Unofficial CRUX PortDB

Maintainer:cmburget at gmail dot com
Type:httpup (sync file)

Port: Version: Description: Health: Port download command:
awesome 4.3 awesome window manager OK httpup sync awesome
chibi-scheme 0.10.0 A small library providing R7RS Scheme OK httpup sync chibi-scheme
deb2pkg 2.0.0 A tool to convert DEB files to PKG.TAR.?Z files OK httpup sync deb2pkg
djvulibre 3.5.28 Free software for dealing with DjVu documents OK httpup sync djvulibre
duperemove 0.11.3 find duplicate fs blocks and submit them to the k… OK httpup sync duperemove
emacs-gtk3 27.2 GNU emacs - an extensible text editor OK httpup sync emacs-gtk3
expect 5.45.4 CLI automation framework for Tcl OK httpup sync expect
guile 2.2.7 GNU Guile interpreter for Scheme WARN httpup sync guile
jbigkit 2.1 An implementation of the JBIG1 compression standa… OK httpup sync jbigkit
jimtcl 0.80 A small-footprint implementation of Tcl OK httpup sync jimtcl
joe 4.6 Joe's Own Editor OK httpup sync joe
keybinder 0.3.2 A library for registering global keybindings OK httpup sync keybinder
libtinfo-compat 6.0 symlinks for ncurses compatibility with libtinfo OK httpup sync libtinfo-compat
lua-lgi 0.9.2 Lua GObject Introspection OK httpup sync lua-lgi
lzip 1.22 lzip data compressor WARN httpup sync lzip
maim 5.7.4 X11 desktop screenshot utility OK httpup sync maim
mandoc 1.14.6 mandoc - a document processor for mdoc and man OK httpup sync mandoc
mg 20210609 mg - a miniature emacs clone OK httpup sync mg
mlton-bin 20210117 A whole-program optimizing compiler for Standard … OK httpup sync mlton-bin
mosml 2.10.1 The Moscow ML system for Standard ML OK httpup sync mosml
mtpaint 3.50 simple GTK+1/2 painting program OK httpup sync mtpaint
orbit 2.14.19 A CORBA 2.4-compliant Object Request Broker OK httpup sync orbit
plan9port 20230913 plan9port - plan9 from user space WARN httpup sync plan9port
polyml 5.8.2 The Poly/ML compiler for Standard ML OK httpup sync polyml
qastools 0.18.1 Graphical tools for configuring ALSA OK httpup sync qastools
racket 8.2 The Racket Programming Language OK httpup sync racket
rlwrap 0.45.2 Wrap command line applications with readline supp… OK httpup sync rlwrap
rpm2pkg 3.1 A tool to convert RPM files to PKG.TAR.?Z files OK httpup sync rpm2pkg
scheme48 1.9.2 An implementation of Scheme OK httpup sync scheme48
slop 7.6 Select Operation - query rectangular selections a… OK httpup sync slop
splix 2.0.0 CUPS drivers for Samsung Printer Language printers OK httpup sync splix
tinyscheme 1.42 A small library providing a subset of R5RS Scheme OK httpup sync tinyscheme
txr 272 txr data-munging language WARN httpup sync txr
xarchiver 0.5.4 A lightweight graphical archive manager OK httpup sync xarchiver
xdotool 3.20210903.1 fake keyboard/mouse input, window management, and… ERROR httpup sync xdotool
xorg-editres 1.0.7 X Resource Hierarchy Inspector ERROR httpup sync xorg-editres
xorg-font-iosevka 10.3.2 Open source monospaced font family with many vari… OK httpup sync xorg-font-iosevka
xorg-font-liberation 2.1.5 Open source fonts with metric compatibility with … OK httpup sync xorg-font-liberation
xorg-libxaw-32 1.0.14 X Athena Widgets toolkit OK httpup sync xorg-libxaw-32
xorg-libxpm-32 3.5.13 xorg lib libXpm OK httpup sync xorg-libxpm-32
zpaq 7.15 zpaq - incremental, journaling backup utility & a… OK httpup sync zpaq