm/
ruby-mini_portile2 2.8.5 Simplistic port-like solution for developers. OK rsync -aqz ruby-mini_portile2/
ruby-mysql 0.5.5 Ruby bindings for MySQL OK rsync -aqz ruby-mysql/
ruby-ncurses 1.4.11 Ruby bindings for the ncurses library INFO rsync -aqz ruby-ncurses/
ruby-sqlite3 2.0.1 Ruby bindings for SQLite3 WARN rsync -aqz ruby-sqlite3/
rust 1.78.0 The Rust language with Cargo included. OK rsync -aqz rust/
rust-bindgen 0.69.4 Automatically generates Rust FFI bindings to C (a… OK rsync -aqz rust-bindgen/
samba 4.20.1 SMB server and client for unix OK rsync -aqz samba/
sane 1.3.1 Scanner Access Now Easy - Scanner driver for Linux OK rsync -aqz sane/
sc 7.16 Curses based spreadsheet with vi key-bindings OK rsync -aqz sc/
scite 5.5.0 Editor based on the Scintilla editing component OK rsync -aqz scite/
screen 4.9.1 A screen manager with VT100/ANSI terminal emulati… OK rsync -aqz screen/
shared-mime-info 2.4 Core database of common types OK rsync -aqz shared-mime-info/
sitecopy 0.16.6 Utility for maintaining remote web sites via FTP … OK rsync -aqz sitecopy/
slim 1.4.0 Simple Login Manager INFO rsync -aqz slim/
smartmontools 7.4 Utilities to control and monitor S.M.A.R.T. hard … OK rsync -aqz smartmontools/
snappy 1.2.1 A fast compressor/decompressor library OK rsync -aqz snappy/
socat SOcket CAT - netcat-like utility with many enhanc… OK rsync -aqz socat/
spamprobe 1.4d Spam detection program that uses Bayesian analysis OK rsync -aqz spamprobe/
spectrwm 3.5.1 Minimalistic tiling window manager OK rsync -aqz spectrwm/
speexdsp 1.2.1 DSP library derived from speex OK rsync -aqz speexdsp/
spirv-headers Header files from the SPIR-V registry OK rsync -aqz spirv-headers/
spirv-llvm-translator 18.1.0 A tool and a library for bi-directional translati… OK rsync -aqz spirv-llvm-translator/
spirv-tools API and commands for processing SPIR-V modules OK rsync -aqz spirv-tools/
squid 6.9 A full-featured web proxy cache OK rsync -aqz squid/
sshfs-fuse 3.7.4a Remote filesystem in userspace using SSH OK rsync -aqz sshfs-fuse/
startup-notification 0.12 Startup notification library. OK rsync -aqz startup-notification/
stfl 0.24 Library which implements a curses-based widget se… OK rsync -aqz stfl/
strace 6.9 SysTem call tracing utility (like trace, truss, e… OK rsync -aqz strace/
stunnel 5.72 Stunnel wraps normal socket connections with SSL/… OK rsync -aqz stunnel/
swig 4.2.1 A tool to create language bindings OK rsync -aqz swig/
sylpheed 3.8.0beta1 GTK+ email client and news reader OK rsync -aqz sylpheed/
syslinux 6.03 Collection of boot loaders for the Linux operatin… WARN rsync -aqz syslinux/
talloc 2.4.2 Hierarchical, reference counted memory pool syste… OK rsync -aqz talloc/
task 3.0.2 Powerful task manager for the command-line OK rsync -aqz task/
tcpdump 4.99.4 Network sniffer with command line interface OK rsync -aqz tcpdump/
tcsh 6.24.12 Enhanced version of the Berkeley C shell (csh) OK rsync -aqz tcsh/
tdb 1.4.10 Trivial DataBase similar to gdbm OK rsync -aqz tdb/
tevent 0.16.1 Event library based on talloc OK rsync -aqz tevent/
texinfo 7.1 GNU documentation system for on-line information … OK rsync -aqz texinfo/
thunderbird-bin 115.11.0 Mozilla Thunderbird binary version OK rsync -aqz thunderbird-bin/
tmux 3.4 Terminal multiplexer like screen OK rsync -aqz tmux/
transmission 4.0.5 BitTorrent client/daemon with command-line and we… OK rsync -aqz transmission/
transmission-qt 4.0.5 BitTorrent client with qt6 user interface OK rsync -aqz transmission-qt/
tree-sitter 0.22.6 An incremental parsing system for programming too… OK rsync -aqz tree-sitter/
tree-sitter-cli 0.22.6 CLI tool for tree-sitter OK rsync -aqz tree-sitter-cli/
unbound 1.20.0 Validating, recursive, and caching DNS resolver OK rsync -aqz unbound/
unifdef 2.12 selectively processes conditional C preprocessor … OK rsync -aqz unifdef/
unison 2.53.5 Bi-directional file synchronization tool OK rsync -aqz unison/
unrar 7.0.9 Extracts RAR archives OK rsync -aqz unrar/
unzip 6.0 Decompress utility for zipfiles OK rsync -aqz unzip/
upower 1.90.4 Abstraction for enumerating power devices, listen… OK rsync -aqz upower/
valgrind 3.23.0 A debugging and profiling system for Linux progra… OK rsync -aqz valgrind/
volk Meta loader for Vulkan API OK rsync -aqz volk/
vulkan-headers Vulkan Header files and API registry OK rsync -aqz vulkan-headers/
vulkan-loader Vulkan ICD desktop loader OK rsync -aqz vulkan-loader/
vulkan-tools Vulkan tools OK rsync -aqz vulkan-tools/
vulkan-utility-libraries Utility libraries for Vulkan developers OK rsync -aqz vulkan-utility-libraries/
vulkan-validation-layers Vulkan validation layers OK rsync -aqz vulkan-validation-layers/
webkitgtk 2.44.2 Small, efficient and fast rendering engine for We… OK rsync -aqz webkitgtk/
wget 1.24.5 A network utility for downloading content from th… OK rsync -aqz wget/
wget2 2.1.0 A network utility for downloading content from th… OK rsync -aqz wget2/
whois 5.5.23 A modern whois client OK rsync -aqz whois/
wireless-tools 30.pre9 Tools to configure and manipulate wlan devices OK rsync -aqz wireless-tools/
woff2 1.0.2 Web Open Font Format 2 reference implementation OK rsync -aqz woff2/
wpa_supplicant 2.10 User space IEEE 802.1X/WPA supplicant (wireless c… OK rsync -aqz wpa_supplicant/
xfsprogs 6.8.0 Filesystem utilities for XFS OK rsync -aqz xfsprogs/
xterm 392 Termulator emulator for X Windows INFO rsync -aqz xterm/
yajl 2.1.0 Yet Another JSON Library OK rsync -aqz yajl/
yapo 0.3.2 yapo - Yet Another Ports Overview OK rsync -aqz yapo/
yasm 1.3.0 A complete rewrite of the NASM assembler under th… OK rsync -aqz yasm/
zip 3.0 Compression and file packaging/archive utility OK rsync -aqz zip/
zsh 5.9 Very powerfull shell OK rsync -aqz zsh/