Unofficial CRUX PortDB

Maintainer:jaeger at crux dot ninja
Type:httpup (sync file)

Port: Version: Description: Health: Port download command:
atril 1.26.2 A document viewer for MATE OK httpup sync atril
caja 1.26.3 The file manager for MATE OK httpup sync caja
engrampa 1.26.2 A file archiver for MATE OK httpup sync engrampa
eom 1.26.1 An image viewer for MATE OK httpup sync eom
gtksourceview3 3.24.11 A text widget adding syntax highlighting. OK httpup sync gtksourceview3
gtksourceview4 4.8.4 A text widget adding syntax highlighting OK httpup sync gtksourceview4
gvfs 1.36.0 A userspace virtual filesystem designed to work w… OK httpup sync gvfs
libatasmart 0.19 a lean, small and clean implementation of an ATA … OK httpup sync libatasmart
libgtop 2.38.0 A library to get system-specific data such as CPU… OK httpup sync libgtop
libmatekbd 1.26.1 A fork of libgnomekbd OK httpup sync libmatekbd
libmatemixer 1.26.1 Mixer library for MATE OK httpup sync libmatemixer
libmateweather 1.26.3 A library for accessing weather information from … OK httpup sync libmateweather
libsynctex svn54456 A library for synchronization between TeX files a… OK httpup sync libsynctex
marco 1.26.2 The MATE window manager, a fork of metacity OK httpup sync marco
mate 1.26 MATE Desktop meta-port OK httpup sync mate
mate-applets 1.26.1 Applets for use with the MATE panel OK httpup sync mate-applets
mate-backgrounds 1.26.0 Backgrounds for MATE OK httpup sync mate-backgrounds
mate-calc 1.26.0 Calculator for MATE OK httpup sync mate-calc
mate-common 1.26.0 Common files for MATE applications OK httpup sync mate-common
mate-control-center 1.26.1 MATE control center OK httpup sync mate-control-center
mate-desktop 1.26.1 A library with common API for MATE modules OK httpup sync mate-desktop
mate-icon-theme 1.26.0 Icon theme for MATE OK httpup sync mate-icon-theme
mate-icon-theme-faenza 1.20.0 Faenza icon theme for MATE OK httpup sync mate-icon-theme-faenza
mate-indicator-applet 1.26.0 A small applet to display information from variou… OK httpup sync mate-indicator-applet
mate-media 1.26.2 Media tools for MATE OK httpup sync mate-media
mate-menus 1.26.1 A library that implements the Desktop Menu Specif… OK httpup sync mate-menus
mate-notification-daemon 1.26.1 Notification daemon for MATE OK httpup sync mate-notification-daemon
mate-panel 1.26.4 The MATE panel OK httpup sync mate-panel
mate-polkit 1.26.1 An authentication agent for policykit that integr… OK httpup sync mate-polkit
mate-power-manager 1.26.1 A power manager for MATE OK httpup sync mate-power-manager
mate-screensaver 1.26.2 Screensaver and locker for MATE OK httpup sync mate-screensaver
mate-sensors-applet 1.26.0 Display readings from hardware sensors in the MAT… OK httpup sync mate-sensors-applet
mate-session-manager 1.26.1 MATE session manager and configuration program OK httpup sync mate-session-manager
mate-settings-daemon 1.26.1 A fork of gnome-settings-daemon for MATE OK httpup sync mate-settings-daemon
mate-system-monitor 1.26.3 A fork of gnome-system-monitor for MATE OK httpup sync mate-system-monitor
mate-terminal 1.26.1 The MATE terminal emulator OK httpup sync mate-terminal
mate-themes 3.22.24 MATE themes OK httpup sync mate-themes
mozo 1.26.2 Menu editor for MATE using the me… OK httpup sync mozo
pluma 1.26.1 A powerful text editor for MATE OK httpup sync pluma