Unofficial CRUX PortDB

Maintainer:jue at jue dot li
Type:httpup (sync file)

Port: Version: Description: Health: Port download command:
acct 6.6.2 login and process accounting utilities OK httpup sync acct
aspell-de 20030222-1 German dictionary for aspell OK httpup sync aspell-de
atop 2.10.0 Enhanced system & process monitor like top OK httpup sync atop
cgi-fcgi 2.4.1 Bridge from CGI to FastCGI OK httpup sync cgi-fcgi
ifplugd 0.28 Linux daemon to configure the ethernet device whe… OK httpup sync ifplugd
ledger 3.3.2 Command-line accounting tool OK httpup sync ledger
mawk 1.3.4-20230404 AWK interpreter OK httpup sync mawk
nouveau-firmware 340.32 Kernel and mesa firmware for nouveau WARN httpup sync nouveau-firmware
pigz 2.4 A parallel implementation of gzip and gunzip OK httpup sync pigz
powertop 2.13 Tool used to diagnose issues with power consumpti… OK httpup sync powertop
recode 3.7.14 recode converts files between character sets and … OK httpup sync recode
sqlitebrowser 3.12.2 Database browser for SQLite OK httpup sync sqlitebrowser
xorg-font-smooth 1.1 Nice, readable 6x13 bitmap font OK httpup sync xorg-font-smooth