Unofficial CRUX PortDB

Maintainer:ax at slackware dot eu
Type:httpup (sync file)

Port: Version: Description: Health: Port download command:
PackageKit 1.1.12 PackageKit is a system designed to make installin… ERROR httpup sync PackageKit
brother-dcp197c 1.1.3 Brother DCP-197c Printer Driver OK httpup sync brother-dcp197c
brscan-skey 0.2.4 Brother DCP-197c Scan skey (brscan3) OK httpup sync brscan-skey
brscan3 0.2.13 Brother DCP-197C and Compatible Scan driver ERROR httpup sync brscan3
chrpath RELEASE_0_16 chrpath allows you to modify the dynamic library … OK httpup sync chrpath
clipit 1.4.4 ClipIt is a lightweight GTK+ clipboard manager. ERROR httpup sync clipit
dmenu 4.9 dynamic menu, originally designed for dwm with (m… OK httpup sync dmenu
fox 1.6.57 FOX is a C++ based Toolkit for developing Graphic… OK httpup sync fox
geany 1.34.1 Geany is a text editor using the GTK+ toolkit wit… ERROR httpup sync geany
girara 0.3.2 A library that implements a user interface that f… OK httpup sync girara
gvfs 1.40.0 A userspace virtual filesystem designed to work w… ERROR httpup sync gvfs
i3-gaps 4.16.1 i3 with more features (forked from https://github… OK httpup sync i3-gaps
i3status 2.12 is a small program for generating a status bar fo… OK httpup sync i3status
leafpad GTK+ based simple text editor ERROR httpup sync leafpad
libatasmart git a lean, small and clean implementation of an ATA … OK httpup sync libatasmart
libblockdev 2.21 A library for manipulating block devices OK httpup sync libblockdev
libbytesize 1.4 A tiny library providing a C "class" for working … ERROR httpup sync libbytesize
libfm 1.3.1 Library for file management. ERROR httpup sync libfm
libgusb 0.3.0 GObject wrappers for libusb1 OK httpup sync libgusb
libiscsi 1.18.0 Libiscsi is a client-side library to implement th… OK httpup sync libiscsi
libndp 1.7 Library for Neighbor Discovery Protocol OK httpup sync libndp
libstoragemgmt 1.7.3 A library for storage management. OK httpup sync libstoragemgmt
lxappearance 0.6.3 Enables change of themes, icons, and fonts used b… ERROR httpup sync lxappearance
lxmenu-data 0.1.5 desktop menus for LXDE OK httpup sync lxmenu-data
morc_menu 1 morc_menu is a bash script that simulates the fun… OK httpup sync morc_menu
mozjs 52.2.1gnome1 Mozilla's JavaScript engine OK httpup sync mozjs
mutt 1.11.4 Text-based email client that sucks less ERROR httpup sync mutt
ndctl 64.1 Utility library for managing the libnvdimm (non-v… OK httpup sync ndctl
neomutt 20180716 Powerful text-based mail client with all the best… ERROR httpup sync neomutt
nitrogen 1.6.1 A background browser and setter for X windows. ERROR httpup sync nitrogen
numlockx 1.2 This little thingy allows you to start X with Num… OK httpup sync numlockx
pcmanfm 1.3.1 Fast and lightweight file manager. ERROR httpup sync pcmanfm
polkit 0.115 polkit is an application-level toolkit for defini… OK httpup sync polkit
simple-scan 3.32.2 Simple Scanning Utility ERROR httpup sync simple-scan
udisks 2.8.2 D-Bus interfaces and tools for querying and manip… ERROR httpup sync udisks
viewnior 1.7 Viewnior is a fast and simple image viewer for GN… ERROR httpup sync viewnior
volume_key 0.3.12 A library for manipulating storage volume encrypt… ERROR httpup sync volume_key
volumeicon 0.5.1 Lightweight volume control ERROR httpup sync volumeicon
weechat 2.4 the extensible chat client. ERROR httpup sync weechat
xarchiver 0.5.4 A lightweight graphical archive manager ERROR httpup sync xarchiver
xdg-user-dirs 0.17 xdg-user-dirs is a tool to help manage "well know… ERROR httpup sync xdg-user-dirs
xfe 1.43.1 X File Explorer (Xfe) is an MS-Explorer or Comman… ERROR httpup sync xfe
yelp-tools 3.32.0 yelp-tools is a collection of scripts and build u… OK httpup sync yelp-tools
yelp-xsl 3.32.1 yelp-xsl is a collection of programs and data fil… OK httpup sync yelp-xsl
zathura 0.4.3 A highly customizable and functional document vie… ERROR httpup sync zathura