Unofficial CRUX PortDB

Maintainer:mike at mikejsavage dot co dot uk
Type:httpup (sync file)

Port: Version: Description: Health: Port download command:
bitlbee 3.4 instant messaging via IRC ERROR httpup sync bitlbee
bitlbee-facebook-git git Facebook support for bitlbee ERROR httpup sync bitlbee-facebook-git
dmenu-git git dynamic menu, originally designed for dwm ERROR httpup sync dmenu-git
duplicity 0.7.01 encrypted, bandwidth efficient backup ERROR httpup sync duplicity
dvtm-git git dynamic virtual terminal manager ERROR httpup sync dvtm-git
dwb-git git dynamic web browser ERROR httpup sync dwb-git
dwm-git git dynamic window manager ERROR httpup sync dwm-git
fasd 1.0.1 Command line productivity booster ERROR httpup sync fasd
firefox-esr-bin 38.0.1 ERROR httpup sync firefox-esr-bin
fish-git git fish shell ERROR httpup sync fish-git
fontconfig-infinality 1 config files for infinality freetype OK httpup sync fontconfig-infinality
freetype2-infinality 2.4.12-infinality infinality patchset for freetype ERROR httpup sync freetype2-infinality
glfw 3.1.1 OpenGL helper OK httpup sync glfw
google-talkplugin firefox plugin for Google hangouts OK httpup sync google-talkplugin
gtk-elegant-brit 3.8 Elegant Brit GTK theme OK httpup sync gtk-elegant-brit
ignite-git git a better init system ERROR httpup sync ignite-git
isync 1.2.0 mailbox synchronizer ERROR httpup sync isync
ix 1.0 pastebin CLI client OK httpup sync ix
laptop-mode-tools 1.66 Laptop ACPI tools ERROR httpup sync laptop-mode-tools
lua 5.1.5 A programming language designed for extending app… ERROR httpup sync lua
lua52 5.2.4 A programming language designed for extending app… ERROR httpup sync lua52
lua53 5.3.1 A programming language designed for extending app… ERROR httpup sync lua53
luarocks-51 2.2.2 versioned components for lua. For Lua 5.1 OK httpup sync luarocks-51
luarocks-52 2.2.2 versioned components for lua. For Lua 5.2 OK httpup sync luarocks-52
luarocks-53 2.2.2 versioned components for lua. For Lua 5.3 OK httpup sync luarocks-53
mutt-tokyo-sidebar 1.5.23 text based mail client with tokyocabinet and side… FATAL httpup sync mutt-tokyo-sidebar
ncmpcpp 0.6.1 An almost exact clone of ncmpc with some new feat… ERROR httpup sync ncmpcpp
pacman 4.2.1 Archlinux's package manager OK httpup sync pacman
python-crypto 0 OK httpup sync python-crypto
python-ecdsa 0 OK httpup sync python-ecdsa
python-lockfile 0 OK httpup sync python-lockfile
python-paramiko 0 OK httpup sync python-paramiko
radare2 0.9.8 reverse engineering framework WARN httpup sync radare2
redshift 1.9.1 makes your screen more pleasant to use at night ERROR httpup sync redshift
reop 2.1.0 reasonable expectation of privacy ERROR httpup sync reop
rust-bin 1.1.0 The Rust programming language, binary package ERROR httpup sync rust-bin
slang 2.3.0 library that handles display/screen management, k… WARN httpup sync slang
st-git git simple terminal implementation for X ERROR httpup sync st-git
tinc 1.0.25 a VPN daemon ERROR httpup sync tinc
tokyocabinet-lua 1.10 Lua bindings for Tokyo Cabinet OK httpup sync tokyocabinet-lua
ttf-fantasque 1 Fantasque Sans Mono OK httpup sync ttf-fantasque
ttf-opensans 1 Open Sans TTF font OK httpup sync ttf-opensans
vim-lua 7.4.703 Highly configurable text editor, with Lua support ERROR httpup sync vim-lua
xdotool 2.20110530.1 fake keyboard/mouse input, window management, and… OK httpup sync xdotool