Unofficial CRUX PortDB

Maintainer:crux at eckner dot net
Type:httpup (sync file)

Port: Version: Description: Health: Port download command:
alpine 2.26.r17.15f0c31 Apache licensed PINE mail user agent OK httpup sync alpine
audacity 3.0.5 Audio recording and editing program ERROR httpup sync audacity
avr-binutils 2.40 A set of programs to assemble and manipulate bina… OK httpup sync avr-binutils
avrdude 7.0 Download/upload/manipulate the ROM and EEPROM con… OK httpup sync avrdude
barcode 0.99 Convert text strings to printed bars. ERROR httpup sync barcode
bareos-filedaemon 22.1.0 Backup Archiving REcovery Open Sourced - client. OK httpup sync bareos-filedaemon
bash-completion-extras 0.2 some additional completions for bash OK httpup sync bash-completion-extras
bash-git-prompt 1.2.2 nice, git-aware prompt for bash OK httpup sync bash-git-prompt
bindfs 1.17.3 A FUSE filesystem for mirroring a directory to an… OK httpup sync bindfs
boinc-client 7.22.2 The BOINC client and core software for distribute… OK httpup sync boinc-client
ccid 1.5.1 A generic USB Chip/Smart Card Interface Devices d… OK httpup sync ccid
cdrdao 1.2.4 CD recording in DAO mode, for example VCDs. OK httpup sync cdrdao
cgal 5.6.1 Computational Geometry Algorithms Library INFO httpup sync cgal
check-kernel 0.5.12 Check if the installed kernel is currently runnin… OK httpup sync check-kernel
conky 1.19.2 Light-weight system monitor OK httpup sync conky
crypt-expiry-check 4.4.3 Surveilance of expiry of gpg-keys and X.509 certi… OK httpup sync crypt-expiry-check
cryptfs-daemon 0.6 init script to mount crypted filesystems after th… OK httpup sync cryptfs-daemon
cssh 0.r113.7763db3 Parallel ssh client written in C OK httpup sync cssh
dblatex 0.3.11 Converts DocBook to LaTeX, DVI, PostScript, and P… OK httpup sync dblatex
dbmodel 0.3.r129.6045f9a3c465 visualize a database OK httpup sync dbmodel
dd-resume 0.3 resumably copy with dd via network OK httpup sync dd-resume
dhex 0.69 Ncurses hex editor that can show differences OK httpup sync dhex
digest-mailer 0.3 Sendmail replacement collecting emails into diges… OK httpup sync digest-mailer
dvdbackup 0.4.2 Tool to rip video DVDs from the command line OK httpup sync dvdbackup
eagle 7.7.0 Easily Applicable Graphical Layout Editor OK httpup sync eagle
eigen 3.4.0 C++ template library for linear algebra OK httpup sync eigen
enblend-enfuse 4.2 Enblend combines images with smaller overlap into… OK httpup sync enblend-enfuse
espeak-ng 1.51.1 Multi-lingual software speech synthesizer OK httpup sync espeak-ng
even-more-utils 0.2 utilities which are even missing from moreutils OK httpup sync even-more-utils
ewemake 1.2.3 somewhat more powerfull alternative to 'make' OK httpup sync ewemake
falsisign 0.0.0 Virtually print, sign and scan documents. WARN httpup sync falsisign
fox 1.6.57 FOX Toolkit, a nice GUI C++ toolkit OK httpup sync fox
fpc 3.2.2 A Free Pascal compiler. WARN httpup sync fpc
fpc-cross 3.2.2 A Free Pascal compiler. OK httpup sync fpc-cross
fpc-src 3.2.2 Sources for the FreePascal compiler (required by … OK httpup sync fpc-src
fpc-src-ewetools 0.2.2 fpc sources of some useful tools OK httpup sync fpc-src-ewetools
gcc 12.3.0 The GNU Compiler Collection OK httpup sync gcc
gdl 3.40.0 GNOME Docking Library OK httpup sync gdl
gengetopt 2.22.6 tool to write command line option parsing code fo… OK httpup sync gengetopt
gensort 1.5 Generate input records for the sort benchmarks pr… OK httpup sync gensort
gimp-nufraw 0.42 Converter for raw files; utility and GIMP plugin ERROR httpup sync gimp-nufraw
gitstats 294.55c5c28 A statistics generator for git repositories. OK httpup sync gitstats
gsfonts 20180524 (URW)++ Core Font Set [Level 2] OK httpup sync gsfonts
gtkimageview 1.6.4 Simple image viewer widget for GTK2 OK httpup sync gtkimageview
guile 2.2.7 Guile is an interpreter and compiler for the Sche… WARN httpup sync guile
hardlinkedBackups 2.1 Generate hardlinked incremental backups via rsync… OK httpup sync hardlinkedBackups
hashcash 1.22 email anti-spam via proof-of-work. OK httpup sync hashcash
hdf5 1.10.5 A general purpose library and file format for sto… OK httpup sync hdf5
hugin 2022.0.0 Panorama photo stitcher OK httpup sync hugin
hyperrogue 12.1q You are a lone outsider in a strange, non-Euclide… OK httpup sync hyperrogue
hyphen-de 20060120 German hyphenation rules OK httpup sync hyphen-de
icon-naming-utils 0.8.90 tango icon theme OK httpup sync icon-naming-utils
ii 2.0 A minimalist FIFO and filesystem-based IRC client OK httpup sync ii
intel-ucode 20230613 Microcode update for Intel CPUs OK httpup sync intel-ucode
iotop 0.6 Top like program to display I/O load. OK httpup sync iotop
jamulus 3.9.1 Internet jam session software. OK httpup sync jamulus
jbigkit 2.1 An implementation of the JBIG1 compression standa… OK httpup sync jbigkit
jmtpfs 0.5 FUSE and libmtp based filesystem for accessing MT… OK httpup sync jmtpfs
journalctl 253.7 journalctl from systemd OK httpup sync journalctl
knockd-ipv6-git 0.7.8.r19.ac5b0dc Latest upstream version of knockd with added IPv6… OK httpup sync knockd-ipv6-git
lazarus 2.2.6 Delphi-like IDE for fpc. WARN httpup sync lazarus
libftdi 1.5 A library to talk to FTDI chips, optional python … OK httpup sync libftdi
libircclient 1.10 Small fast portable c library for writing irc cli… OK httpup sync libircclient
libmtp 1.1.18 An implementation of MTP. OK httpup sync libmtp
libotr 4.1.1 portable OTR Messaging Library OK httpup sync libotr
libpano13 2.9.20 Basic library to calculate panoramical pictures -… OK httpup sync libpano13
libquicktime 1.2.4 A library based on quicktime4linux with extension… OK httpup sync libquicktime
libreoffice-bin 7.5.0 a powerful office suite, compiled upstream OK httpup sync libreoffice-bin
libunistring 1.1 Manipulate unicode and C strings according to the… OK httpup sync libunistring
lilypond 2.25.6 Music notation for everyone. OK httpup sync lilypond
logwatch 7.5.6 A tool to summarize log file entries OK httpup sync logwatch
logwatch-extra 0.9.1 extra-capabilities for logwatch: better cron-fron… OK httpup sync logwatch-extra
lz4 1.9.4 extremely fast compression algorithm OK httpup sync lz4
makekernel 0.9.1 Small script to compile linux kernel. OK httpup sync makekernel
mark-as-expendable-dir 0.2 create CACHEDIR.TAG and .rsync-filter files OK httpup sync mark-as-expendable-dir
moreutils 0.67 A growing collection of the unix tools that nobod… OK httpup sync moreutils
mounted 0.1 Wrapper for use by conky to show mounted partitio… OK httpup sync mounted
netpbm 10.73.32 A toolkit for manipulation of graphic images. OK httpup sync netpbm
offlineimap 7.3.4 offlineimap - sync a Maildir with an IMAP server OK httpup sync offlineimap
opencsg 1.5.1 library for image-based CSG rendering using OpenGL OK httpup sync opencsg
openscad 2021.01 Programmers Solid 3D CAD Modeller WARN httpup sync openscad
openttd-git 31959.9d13213c6 A FOSS clone of Transport Tycoon Deluxe. WARN httpup sync openttd-git
p5-date-manip 6.92 Date manipulation routines OK httpup sync p5-date-manip
p5-image-exiftool 12.60 Read and write meta information OK httpup sync p5-image-exiftool
p5-sys-info 0.7811 Perl module to extract and collect information fr… OK httpup sync p5-sys-info
p5-sys-info-base 0.7807 Perl module to extract and collect information fr… OK httpup sync p5-sys-info-base
p5-sys-info-driver-linux 0.7905 Perl module to extract and collect information fr… OK httpup sync p5-sys-info-driver-linux
p5-sys-info-driver-unknown 0.79 Perl module to extract and collect information fr… OK httpup sync p5-sys-info-driver-unknown
p5-sys-meminfo 0.99 query the total free and used physical memory OK httpup sync p5-sys-meminfo
p5-unix-processors 2.046 Interface to processor (CPU) information OK httpup sync p5-unix-processors
p5-xml-simple 2.25 Perl module to easily read/write XML. OK httpup sync p5-xml-simple
pacman 5.2.1 A library-based package manager with dependency s… ERROR httpup sync pacman
pacutils 0.9.0 Helper tools for libalpm OK httpup sync pacutils
pass 1.7.3 Standard unix password manager OK httpup sync pass
passwort-tresor 0.7.1 Wrapper for pass to retrieve and generate passwor… OK httpup sync passwort-tresor
pax-utils 1.3.6 ELF utils that can check files for security relev… OK httpup sync pax-utils
pbzip2 1.1.13 A parallel implementation of bzip2 OK httpup sync pbzip2
pcsc-lite 1.9.9 Middleware to access a smart card using SCard API… OK httpup sync pcsc-lite
pidgin 2.14.12 multi-protocol instant messaging client. OK httpup sync pidgin
pidgin-otr 4.0.2 off-the-record encryption for pidgin OK httpup sync pidgin-otr
pigz 2.7 A parallel implementation of gzip and gunzip OK httpup sync pigz
procmail 3.22 Highly configurable auto mail processing OK httpup sync procmail
purple-plugin-pack 2.8.0 community maintained plugins for pidgin OK httpup sync purple-plugin-pack
python-rfc6555 0.1.0 Python implementation of the Happy Eyeballs Algor… OK httpup sync python-rfc6555
python-selectors2 2.0.2 Backported, durable, and portable selectors desig… OK httpup sync python-selectors2
python3-conan 1.38.0 A distributed, open source, C/C++ package manager OK httpup sync python3-conan
python3-node-semver 0.8.0 python version of node-semver OK httpup sync python3-node-semver
python3-patch-ng 1.17.4 Library to parse and apply unified diffs forked f… OK httpup sync python3-patch-ng
python3-pyelftools 0.29 Python library for analyzing ELF files and DWARF … WARN httpup sync python3-pyelftools
python3-semver 2.13.0 Python helper for Semantic Versioning OK httpup sync python3-semver
python3-tqdm 4.61.2 Fast, Extensible Progress Meter OK httpup sync python3-tqdm
qscintilla-qt5 2.14.1 a port to Qt of the editing component scintilla OK httpup sync qscintilla-qt5
runjobsparallel 0.3.3 skript for dcron to run daily/weekly/monthly-scri… OK httpup sync runjobsparallel
rxvt-unicode 9.22 rxvt fork with unicode and xft support OK httpup sync rxvt-unicode
scanmem 0.17 debugging utility designed to isolate the address… OK httpup sync scanmem
scribus 1.5.7 Desktop publishing software ERROR httpup sync scribus
sendmailadvanced 1.8.0 Wrapper for sendmail, which generates stamps and … OK httpup sync sendmailadvanced
shntool 3.0.10 A multi-purpose WAVE data processing and reportin… OK httpup sync shntool
shutdownasap 1.0.8 simple script for shutdown waiting for certain pr… OK httpup sync shutdownasap
sl 5.02 SL (Steam Locomotive) runs across your terminal w… OK httpup sync sl
sox 14.4.2 Audio processing on the console, aka "SOund eXcha… OK httpup sync sox
szip 2.1.1 Compression software, providing lossless compress… OK httpup sync szip
t1utils 1.41 Command-line tools for dealing with Type 1 fonts. OK httpup sync t1utils
tex-gyre-fonts 2.501 Substitute PostScript fonts in OpenType format OK httpup sync tex-gyre-fonts
texinfo 7.0.3 GNU documentation system for on-line information … OK httpup sync texinfo
tinc 1.1pre18 VPN (Virtual Private Network) daemon ERROR httpup sync tinc
topal 82 Topal is a glue program that links GnuPG and Alpi… OK httpup sync topal
traceroute 2.1.0 Tracks the route taken by packets over an IP netw… ERROR httpup sync traceroute
update-all 0.8.6 Simple script for installing updated packages OK httpup sync update-all
update-ddns 0.3.3 script to update's ddns entrie… OK httpup sync update-ddns
vigra 1.11.1 Computer vision library OK httpup sync vigra
wurzel-all 0.1 Wurzel Meta-Klasse fuer LaTeX OK httpup sync wurzel-all
wurzel-misc 0.3 Wurzel Dateien fuer LaTeX (diverses) OK httpup sync wurzel-misc
wurzel-mp 0.4 Wurzel Klasse fuer Metapost OK httpup sync wurzel-mp
wurzel-style 2008.5 Wurzel Klasse fuer LaTeX OK httpup sync wurzel-style
wurzel-xml 0.1 Wurzel Interface fuer XML fuer LaTeX OK httpup sync wurzel-xml
xfe 1.45 X File Explorer (Xfe) is an MS-Explorer or Comman… OK httpup sync xfe
xmedcon 0.23.0 an open source toolkit for medical image conversi… OK httpup sync xmedcon
xorg-xcalc 1.1.0 Scientific calculator for X OK httpup sync xorg-xcalc
zoom 5.6.4 Video Conferencing and Web Conferencing Service OK httpup sync zoom