Unofficial CRUX PortDB

Maintainer:joacim at joac dot im
Type:httpup (sync file)

Port: Version: Description: Health: Port download command:
aspell-nb 0.50.1-0 Norwegian bokmaal dictionary for aspell OK httpup sync aspell-nb
aspell-nn 0.50.1-1 Norwegian nynorsk dictionary for aspell OK httpup sync aspell-nn
autocutsel 0.10.0 autocutsel syncronises the cutbuffer and clipboard OK httpup sync autocutsel
gzdoom 4.3.3 Port of ZDoom with an OpenGL renderer OK httpup sync gzdoom
libqalculate 3.21.0 Library and CLI tools for Qalculate! OK httpup sync libqalculate
mkpasswd 0.05 Random password generator. WARN httpup sync mkpasswd
mktorrent 1.1 BitTorrent metainfo file generator OK httpup sync mktorrent
netatalk 3.1.12 Netatalk is a freely-available Open Source AFP fi… INFO httpup sync netatalk
obmenu 1.0 A menu editor designed for openbox. OK httpup sync obmenu
quakespasm 0.93.2 A modern engine for Quake. OK httpup sync quakespasm
swapd 1.0.5 Swapd is a swap daemon for POSIX-compliant operat… OK httpup sync swapd
tremc 0.9.3 A console client for the BitTorrent client Transm… OK httpup sync tremc
yamagi-quake2 7.45 An alternative and improved client for id Softwar… OK httpup sync yamagi-quake2