Unofficial CRUX PortDB

Maintainer:compat-32-ports at crux dot nu
Type:rsync (sync file)

Port: Version: Description: Health: Port download command:
alsa-lib-32 1.2.11 ALSA libraries OK rsync -aqz alsa-lib-32/
alsa-plugins-32 ALSA Plugins contains plugins for various audio l… OK rsync -aqz alsa-plugins-32/
at-spi2-core-32 2.52.0 Protocol definitions and daemon for D-Bus at-spi OK rsync -aqz at-spi2-core-32/
attr-32 2.5.2 Extented attributes library OK rsync -aqz attr-32/
avahi-32 0.8 A system which facilitates service discovery on a… OK rsync -aqz avahi-32/
brotli-32 1.1.0 Brotli compression library OK rsync -aqz brotli-32/
bzip2-32 1.0.8 Very high-quality data compression program OK rsync -aqz bzip2-32/
cairo-32 1.18.0 A 2D graphics library with support for multiple o… OK rsync -aqz cairo-32/
cdparanoia-32 10.2 CDDA extraction tool with jitter correction OK rsync -aqz cdparanoia-32/
cups-32 2.4.8 CUPS - Common UNIX Printing System OK rsync -aqz cups-32/
curl-32 8.8.0 A tool for transfering files with URL syntax OK rsync -aqz curl-32/
db-32 5.3.28 Berkeley DB OK rsync -aqz db-32/
dbus-32 1.14.10 A message bus system INFO rsync -aqz dbus-32/
dbus-glib-32 0.112 D-Bus GLib bindings OK rsync -aqz dbus-glib-32/
elfutils-32 0.191 A collection of utilities to handle ELF objects. OK rsync -aqz elfutils-32/
eudev-32 3.2.14 Userspace device management daemon OK rsync -aqz eudev-32/
expat-32 2.6.2 A fast, non-validating, stream-oriented XML parsi… OK rsync -aqz expat-32/
faudio-32 24.05 XAudio2 reimplementation OK rsync -aqz faudio-32/
flac-32 1.4.3 Free Lossless Audio Codec. OK rsync -aqz flac-32/
fontconfig-32 2.15.0 A library for configuring and customizing font ac… OK rsync -aqz fontconfig-32/
freeglut-32 3.4.0 a free alternative to the OpenGL Utility Toolkit … OK rsync -aqz freeglut-32/
freetype-32 2.13.2 A free and portable TrueType font rendering engine OK rsync -aqz freetype-32/
fribidi-32 1.0.14 Unicode Bidirectional (BiDi) Algorithm. OK rsync -aqz fribidi-32/
gdbm-32 1.23 GNU database library for C OK rsync -aqz gdbm-32/
gdk-pixbuf-32 2.42.12 An image loading library for GTK+ OK rsync -aqz gdk-pixbuf-32/
glew-32 2.2.0 The OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library. OK rsync -aqz glew-32/
glib-32 2.80.2 Low-level data structure handling, portability wr… OK rsync -aqz glib-32/
glu-32 9.0.3 Mesa OpenGL Utility library OK rsync -aqz glu-32/
gnutls-32 3.8.5 A library that provides a secure layer over a rel… OK rsync -aqz gnutls-32/
graphene-32 1.10.8 A thin layer of graphic data types OK rsync -aqz graphene-32/
gst-plugins-base-32 1.24.3 An essential exemplary set of plugins for gstream… OK rsync -aqz gst-plugins-base-32/
gstreamer-32 1.24.3 Gstreamer is a library that allows the constructi… OK rsync -aqz gstreamer-32/
gtk-32 2.24.33 A multi-platform toolkit for creating graphical u… OK rsync -aqz gtk-32/
harfbuzz-32 8.5.0 An OpenType text shaping engine OK rsync -aqz harfbuzz-32/
icu-32 74.2 Widely used set of C/C++ libraries providing Unic… OK rsync -aqz icu-32/
imlib2-32 1.12.2 A fast image manipulation library OK rsync -aqz imlib2-32/
jansson-32 2.14 C library for encoding, decoding and manipulating… OK rsync -aqz jansson-32/
jq-32 1.7.1 Lightweight and flexible command-line JSON proces… OK rsync -aqz jq-32/
kmod-32 32 Kernel module utilities and library OK rsync -aqz kmod-32/
lcms2-32 2.16 Little CMS intends to be an small-footprint color… OK rsync -aqz lcms2-32/
libappindicator-gtk2-32 12.10 Allow applications to extend a menu via Ayatana i… OK rsync -aqz libappindicator-gtk2-32/
libappindicator-sharp-32 12.10 Allow applications to extend a menu via Ayatana i… OK rsync -aqz libappindicator-sharp-32/
libcaca-32 0.99.beta20 Color AsCii Art library (32-bit) OK rsync -aqz libcaca-32/
libcanberra-32 0.30 A small and lightweight implementation of the XDG… OK rsync -aqz libcanberra-32/
libcap-32 2.70 POSIX.1e capabilities library OK rsync -aqz libcap-32/
libdaemon-32 0.14 a lightweight C library that eases the writing of… OK rsync -aqz libdaemon-32/
libdbusmenu-glib-32 18.10 Library for passing menus over DBus - Common File… OK rsync -aqz libdbusmenu-glib-32/
libdbusmenu-gtk2-32 18.10 Library for passing menus over DBus - Common Files OK rsync -aqz libdbusmenu-gtk2-32/
libdrm-32 2.4.120 Userspace interface to kernel DRM services OK rsync -aqz libdrm-32/
libevent-32 2.1.12 Event notification library OK rsync -aqz libevent-32/
libffi-32 3.4.6 Portable Foreign Function Interface Library OK rsync -aqz libffi-32/
libgcrypt-32 1.10.3 A general purpose cryptographic library based on … OK rsync -aqz libgcrypt-32/
libglvnd-32 1.7.0 The GL Vendor-Neutral Dispatch library OK rsync -aqz libglvnd-32/
libgmp-32 6.3.0 Free library for arbitrary precision arithmetic OK rsync -aqz libgmp-32/
libgpg-error-32 1.49 A small library defining error values for GnuPG c… OK rsync -aqz libgpg-error-32/
libgudev-32 238 GObject bindings for libudev OK rsync -aqz libgudev-32/
libidn-32 1.42 Provides support for IETF Internationalized Domai… OK rsync -aqz libidn-32/
libidn133-32 1.33 Provides support for IETF Internationalized Domai… OK rsync -aqz libidn133-32/
libidn2-32 2.3.7 Provides support for IETF Internationalized Domai… OK rsync -aqz libidn2-32/
libindicator-gtk2-32 16.10.0 Set of symbols and convenience functions for Ayat… OK rsync -aqz libindicator-gtk2-32/
libinput-32 1.25.0 A library that handles input devices for display … OK rsync -aqz libinput-32/
libjpeg-turbo-32 3.0.3 Library of JPEG support functions. OK rsync -aqz libjpeg-turbo-32/
libjpeg6-turbo-32 1.5.3 libjpeg derivative with accelerated baseline JPEG… OK rsync -aqz libjpeg6-turbo-32/
libmng-32 2.0.3 libmng - Mutliple Image Network Graphics OK rsync -aqz libmng-32/
libndp-32 1.8 Library for Neighbor Discovery Protocol OK rsync -aqz libndp-32/
libnewt-32 0.52.24 a programming library for color text mode OK rsync -aqz libnewt-32/
libnl-32 3.9.0 Library providing APIs to netlink protocol based … OK rsync -aqz libnl-32/
libnm-32 1.46.0 Network configuration tool OK rsync -aqz libnm-32/
libogg-32 1.3.5 Ogg bitstream and framing library OK rsync -aqz libogg-32/
libpcap-32 1.10.4 Packet capture library OK rsync -aqz libpcap-32/
libpcre-32 8.45 Perl Compatible Regular Expressions OK rsync -aqz libpcre-32/
libpcre2-32 10.43 Perl Compatible Regular Expressions OK rsync -aqz libpcre2-32/
libpng-32 1.6.43 Library of PNG support functions OK rsync -aqz libpng-32/
libpng12-32 1.2.59 Library of PNG support functions with APNG suppor… OK rsync -aqz libpng12-32/
libpsl-32 0.21.5 Public Suffix List library. OK rsync -aqz libpsl-32/
libpthread-stubs-32 0.5 pthread dummy implementation OK rsync -aqz libpthread-stubs-32/
libsamplerate-32 0.2.2 Sound sample rate conversion library OK rsync -aqz libsamplerate-32/
libsdl-32 1.2.15 SDL, Simple DirectMedia Layer OK rsync -aqz libsdl-32/
libsdl2-32 2.30.3 SDL version 2, Simple DirectMedia Layer OK rsync -aqz libsdl2-32/
libsndfile-32 1.2.2 Library for manipulating sound files. OK rsync -aqz libsndfile-32/
libtasn1-32 4.19.0 The ASN.1 library used by GnuTLS and others OK rsync -aqz libtasn1-32/
libtheora-32 1.1.1 A free and open video compression format from the… OK rsync -aqz libtheora-32/
libtiff-32 4.6.0t Library for manipulation of TIFF (Tag Image File … OK rsync -aqz libtiff-32/
libtiff4-32 3.9.7 Library for manipulation of TIFF (Tag Image File … OK rsync -aqz libtiff4-32/
libtirpc-32 1.3.4 Transport Independent RPC library. OK rsync -aqz libtirpc-32/
libtool-32 2.4.7 A generic library support script OK rsync -aqz libtool-32/
libudev0-shim-32 1 compatibility library for systems wi… OK rsync -aqz libudev0-shim-32/
libunistring-32 1.2 Functions for manipulating Unicode strings and C … OK rsync -aqz libunistring-32/
libunwind-32 1.8.1 Portable and efficient API to determine the call-… OK rsync -aqz libunwind-32/
libusb-32 1.0.27 Library giving userland programs access to USB de… OK rsync -aqz libusb-32/
libva-32 2.21.0 Video Acceleration API to enable hardware acceler… OK rsync -aqz libva-32/
libvdpau-32 1.5 Video Decode and Presentation API for Unix provid… OK rsync -aqz libvdpau-32/
libvisual-32 0.4.2 An abstraction library that comes between applica… OK rsync -aqz libvisual-32/
libvorbis-32 1.3.7 Vorbis codec library OK rsync -aqz libvorbis-32/
libwebp-32 1.4.0 A library for a new image format comparable to JP… OK rsync -aqz libwebp-32/
libxml2-32 2.12.7 XML library version 2 OK rsync -aqz libxml2-32/
libxslt-32 1.1.39 XSL Transformations library OK rsync -aqz libxslt-32/
llvm-32 18.1.6 LLVM compiler backend OK rsync -aqz llvm-32/
mesa-32 24.0.8 Mesa 3D Graphics Library OK rsync -aqz mesa-32/
mesa-demos-32 9.0.0 Mesa 3D demos OK rsync -aqz mesa-demos-32/
mpg123-32 1.32.6 Commandline MP3 player OK rsync -aqz mpg123-32/
mtdev-32 1.1.7 Kernel multi-touch transformation library OK rsync -aqz mtdev-32/
ncurses-32 6.5 A System V Release 4.0 curses emulation library OK rsync -aqz ncurses-32/
nettle-32 3.9.1 Low-level cryptographic library OK rsync -aqz nettle-32/
nspr-32 4.35 Netscape Portable Runtime library OK rsync -aqz nspr-32/
nss-32 3.100 Mozilla Network Security Services (NSS) OK rsync -aqz nss-32/
nvidia-32 550.78 NVIDIA Linux Display Driver (production branch) OK rsync -aqz nvidia-32/
nvidia-fb-32 545.29.06 NVIDIA Linux Display Driver (feature branch) OK rsync -aqz nvidia-fb-32/
openal-32 1.23.1 Cross-platform 3D audio. OK rsync -aqz openal-32/
openldap-32 2.6.7 Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Tool… OK rsync -aqz openldap-32/
openssl-32 3.3.0 Secure Sockets Layer and Transport Layer Security… OK rsync -aqz openssl-32/
openssl11-32 1.1.1w Secure Sockets Layer and Transport Layer Security… OK rsync -aqz openssl11-32/
opus-32 1.5.2 a totally open, royalty-free, highly versatile au… OK rsync -aqz opus-32/
orc-32 0.4.38 The Oil Runtime Compiler. OK rsync -aqz orc-32/
p11-kit-32 0.25.3 Provides a way to load and enumerate PKCS#11 modu… OK rsync -aqz p11-kit-32/
pango-32 1.52.2 A library for layout and rendering of text OK rsync -aqz pango-32/
pipewire-32 1.0.6 Low-latency audio/video router and processor - 32… OK rsync -aqz pipewire-32/
popt-32 1.19 Commandline option parser OK rsync -aqz popt-32/
pulseaudio-32 17.0 PulseAudio is a cross-platform, networked sound s… OK rsync -aqz pulseaudio-32/
python-32 2.7.18 Python interpreter, version 2.7 OK rsync -aqz python-32/
readline-32 8.2.10 Lets users edit command lines as they are typed in OK rsync -aqz readline-32/
robin-hood-hashing-32 3.11.5 Fast & memory efficient hashtable based on robin … OK rsync -aqz robin-hood-hashing-32/
rtmpdump-32 2.4 A tool to download rtmp streams. OK rsync -aqz rtmpdump-32/
slang-32 2.3.3 S-Lang programmer's library OK rsync -aqz slang-32/
speexdsp-32 1.2.1 DSP library derived from speex OK rsync -aqz speexdsp-32/
spirv-tools-32 API and commands for processing SPIR-V modules OK rsync -aqz spirv-tools-32/
sqlite3-32 3.46.0 SQL database engine OK rsync -aqz sqlite3-32/
util-linux-32 2.40.1 Miscellaneous system utilities OK rsync -aqz util-linux-32/
vkd3d-32 1.11 Direct3D 12 to Vulkan translation library By Wine… OK rsync -aqz vkd3d-32/
volk-32 Meta loader for Vulkan API OK rsync -aqz volk-32/
vulkan-loader-32 Vulkan loader, 32bit OK rsync -aqz vulkan-loader-32/
vulkan-tools-32 Vulkan tools OK rsync -aqz vulkan-tools-32/
vulkan-utility-libraries-32 Utility libraries for Vulkan developers, 32-bit OK rsync -aqz vulkan-utility-libraries-32/
vulkan-validation-layers-32 Vulkan validation layers, 32bit OK rsync -aqz vulkan-validation-layers-32/
wayland-32 1.22.0 Wayland is intended as a simpler replacement for X OK rsync -aqz wayland-32/
xorg-libevdev-32 1.13.1 Wrapper library for evdev devices OK rsync -aqz xorg-libevdev-32/
xorg-libice-32 1.1.1 xorg lib libICE OK rsync -aqz xorg-libice-32/
xorg-libpciaccess-32 0.18.1 Generic PCI access library OK rsync -aqz xorg-libpciaccess-32/
xorg-libpixman-32 0.43.4 Pixel manipulation library OK rsync -aqz xorg-libpixman-32/
xorg-libsm-32 1.2.4 X Session Management client library OK rsync -aqz xorg-libsm-32/
xorg-libx11-32 1.8.9 X client library OK rsync -aqz xorg-libx11-32/
xorg-libxau-32 1.0.11 X Authorization routines OK rsync -aqz xorg-libxau-32/
xorg-libxcb-32 1.17.0 X11 client-side library OK rsync -aqz xorg-libxcb-32/
xorg-libxcomposite-32 0.4.6 X Composite extension client library OK rsync -aqz xorg-libxcomposite-32/
xorg-libxcursor-32 1.2.2 X cursor management library OK rsync -aqz xorg-libxcursor-32/
xorg-libxdamage-32 1.1.6 X Damage extension client library OK rsync -aqz xorg-libxdamage-32/
xorg-libxdmcp-32 1.1.5 xorg lib libXdmcp OK rsync -aqz xorg-libxdmcp-32/
xorg-libxext-32 1.3.6 Common X extensions client library OK rsync -aqz xorg-libxext-32/
xorg-libxfixes-32 6.0.1 X Fixes extension client library OK rsync -aqz xorg-libxfixes-32/
xorg-libxft-32 2.3.8 X font rendering client library OK rsync -aqz xorg-libxft-32/
xorg-libxi-32 1.8.1 X Input client library OK rsync -aqz xorg-libxi-32/
xorg-libxinerama-32 1.1.5 X Xinerama client library OK rsync -aqz xorg-libxinerama-32/
xorg-libxkbfile-32 1.1.3 xorg lib libxkbfile OK rsync -aqz xorg-libxkbfile-32/
xorg-libxmu-32 1.2.1 xorg lib libXmu OK rsync -aqz xorg-libxmu-32/
xorg-libxrandr-32 1.5.4 X Resize and Rotate extension client library OK rsync -aqz xorg-libxrandr-32/
xorg-libxrender-32 0.9.11 X Render extension client library OK rsync -aqz xorg-libxrender-32/
xorg-libxscrnsaver-32 1.2.4 X Screen Saver extension client library OK rsync -aqz xorg-libxscrnsaver-32/
xorg-libxshmfence-32 1.3.2 X shared memory fences OK rsync -aqz xorg-libxshmfence-32/
xorg-libxt-32 1.3.0 X11 toolkit intrinsics library OK rsync -aqz xorg-libxt-32/
xorg-libxtst-32 1.2.4 X11 Testing resource extension library OK rsync -aqz xorg-libxtst-32/
xorg-libxv-32 1.0.12 X Video extension client library OK rsync -aqz xorg-libxv-32/
xorg-libxvmc-32 1.0.14 X Video Motion Compensation extension client libr… OK rsync -aqz xorg-libxvmc-32/
xorg-libxxf86vm-32 1.1.5 X11 XFree86 video mode extension library OK rsync -aqz xorg-libxxf86vm-32/
xorg-xcb-util-32 0.4.1 XCB utilities library OK rsync -aqz xorg-xcb-util-32/
xorg-xcb-util-keysyms-32 0.4.1 XCB utilities library OK rsync -aqz xorg-xcb-util-keysyms-32/
xorg-xorgproto-32 2024.1 xorg xorgproto OK rsync -aqz xorg-xorgproto-32/
xorg-xtrans-32 1.5.0 xorg lib xtrans OK rsync -aqz xorg-xtrans-32/
xz-32 5.4.6 Compression utility using the lzma algorithm, suc… OK rsync -aqz xz-32/
zlib-32 1.3.1 A compression/decompression Library OK rsync -aqz zlib-32/
zstd-32 1.5.6 Real-time compression with high compression ratio… OK rsync -aqz zstd-32/