Unofficial CRUX PortDB

Maintainer:jaeger at crux dot ninja
Type:rsync (sync file)

Port: Version: Description: Health: Port download command:
dcadec 0.2.0 DTS Coherent Acoustics decoder with support for H… OK rsync -aqz dcadec/
ftgl 2.4.0 a free cross-platform Open Source C++ library tha… OK rsync -aqz ftgl/
intel-ucode 20231114 This microcode data file contains the latest micr… OK rsync -aqz intel-ucode/
kodi-peripheral-joystick 1.4.7 Kodi joystick support (drivers and button maps) OK rsync -aqz kodi-peripheral-joystick/
kodi-platform 36fb493 Kodi platform support library OK rsync -aqz kodi-platform/
kodi-visualization-projectm 20.2.0-Nexus ProjectM visualizer for Kodi OK rsync -aqz kodi-visualization-projectm/
libprojectm 3.1.12 The most advanced open-source music visualize OK rsync -aqz libprojectm/
mingetty 1.08 A small Linux console getty OK rsync -aqz mingetty/
p8-platform Platform support library used by libCEC and binar… OK rsync -aqz p8-platform/
tightvnc-viewer 1.3.10 A free remote control software package derived fr… OK rsync -aqz tightvnc-viewer/