Unofficial CRUX PortDB

Maintainer:camille at airmail dot cc
Type:git (sync file)

Port: Version: Description: Health: Port download command:
arc git Easily create and extract .zip, .tar, .tar.gz, .t… WARN
atool 0.39.0 A script for managing file archives of various ty… WARN
blender 2.80 A fully integrated 3D graphics creation suite. WARN
caddy git Fast, cross-platform HTTP/2 web server with autom… WARN
colorpicker git A small tool for X11 that writes the color value … WARN
cppzmq 4.3.0 C++ binding for 0MQ. WARN
dsp 1.6 An audio processing program with an interactive m… WARN
duo 1.11.1 Login utility and PAM module for Duo Security two… WARN
easytag-gtk2 2.2.6 Utility for viewing and editing tags for MP3, FLA… WARN
elementary-icon-theme 5.1.0 An icon theme designed to be smooth, sexy, clear,… WARN
f2fs-tools 1.13.0 Tools for Flash-Friendly File System. WARN
fish 3.0.2 A smart and user-friendly command line shell for … WARN
getopts 1.1.0 Getopts(1) for fish. WARN
glm C++ mathematics library for 3D software based on … WARN
go 1.14beta1 The Go Programming Language. WARN
golangci-lint git A linters aggregator for Go. WARN
goreturns git A gofmt/goimports-like tool for Go programmers. WARN
graphviz 2.40.1 Graph visualization software. WARN
kepubify git An epub to kepub conversion tool. WARN
libmtp 1.1.15 Library implementation of the Media Transfer Prot… WARN
libopusenc 0.2 High-level API for encoding .opus files. WARN
libsodium 1.0.17 A modern, portable, easy to use crypto library. WARN
libzmq 4.3.1 The ZeroMQ messaging library and tools. WARN
luajit 2.0.5 Just-in-time compiler. WARN
maim 5.5.3 Utility to take a screenshot. WARN
melonbar git A concurrent, hackable bar/panel for X written in… WARN
melonnotifier git A very simple, hackable libnotify notification da… WARN
micro git A modern and intuitive terminal-based text editor. WARN
misspell git Correct commonly misspelled English words... quic… WARN
monero Monero: the secure, private, untraceable currency. ERROR
mpd 0.21.18 Flexible server-side application for playing musi… WARN
mpdas 0.4.5 An AudioScrobbler client for MPD written in C++. WARN
mpv git General Purpose video player based on MPlayer and… WARN
mypass git Deterministic password generator. WARN
n30f 2.0 A dirty hack for displaying shaped windows in X11. WARN
ncmpcpp 0.8.2 An almost exact clone of ncmpc with some new feat… WARN
ocl-icd 2.2.12 OpenCL ICD Bindings. WARN
openbox git Fast, lightweight, standards-compliant window man… WARN
opencl-amd 19.30-855429 OpenCL userspace driver as provided in the amdgpu… WARN
opencolorio 1.1.1 A complete color management solution geared towar… WARN
openimageio A library for reading and writing images, includi… WARN
optipng 0.7.7 Compresses PNG files to a smaller size, without l… WARN
opus-tools 0.2 Collection of tools for Opus audio codec. WARN
opusfile 0.11 Library for opening, seeking, and decoding .opus … WARN
p5-text-aspell 0.09 Perl interface to the GNU Aspell library. WARN
packr2 git A simple solution for bundling static assets insi… WARN
pcf2bdf git Convert X font from Portable Compiled Format to B… WARN
picom git A lightweight compositor for X11. WARN
pkgconf 1.6.3 A system for managing library compile/link flags. WARN
prt git CRUX port utility written in Go, aiming to replac… WARN
punf git Upload files/scrots/URLs to WARN
py3boost 1.69.0 Free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries … WARN
python3-numpy 1.17.2 Scientific tools for Python. WARN
seriesmeta git An epub metadata tool. WARN
setroot 2.0.2 A simple X background setter inspired by imlibset… WARN
shfmt git A tool that formats shell programs. WARN
slop 7.4 Utility to query the user for a selection and pri… WARN
sps git A tool to switch between pre-defined PulseAudio s… WARN
st git Stimple terminal. WARN
sutils git Small command-line utilities. WARN
uthash 2.1.0 C preprocessor implementations of a hash table an… WARN
vivaldi-bin 2.10.1745.23-1 An advanced browser made with the power user in m… WARN
wine 4.17 Implementation of Windows DLL's and core. WARN
winetricks 20190912 Script to install various redistributable runtime… WARN
xsnow 1.42 A small program that produces a snow effect on yo… WARN
xutils git X utilities written in Go. WARN