Unofficial CRUX PortDB

Maintainer:jmcquah at disroot dot org
Type:httpup (sync file)

Port: Version: Description: Health: Port download command:
arpack 3.9.1 Fortran77 subroutines for solving large scale eig… OK httpup sync arpack
bemenu 0.6.21 dynamic menu library and client program inspired … OK httpup sync bemenu
bogofilter 1.2.5 implements Bayesian technique for spammy email cl… OK httpup sync bogofilter
cagebreak 2.3.1 tiling wayland window manager similar to ratpoison OK httpup sync cagebreak
catgirl 2.2 TLS-only IRC client OK httpup sync catgirl
deadbeef 1.9.6 GTK audio player OK httpup sync deadbeef
deadbeef-alarm 0.1 plugin to let DeaDBeeF serve as an alarm clock OK httpup sync deadbeef-alarm
dreamchess 0.3.0 OpenGL chess interface with support for various e… OK httpup sync dreamchess
epiphany 45.2 A GNOME web browser based on the WebKit rendering… OK httpup sync epiphany
fortune-mod 3.8.0 display a random quotation from a database OK httpup sync fortune-mod
fortune-mod-de 0.34 collection of German fortune cookie files OK httpup sync fortune-mod-de
freepats 20060219 free patch set for software synthesizers OK httpup sync freepats
highway 1.1.0 C++ library that provides portable SIMD/vector in… OK httpup sync highway
imv 4.5.0 fast, lightweight image viewer for wayland and X11 OK httpup sync imv
jp2a 1.0.7 JPEG to ASCII art converter OK httpup sync jp2a
kitty 0.31.0 GPU-accelerated terminal emulator written in Go OK httpup sync kitty
labwc 0.7.1 stacking wayland window manager, supporting openb… OK httpup sync labwc
lagrange 1.17.6 graphical gemini browser using SDL OK httpup sync lagrange
lbreakouthd 1.1.8 game where you must aim a bouncing ball to clear … OK httpup sync lbreakouthd
libdispatch 5.5.3 grand central dispatch, from swift corelibs OK httpup sync libdispatch
libfixposix 0.4.3 thin wrapper over POSIX syscalls OK httpup sync libfixposix
libfreeimage-lite 3.18 library for multiple image formats OK httpup sync libfreeimage-lite
libjxl 0.10.1 codec for the JPEG XL image format OK httpup sync libjxl
libreoffice-bin 7.6.4 minimalist binary installation of the powerful of… OK httpup sync libreoffice-bin
libretls 3.8.1 library for secure communications using certifica… OK httpup sync libretls
librsync 2.3.4 remote delta-compression library OK httpup sync librsync
ltris 1.3 the classic game with falling tetrominoes OK httpup sync ltris
maelstrom 3.0.7 navigate a spaceship through an asteroid field wi… OK httpup sync maelstrom
mblaze 1.2 suite of command-line tools for working with mail… OK httpup sync mblaze
ncdu 2.3 disk usage analyzer, rewritten in Zig OK httpup sync ncdu
nyxt 3.11.6 keyboard-centric, extensible web browser OK httpup sync nyxt
octave 8.4.0 high-level programming language for scientific co… OK httpup sync octave
oksh 7.5 portable Korn shell from OpenBSD OK httpup sync oksh
portaudio-cpp 19.8.0 C++ bindings for PortAudio OK httpup sync portaudio-cpp
prboom-plus 2.6.66 classic first-person shooter with demons and ghou… OK httpup sync prboom-plus
python3-agate 1.10.2 python data analysis library, optimized for human… OK httpup sync python3-agate
python3-agate-dbf 0.2.3 hooks for accessing DBF files in python3-agate WARN httpup sync python3-agate-dbf
python3-agate-excel 0.4.1 hooks for working with Excel files in python3-aga… WARN httpup sync python3-agate-excel
python3-agate-sql 0.7.2 hooks for performing structured queries in python… WARN httpup sync python3-agate-sql
python3-csvkit 1.5.0 utilities for converting to and working with CSV,… OK httpup sync python3-csvkit
python3-dbfread 2.0.7 python module for opening DBF files OK httpup sync python3-dbfread
python3-et_xmlfile 1.1 python module for creating large XML files OK httpup sync python3-et_xmlfile
python3-leather 0.4.0 python module for making quick charts OK httpup sync python3-leather
python3-olefile 0.47 python module for opening Microsoft OLE2 files OK httpup sync python3-olefile
python3-openpyxl 3.1.2 python module for reading post-2010 Excel files OK httpup sync python3-openpyxl
python3-pyicu 2.13.1 python wrapper for the ICU C++ libraries OK httpup sync python3-pyicu
python3-pytimeparse 1.1.8 small python library for parsing time expressions OK httpup sync python3-pytimeparse
python3-slugify 8.0.4 python library for making slugs out of arbitrary … OK httpup sync python3-slugify
python3-xlrd 2.0.1 python module for reading pre-2010 Excel files OK httpup sync python3-xlrd
recode 3.7.14 converts files between various character sets and… OK httpup sync recode
sbcl 2.4.4 Steel Bank Common Lisp OK httpup sync sbcl
sfwbar 1.0_beta14 taskbar designed for stacking Wayland compositors OK httpup sync sfwbar
tagutil 3.1 command-line tool for editing audio file tags OK httpup sync tagutil
texlive-base 20230313 smallish TeX distribution, including luatex suppo… OK httpup sync texlive-base
webkitgtk-41 2.42.5 Rendering engine for web browsers, built against … OK httpup sync webkitgtk-41
wezterm 20240203-110809-5046fc22 fancy terminal emulator for xorg and wayland OK httpup sync wezterm
wf-recorder 0.4.1 screen recording app for the wayland desktop OK httpup sync wf-recorder
wildmidi 0.4.6 CLI software synthesizer OK httpup sync wildmidi
xclock 1.1.1 simple clock for Xorg OK httpup sync xclock
xournalpp 1.2.2 notetaking and PDF annotation software OK httpup sync xournalpp
xxhash 0.8.2 extremely fast, noncryptographic hash algorithm OK httpup sync xxhash
zathura-pdf-poppler 0.3.2 adds PDF support to zathura by using the poppler … OK httpup sync zathura-pdf-poppler
zathura-ps 0.2.7 adds PS support to zathura OK httpup sync zathura-ps