Unofficial CRUX PortDB

Maintainer:alan+crux at mizrahi dot com dot ve
Type:httpup (sync file)

Port: Version: Description: Health: Port download command:
anki 2.0.39 Memorization program WARN httpup sync anki
anthy 9100h Input Method engine for Japanese OK httpup sync anthy
anthy-32 9100h Input Method engine for Japanese OK httpup sync anthy-32
apache 2.4.53 Apache HTTP server version 2.4.x OK httpup sync apache
apache-mod-xsendfile 0.12 Apache module to implement sendfile OK httpup sync apache-mod-xsendfile
apr 1.7.0 Apache Portable Runtime library OK httpup sync apr
asterisk-core-sounds-en-g729 1.5 Asterisk core sounds OK httpup sync asterisk-core-sounds-en-g729
asterisk-g729 1.4.2 g.729 codec implementation for Asterisk OK httpup sync asterisk-g729
at 3.1.20 Schedule commands for later execution INFO httpup sync at
attr-32 2.4.47 Extented attributes library OK httpup sync attr-32
audacity 2.4.2 Audio recording and editing program ERROR httpup sync audacity
audiofile 0.3.6 Silicon Graphics Audio File Library ERROR httpup sync audiofile
augeas 1.12.0 A configuration editing tool that parses config f… OK httpup sync augeas
autofs 5.1.5 Daemon to mount/umount filesystems automatically ERROR httpup sync autofs
avahi 0.7 Avahi zeroconf daemon and libraries OK httpup sync avahi
bcg729 1.0.4 g.729a encoder and decoder library ERROR httpup sync bcg729
bctoolbox 4.4.0 Utility library by Belledonne Communications ERROR httpup sync bctoolbox
bcunit 3.0.2 Utilities for unit tests ERROR httpup sync bcunit
belcard 4.4.0 C++ library to manipulate VCard standard format ERROR httpup sync belcard
belle-sip 4.4.0 A modern library implementing SIP (RFC3261) trans… ERROR httpup sync belle-sip
belr 4.4.0 ABNF Parser ERROR httpup sync belr
bind 9.18.5 Berkeley Internet Name Domain Service. OK httpup sync bind
bluez-tools 0.1.38-662e Bluetooth tools OK httpup sync bluez-tools
busybox 1.27.2 Utilities for rescue and embedded systems. WARN httpup sync busybox
bvi 1.4.0 Hex editor based on vi ERROR httpup sync bvi
bzrtp 4.4.0 Utility library by Belledonne Communications ERROR httpup sync bzrtp
ccrtp 2.1.2 RTP protocol stack ERROR httpup sync ccrtp
cdk 5.0-20140118 Curses Development Kit - text user interface libr… OK httpup sync cdk
chromium 83.0.4103.116 Open source version of Google Chrome web browser. INFO httpup sync chromium
clamav 1.1.1 A GPL virus scanner WARN httpup sync clamav
conspy 1.14 Remote control of Linux virtual consoles OK httpup sync conspy
cpan2crux 1.4 Write CRUX ports for CPAN Perl modules OK httpup sync cpan2crux
cpulimit 0.2 Program to limit the CPU usage of a process OK httpup sync cpulimit
crda 4.14 CRDA is the udev helper for regulatory compliance OK httpup sync crda
crossguid 20170717 Lightweight cross platform C++ GUID/UUID library OK httpup sync crossguid
cups 2.0.3 CUPS - Common UNIX Printing System ERROR httpup sync cups
cups-win-drivers 6.0-v1 Windows drivers for cups printing OK httpup sync cups-win-drivers
cyrus-sasl 2.1.27 Simple Authentication and Security Layer OK httpup sync cyrus-sasl
davmail 5.3.1-3079 MS exchange gateway OK httpup sync davmail
dcadec 0.2.0 DTS Coherent Acoustics decoder with support for H… OK httpup sync dcadec
dcron 4.5 Multi-user cron daemon INFO httpup sync dcron
devedeng 4.16.0 Program to create VideoDVDs and CDs FATAL httpup sync devedeng
dhex 0.69 Ncurses hex editor that can show differences OK httpup sync dhex
distcc 3.4 A tool to distribute compilations. OK httpup sync distcc
dnsmasq 2.85 Caching DNS forwarder and DHCP/TFTP server OK httpup sync dnsmasq
docbook2x 0.8.8 Program to convert docbook documents to man pages ERROR httpup sync docbook2x
dovecot IMAP and POP3 server OK httpup sync dovecot
dvb-apps 20140322 DVB Applications FATAL httpup sync dvb-apps
dvdbackup 0.4.2 Tool to rip video DVDs from the command line OK httpup sync dvdbackup
ebook-tools 0.2.2 Ebook tools OK httpup sync ebook-tools
edid-decode 20191001-7d26052 Tool to read EDID from monitors OK httpup sync edid-decode
eigen3 3.3.7 C++ template library for linear algebra ERROR httpup sync eigen3
enca 1.19 Charset analyser and converter ERROR httpup sync enca
erlang 20.2 General-purpose concurrent functional programming… WARN httpup sync erlang
espeak 1.48.04 Text to Speach software FATAL httpup sync espeak
exim 4.95 Mail transfer agent INFO httpup sync exim
extra-cmake-modules 5.68.0 Extra cmake modules OK httpup sync extra-cmake-modules
fakeroot-32 1.20.2 Run commands in an environment faking root privil… ERROR httpup sync fakeroot-32
fatrace 0.12 Report file access events from all processes ERROR httpup sync fatrace
fbreader 0.99.5 An e-book reader for Linux FATAL httpup sync fbreader
fcitx Input Method platform ERROR httpup sync fcitx
fcitx-anthy 0.2.3 Input Method for Japanese ERROR httpup sync fcitx-anthy
fcitx-config-tool 0.4.10 Config tool for fcitx ERROR httpup sync fcitx-config-tool
fcitx-kkc 0.1.4 Fcitx wrapper for libkkc ERROR httpup sync fcitx-kkc
fcitx-qt5 1.2.4 Config tool for fcitx ERROR httpup sync fcitx-qt5
ffmpeg-compat 0.10.16 Old version of ffmpeg ERROR httpup sync ffmpeg-compat
filezilla 3.45.1 FTP client ERROR httpup sync filezilla
finch 2.13.0 Text based instant messaging client OK httpup sync finch
fio 2.1.14 Scriptable I/O tool for storage benchmarks and dr… OK httpup sync fio
firefox 47.0 The Mozilla Firefox browser OK httpup sync firefox
flameshot 0.6.0 Powerful yet simple to use screenshot software OK httpup sync flameshot
flatbuffers 1.12.0 Serialization library OK httpup sync flatbuffers
fmt 7.1.2 formatting library for C++ OK httpup sync fmt
font-arphic-ukai 0.2.20080216.1 Chinese, Japanese and Korean fonts OK httpup sync font-arphic-ukai
font-arphic-uming 0.2.20080216.1 Chinese, Japanese and Korean fonts OK httpup sync font-arphic-uming
font-envy pr7 Envy R Us Monospaced font, good for programming OK httpup sync font-envy
font-inconsolata-dz 0.0.1 Inconsolata monospaced font, good for programming OK httpup sync font-inconsolata-dz
font-ipa 003.03 Japanese fonts: Mincho and Gothic OK httpup sync font-ipa
font-komatuna 20101113 Japanese fonts: Modified komatu and M+ OK httpup sync font-komatuna
font-meguri 20101113a Japanese fonts: Modified IPA and M+ OK httpup sync font-meguri
font-ms-ttf 1.0 Free TTF fonts from Microsoft OK httpup sync font-ms-ttf
font-sazanami 20040629 Japanese font OK httpup sync font-sazanami
font-umeplus 20130511 Japanese fonts: Ume and M+ OK httpup sync font-umeplus
font-uvga 1.0 Unicode VGA font (good for X terminal emulation) OK httpup sync font-uvga
font-vlgothic 20120325 Japanese font: VLGothic OK httpup sync font-vlgothic
freeciv 2.6.2 Free Civilisation Clone WARN httpup sync freeciv
freecol 0.11.5 Turn-based strategy game OK httpup sync freecol
freetds 1.1.15 Database library for Microsoft SQL and Sybase OK httpup sync freetds
freevo 1.9.0 Home theater application ERROR httpup sync freevo
freevo-skin-propio 1.1 Skin for freevo OK httpup sync freevo-skin-propio
fstrcmp 0.7.D001 Library for fuzzy comparisons OK httpup sync fstrcmp
fuse-exfat 1.2.3 exfat filesystem implementation OK httpup sync fuse-exfat
galculator 2.1.4 GTK 2 / GTK 3 based calculator ERROR httpup sync galculator
gcab 0.4 Tools to handle cab files ERROR httpup sync gcab
gcc 10.3.0 The GNU Compiler Collection OK httpup sync gcc
gconf 3.2.6 GConf configuration system. FATAL httpup sync gconf
geoip 1.6.2 Geographic IP resolver library and program ERROR httpup sync geoip
geoip-database 20150106 Geographic IP resolver database OK httpup sync geoip-database
glfw 2.7.9 Library for creating windows with OpenGL contexts… OK httpup sync glfw
glfw3 3.1.2 Library for creating windows with OpenGL contexts… FATAL httpup sync glfw3
glibc-locale 2.28 Glibc locale data OK httpup sync glibc-locale
gmime 2.6.18 MIME creation and parsing library OK httpup sync gmime
gn 0.1731.5ed3c9cc Meta-build system that generates build files for … ERROR httpup sync gn
gngeo 0.8 Neo-Geo emulator FATAL httpup sync gngeo
gocr 0.50 OCR program and libraries OK httpup sync gocr
goom 2k4-0 Audio visualization library OK httpup sync goom
gpac 0.8.0 A multimedia framework based on the MPEG-4 System… OK httpup sync gpac
gpicview 0.2.5 Image viewer ERROR httpup sync gpicview
grantlee 5.2.0 A string template engine based on the Django temp… ERROR httpup sync grantlee
graphviz 2.40.1 Graphviz is open source graph visualization softw… ERROR httpup sync graphviz
gsm 1.0.14 GSM library ERROR httpup sync gsm
gtest 1.10.0 Google C++ test utility WARN httpup sync gtest
gtk-vnc 0.9.0 VNC viewer widget for GTK ERROR httpup sync gtk-vnc
gtkspell 2.0.16 Spell checking library OK httpup sync gtkspell
guvcview 2.0.6 Graphic program to capture from webcams OK httpup sync guvcview
handbrake 1.3.1 Video transcoding tool ERROR httpup sync handbrake
heimdall 1.4.2 Utility to flash firmwares on Samsung Galaxy S de… OK httpup sync heimdall
hibernate-script 2.0 Script to hibernate OK httpup sync hibernate-script
hivex 1.3.18 Windows Registry "hive" extraction library OK httpup sync hivex
hostapd 2.10 Access point and authentication daemon OK httpup sync hostapd
hotshots 2.2.0 Screen capture program ERROR httpup sync hotshots
hplip 3.11.10 HP Printing and scanning for Linux OK httpup sync hplip
id3 0.80 Manipulates id3 tags and renames mp3 files OK httpup sync id3
iguanair 2018-01-21 Iguanaworks USB IR transciever daemon FATAL httpup sync iguanair
iksemel 1.4 XML parser and Jabber protocol library FATAL httpup sync iksemel
ilbc 0.1 iLBC library FATAL httpup sync ilbc
imapproxy 1.2.7 IMAP Proxy Server OK httpup sync imapproxy
incron 0.5.10 Run programs on filesystem events ERROR httpup sync incron
iperf3 3.3 A TCP, UDP, and SCTP network bandwidth measuremen… OK httpup sync iperf3
ipset 7.19 Administration tool for IP or port sets. WARN httpup sync ipset
irqbalance 1.7.0 IRQ balancing daemon OK httpup sync irqbalance
iwlwifi-ucode 20161102 Firmware files for many Intel Wireless cards ERROR httpup sync iwlwifi-ucode
jabberd 2.6.1 Jabber server ERROR httpup sync jabberd
jdk 1.8.0_251 Java 8 Software Development Kit WARN httpup sync jdk
jpegoptim 1.4.1 Utility to optimize jpeg files OK httpup sync jpegoptim
jre 1.8.0_251 Java Runtime Environment OK httpup sync jre
json-c-32 0.11 JSON implementation in C OK httpup sync json-c-32
jsvc 1.0.15 Tool to run Java applications as daemons in a san… ERROR httpup sync jsvc
k2pdfopt 2.32 Convert PDF to epub OK httpup sync k2pdfopt
kaa-base 0.6.0 Freevo base libraries OK httpup sync kaa-base
kaa-display 0.1.0 Freevo base libraries OK httpup sync kaa-display
kaa-imlib2 0.2.3 Freevo base libraries OK httpup sync kaa-imlib2
kaa-metadata 0.7.7 Freevo base libraries OK httpup sync kaa-metadata
kcm-fcitx 0.5.6 KDE configuration module for fcitx settings (inpu… ERROR httpup sync kcm-fcitx
kdenlive 0.9 Video edition tool ERROR httpup sync kdenlive
kdirstat git-20101010 Show directory usage information OK httpup sync kdirstat
kid3 3.8.2 ID3 Tagging Application ERROR httpup sync kid3
kodi 19.5 Media center software WARN httpup sync kodi
kodi-imvdb-scraper 0.6 Kodi music video scraper OK httpup sync kodi-imvdb-scraper
kodi-inputstream-adaptive 2.6.7-Matrix Adaptive file addon for Kodi's inputstream interf… OK httpup sync kodi-inputstream-adaptive
kodi-inputstream-ffmpegdirect 1.19.4-Matrix Kodi input stream addon for streams that can be o… OK httpup sync kodi-inputstream-ffmpegdirect
kodi-inputstream-rtmp 3.4.0-Matrix Kodi input stream addon for RTMP OK httpup sync kodi-inputstream-rtmp
kodi-iptvsimple 7.5.1-Matrix IPTV Live TV and Radio PVR client addon for Kodi OK httpup sync kodi-iptvsimple
kodi-platform 20180302 Kodi platform support library OK httpup sync kodi-platform
kodi-script-sleep 1.2.4 Kodi plugin to implement a sleep timer FATAL httpup sync kodi-script-sleep
kodi-send 19.0 Utility to remote control kodi OK httpup sync kodi-send
kodi-skin-confluence 20180221 Confluence skin for Kodi WARN httpup sync kodi-skin-confluence
kodi-video-kids-tube 20160406 Kodi plugin for Youtube Kids OK httpup sync kodi-video-kids-tube
kodi-video-netflix 0.12.6-10-g78b4d3a Netflix plugin for Kodi OK httpup sync kodi-video-netflix
kodi-video-stalker 20150508 Kodi plugin for WARN httpup sync kodi-video-stalker
kodi-video-yt-vevo 20160406 Kodi plugin for Youtube Vevo OK httpup sync kodi-video-yt-vevo
kodi-visualization-shadertoy 20150215 Visualization addon for Kodi OK httpup sync kodi-visualization-shadertoy
kodi-visualization-spectrum 19.0.0-Matrix-0-g27430c5 Visualization spectrum addon for Kodi OK httpup sync kodi-visualization-spectrum
kodi-visualization-vsxu 20151030 Visualization addon for Kodi OK httpup sync kodi-visualization-vsxu
kodi-visualization-waveforhue 20150813 Visualization addon for Kodi OK httpup sync kodi-visualization-waveforhue
kodi-visualization-waveform 20151214 Visualization waveform addon for Kodi OK httpup sync kodi-visualization-waveform
ldb 2.0.8 LDAP-like embedded database library OK httpup sync ldb
leptonica 1.78.0 Image processing and analysis applications OK httpup sync leptonica
libantlr3c 3.5.2 C runtime for the ANTLR parsing library. ERROR httpup sync libantlr3c
libaosd 0.2.7 OSD library FATAL httpup sync libaosd
libatasmart 0.19 ATA S.M.A.R.T. reading and parsing library FATAL httpup sync libatasmart
libc-client 2007f IMAP client library OK httpup sync libc-client
libcap-ng 0.8.5 A library for Linux that makes using posix capabi… ERROR httpup sync libcap-ng
libdaemon 0.14 C library to write daemons OK httpup sync libdaemon
libfakekey 0.3 Virtual keyboard library ERROR httpup sync libfakekey
libfilezilla 0.18.2 ftp client ERROR httpup sync libfilezilla
libgmp 6.2.1 Free library for arbitrary precision arithmetic OK httpup sync libgmp
libgsf 1.14.34 GNOME Structured File Library OK httpup sync libgsf
libguestfs 1.36.15 Tools for accessing and modifying virtual machine… OK httpup sync libguestfs
libhttp_parser 2.6.0 Library to parse HTTP messages OK httpup sync libhttp_parser
libkkc 0.3.5 Japanese Kana Kanji conversion input method libra… ERROR httpup sync libkkc
liblinphone 4.4.0 High-level SIP library integrating all calling an… ERROR httpup sync liblinphone
libmicrohttpd 0.9.49 A small library to create embedded HTTP servers OK httpup sync libmicrohttpd
libmm 1.4.2 Shared memory library ERROR httpup sync libmm
libmnl 1.0.5 A minimalistic user-space library oriented to Net… OK httpup sync libmnl
libnfs 4.0.0 Client library for accessing NFS shares OK httpup sync libnfs
libnghttp2 1.41.0 HTTP/2 library OK httpup sync libnghttp2
libnice 0.1.17 ICE and STUN library OK httpup sync libnice
libnma 1.8.28 NetworkManager GUI library ERROR httpup sync libnma
libomxil-bellagio 0.9.3 OpenMAX integration layer is a standard API to ac… OK httpup sync libomxil-bellagio
libosinfo 1.5.0 Operating System information database OK httpup sync libosinfo
libplist 1.12 Alibrary for manipulating Apple Binary and XML Pr… OK httpup sync libplist
libpurple 2.14.1 Multi-protocol instant messaging client library OK httpup sync libpurple
libpuzzle 0.11 Library to identify similar pictures OK httpup sync libpuzzle
libqxt 0.6.2 Cross-platform utility classes for Qt OK httpup sync libqxt
libretro-bsnes 41fe3ec Super Nintendo Entertainment System cores FATAL httpup sync libretro-bsnes
libsdl 1.2.15 SDL, Simple DirectMedia Layer OK httpup sync libsdl
libspf2 1.2.10 Sender Policy Framework library OK httpup sync libspf2
libssh2 1.8.0 ssh library OK httpup sync libssh2
libteam 1.27 Library for controlling team network device OK httpup sync libteam
libtool-32 2.4.2 A generic library support script OK httpup sync libtool-32
libunibreak 4.0 Line breaking for unicode strings FATAL httpup sync libunibreak
libutf8proc 2.3.0 UTF-8 library OK httpup sync libutf8proc
libuv 1.38.1 Multi-platform support library with a focus on as… OK httpup sync libuv
libvirt 5.2.0 Virtualization API ERROR httpup sync libvirt
libvirt-glib 2.0.0 glib bindings for libvirt OK httpup sync libvirt-glib
libvirt-python 5.2.0 python bindings for libvirt OK httpup sync libvirt-python
libvncserver 0.9.13 VNC library OK httpup sync libvncserver
libzrtpcpp 4.6.6 C++ implementation of Phil Zimmermann's ZRTP spec… ERROR httpup sync libzrtpcpp
lighttpd 1.4.35 HTTP server ERROR httpup sync lighttpd
lime 4.4.0 End-to-end encryption library for one-to-one and … ERROR httpup sync lime
linphone-desktop 4.2.1 Open source softphone for voice and video over IP… ERROR httpup sync linphone-desktop
linphone-msopenh264 1.1.2 Linphone openh264 plugin ERROR httpup sync linphone-msopenh264
linphone-msx264 1.5.2 Linphone x264 plugin ERROR httpup sync linphone-msx264
lirc 0.9.2 Linux Infrared Remote Control OK httpup sync lirc
lirc-iguanair 2018-01-21 IguanaIR module for lirc OK httpup sync lirc-iguanair
lirc-xmms-plugin 1.4 Linux Infraded Remote Control plugin for XMMS FATAL httpup sync lirc-xmms-plugin
lld 10.0.0 Linker from the LLVM project OK httpup sync lld
llvm 14.0.6 LLVM compiler backend OK httpup sync llvm
lmdb 0.9.24 Lightning Memory-Mapped Database Manager (LMDB) FATAL httpup sync lmdb
lsdvd 0.17 Program to display content of a dvd. OK httpup sync lsdvd
lua-unbound 1.0.0 Lua bindings for libunbound ERROR httpup sync lua-unbound
lua51-bitop 1.0.2 Lua BitOp is a C extension module for Lua 5.1/5.2… OK httpup sync lua51-bitop
lua51-dbi 20140126 Database interface library OK httpup sync lua51-dbi
lua51-dbi-mysql 20140126 Database interface library OK httpup sync lua51-dbi-mysql
lua51-event 0.4.4 libevent binding for Lua OK httpup sync lua51-event
lua51-expat 1.3.0 SAX XML parser based on the Expat library OK httpup sync lua51-expat
lua51-filesystem File System Library for the Lua Programming Langu… OK httpup sync lua51-filesystem
lua51-ldap 1.2.3 Lua bindings for OpenLDAP OK httpup sync lua51-ldap
lua51-lpty 1.2.2 pty control for lua OK httpup sync lua51-lpty
lua51-sec 0.6 Lua bindings for OpenSSL OK httpup sync lua51-sec
lua51-socket 20160311 Networking support library for the Lua language OK httpup sync lua51-socket
lua51-zlib 1.2 Simple streaming interface to zlib for Lua OK httpup sync lua51-zlib
lua52-bitop 1.0.2 Lua BitOp is a C extension module for Lua 5.1/5.2… OK httpup sync lua52-bitop
lua52-dbi 0.7.2 Database interface library OK httpup sync lua52-dbi
lua52-dbi-mysql 20140126 Database interface library OK httpup sync lua52-dbi-mysql
lua52-event 0.4.6 libevent binding for Lua OK httpup sync lua52-event
lua52-expat 1.3.0 SAX XML parser based on the Expat library OK httpup sync lua52-expat
lua52-filesystem 1.8.0 File System Library for the Lua Programming Langu… OK httpup sync lua52-filesystem
lua52-ldap 1.2.3 Lua bindings for OpenLDAP OK httpup sync lua52-ldap
lua52-lpty 1.2.2 pty control for lua OK httpup sync lua52-lpty
lua52-sec 0.9 Lua bindings for OpenSSL OK httpup sync lua52-sec
lua52-socket 20200329 Networking support library for the Lua language OK httpup sync lua52-socket
lua52-zlib 1.2 Simple streaming interface to zlib for Lua OK httpup sync lua52-zlib
lxqt-build-tools 0.6.0 Various packaging tools and scripts for LXQt appl… ERROR httpup sync lxqt-build-tools
lxterminal 0.3.2 VTE terminal emulator writtein in GTK ERROR httpup sync lxterminal
lzop 1.03 Fast file compressor based on lzo OK httpup sync lzop
mariadb 10.7.3 SQL database server, drop-in replacement for MySQL WARN httpup sync mariadb
mariadb-odbc 3.1.15 ODBC MariaDB connector OK httpup sync mariadb-odbc
marisa-trie 0.2.5 Static and space-efficient trie data structure li… OK httpup sync marisa-trie
maven 3.2.1 Build tool for Java ERROR httpup sync maven
mediastreamer2 4.4.0 Library for streaming audio and video ERROR httpup sync mediastreamer2
mednafen 1.22.2 Multi-system gaming emulator OK httpup sync mednafen
mgetty 1.1.35 Programs that manages data, fax and voice calls ERROR httpup sync mgetty
minizip 1.2.11 Fast, safe, thread-friendly regular expression en… OK httpup sync minizip
mlt 0.7.8 Multimedia framework ERROR httpup sync mlt
mobile-broadband-provider-info 20190618 Mobile broadband settings for various service pro… ERROR httpup sync mobile-broadband-provider-info
mod_php 7.4.33 PHP module for apache OK httpup sync mod_php
mod_svn 1.9.4 Apache modules for subversion OK httpup sync mod_svn
mongodb 4.0.11 A high-performance, open source, schema-free docu… OK httpup sync mongodb
motion 3.4.1 Webcam motion detecting software OK httpup sync motion
mpd 0.19.19 Music playback daemon OK httpup sync mpd
msitools 0.92 Tools to handle msi files ERROR httpup sync msitools
mu 1.0 Tool to index and search maildir OK httpup sync mu
mysql 5.6.51 SQL database server OK httpup sync mysql
mysql-odbc 5.3.13 UnixODBC MySQL connector OK httpup sync mysql-odbc
neomutt 20180716 Mutt fork OK httpup sync neomutt
netcat-openbsd 1.195 Netcat from OpenBSD rewritten by Debian OK httpup sync netcat-openbsd
networkmanager-vpnc 1.2.6 NetworkManager plugin for VPNC FATAL httpup sync networkmanager-vpnc
nfs-utils 2.5.2 NFS utilities INFO httpup sync nfs-utils
nginx 1.17.3 Reverse proxy and HTTP server OK httpup sync nginx
nodejs 14.5.0 Evented I/O for V8 javascript. WARN httpup sync nodejs
notmuch 0.28.3 Mail indexer OK httpup sync notmuch
nouveau-fw 325.15 Nouevau firmware for Nvidia cards ERROR httpup sync nouveau-fw
nscd 2.0 Name Service Cache Daemon OK httpup sync nscd
nss-mdns 0.10 NSS module for mDNS hostname resolution OK httpup sync nss-mdns
nss_wrapper 1.1.3 Wrapper for the NSS API OK httpup sync nss_wrapper
nvbacklight 0.1 Nvidia backlight driver FATAL httpup sync nvbacklight
obexftp 0.24 CLI tool to transfer files via OBEX ERROR httpup sync obexftp
ocaml-findlib 1.8.0 Package manager for OCaml OK httpup sync ocaml-findlib
ogmrip 1.0.1 Libraries and GTK2 interface for DVD ripping usin… OK httpup sync ogmrip
ogmtools 1.5 Information, extraction or creation for OGG media… OK httpup sync ogmtools
openconnect 8.05 Open client for Cisco AnyConnect VPN ERROR httpup sync openconnect
opendmarc 1.4.2 DMARC report generation and policy enforcement se… OK httpup sync opendmarc
openh264 1.8.0 Open Source h264 codec implementation ERROR httpup sync openh264
openldap 2.4.57 Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Tool… OK httpup sync openldap
openntpd 3.9p1 Portable version of OpenBSD's NTP implementation OK httpup sync openntpd
openobex 1.7.1 Open source implementation of the OBEX protocol ERROR httpup sync openobex
openssh 9.0p1 Secure SHell server and client tools INFO httpup sync openssh
openssl 1.1.1n Secure Sockets Layer and Transport Layer Security… OK httpup sync openssl
openvpn 2.6.10 VPN Client ERROR httpup sync openvpn
opus-tools 0.1.9 Utilities to encode, inspect and decode .opus fil… OK httpup sync opus-tools
ortp 4.4.0 Realtime transport protocol library ERROR httpup sync ortp
osinfo-db 20190504 Operating System information database for libosin… OK httpup sync osinfo-db
osinfo-db-tools 1.5.0 Operating System information database tools for l… OK httpup sync osinfo-db-tools
p5-archive-zip 1.68 Perl class to access ZIP archive files OK httpup sync p5-archive-zip
p5-authen-sasl 2.16 Authen::SASL - SASL Authentication framework ERROR httpup sync p5-authen-sasl
p5-barcode-zbar 0.04 Bar-code reading module for Perl 5 ERROR httpup sync p5-barcode-zbar
p5-calendar-japanese-holiday 0.03 Japanese holidays module ERROR httpup sync p5-calendar-japanese-holiday
p5-cam-pdf 1.60 PDF manipulation module for Perl ERROR httpup sync p5-cam-pdf
p5-carp-clan 6.04 Perl module to report errors from perspective of … ERROR httpup sync p5-carp-clan
p5-convert-asn1 0.27 Perl ASN.1 Encode/Decode library OK httpup sync p5-convert-asn1
p5-convert-uu 0.5201 Perl module for uuencode and uudecode ERROR httpup sync p5-convert-uu
p5-cpan-distnameinfo 0.12 Extract distribution name and version from a dist… OK httpup sync p5-cpan-distnameinfo
p5-crypt-cbc 2.30 Perl module to encrypt data ERROR httpup sync p5-crypt-cbc
p5-curses 1.32 Perl library for terminal screen handling ERROR httpup sync p5-curses
p5-curses-devkit 20130816 Perl bindings for cdk WARN httpup sync p5-curses-devkit
p5-data-uuid 1.217 Perl module for generating GUIDs/UUIDs ERROR httpup sync p5-data-uuid
p5-date-calc 6.3 Perl module for gregorian calendar date calculati… ERROR httpup sync p5-date-calc
p5-dbd-mysql 4.050 Perl drivers for mSQL and MySQL access WARN httpup sync p5-dbd-mysql
p5-dbd-sqlite 1.70 Perl drivers for sqlite OK httpup sync p5-dbd-sqlite
p5-dbi 1.643 Database independent interface for Perl OK httpup sync p5-dbi
p5-devel-checklib 1.14 Check that a library is available OK httpup sync p5-devel-checklib
p5-digest-hmac 1.04 Keyed-Hashing for Message Authentication OK httpup sync p5-digest-hmac
p5-email-date-format 1.005 Perl module to produce RFC 2822 date strings ERROR httpup sync p5-email-date-format
p5-email-mime 1.924 Email::MIME - easy MIME message handling FATAL httpup sync p5-email-mime
p5-email-simple 2.210 Email::Simple - simple parsing of RFC2822 message… OK httpup sync p5-email-simple
p5-email-stuffer 0.007 Email::Stuffer - A more casual approach to creati… FATAL httpup sync p5-email-stuffer
p5-encode-detect 1.01 An Encode::Encoding subclass that detects the enc… OK httpup sync p5-encode-detect
p5-error 0.17029 Error/exception handling in an OO-ish way OK httpup sync p5-error
p5-excel-writer-xlsx 0.81 Perl module to write Excel spreadsheet files ERROR httpup sync p5-excel-writer-xlsx
p5-extutils-pkgconfig 1.16 ExtUtils::PkgConfig OK httpup sync p5-extutils-pkgconfig
p5-gd-graph 1.48 Graph Plotting Module for Perl 5 ERROR httpup sync p5-gd-graph
p5-gd-graph3d 0.63 Perl class to create 3D Graphs with GD and GD::Gr… ERROR httpup sync p5-gd-graph3d
p5-gd-text 0.86 Perl module for text manipulation using the GD gr… ERROR httpup sync p5-gd-text
p5-geo-ip 1.51 Look up location and network information by IP Ad… OK httpup sync p5-geo-ip
p5-getopt-argvfile 1.11 Perl module to interpolate options from files int… ERROR httpup sync p5-getopt-argvfile
p5-growl-gntp 0.09 Perl implementation of GNTP Protocol (Client Part) ERROR httpup sync p5-growl-gntp
p5-gssapi 0.28 Perl extension providing access to the GSSAPIv2 l… ERROR httpup sync p5-gssapi
p5-io-compress 2.074 IO Interface to compressed data files/buffers FATAL httpup sync p5-io-compress
p5-io-stringy 2.110 Perl module for performing i/o on things other th… ERROR httpup sync p5-io-stringy
p5-json 2.90 Perl module for Javascript structure serialization ERROR httpup sync p5-json
p5-libxml 2.0101 Perl modules for working with XML files ERROR httpup sync p5-libxml
p5-mail-box 3.002 E-mail handling OK httpup sync p5-mail-box
p5-mail-spf v2.9.0 An object-oriented implementation of Sender Polic… OK httpup sync p5-mail-spf
p5-mailtools 2.14 Various e-mail related Perl modules ERROR httpup sync p5-mailtools
p5-mime-lite 3.030 Perl module for MIME generation ERROR httpup sync p5-mime-lite
p5-mime-types 2.13 Definition of MIME types OK httpup sync p5-mime-types
p5-module-build 0.4231 Build and install Perl modules OK httpup sync p5-module-build
p5-module-scandeps 1.23 Recursively scan Perl code for dependencies OK httpup sync p5-module-scandeps
p5-module-signature 0.70 CPAN signature management utility ERROR httpup sync p5-module-signature
p5-net-cidr 0.18 Perl module to manipulate IPv4/IPv5 netblocks in … OK httpup sync p5-net-cidr
p5-net-dbus 1.0.0 Perl extension for the DBus message system ERROR httpup sync p5-net-dbus
p5-net-dns 1.33 Perl Interface to the Domain Name System OK httpup sync p5-net-dns
p5-net-dns-resolver-programmable 0.009 Programmable DNS resolver class for offline emula… OK httpup sync p5-net-dns-resolver-programmable
p5-net-ldap 0.68 Perl LDAP client library OK httpup sync p5-net-ldap
p5-net-ping-external 0.15 Perl cross-platform interface to ICMP "ping" util… ERROR httpup sync p5-net-ping-external
p5-netaddr-ip 4.079 Manages IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and subnets OK httpup sync p5-netaddr-ip
p5-par 1.013 Toolkit to use perl scripts and modules stored in… OK httpup sync p5-par
p5-par-dist 0.49 Perl class to create and manipulate PAR distribut… ERROR httpup sync p5-par-dist
p5-par-packer 1.035 PAR component that can generate stand-alone execu… OK httpup sync p5-par-packer
p5-parallel-forkmanager 1.16 Perl module to manage concurrent processes OK httpup sync p5-parallel-forkmanager
p5-parse-yapp 1.05 Perl module for generating and using LALR parsers ERROR httpup sync p5-parse-yapp
p5-term-readline 1.0303 Perl extension for the GNU Readline/History Libra… OK httpup sync p5-term-readline
p5-text-csv 1.91 Perl module to manipulate comma separated value f… OK httpup sync p5-text-csv
p5-text-pdf 0.29a PDF manipulation module for Perl ERROR httpup sync p5-text-pdf
p5-text-soundex 3.05 Text::Soundex FATAL httpup sync p5-text-soundex
p5-time-period 1.25 A Perl module to deal with time periods. FATAL httpup sync p5-time-period
p5-timedate 2.30 Perl module for parsing date and time ERROR httpup sync p5-timedate
p5-unicode-japanese 0.49 Perl module for encoding japanese text ERROR httpup sync p5-unicode-japanese
p5-uri 5.10 Uniform Resource Identifiers (absolute and relati… OK httpup sync p5-uri
p5-xml-dom 1.44 Perl module for building DOM compliant document s… ERROR httpup sync p5-xml-dom
p5-xml-libxml 2.0124 Interface to Gnome libxml2 xml parsing and DOM li… FATAL httpup sync p5-xml-libxml
p5-xml-namespacesupport 1.11 Perl XML Modules ERROR httpup sync p5-xml-namespacesupport
p5-xml-regexp 0.04 Perl module for regular expressions for XML tokens ERROR httpup sync p5-xml-regexp
p5-xml-sax 0.99 Perl XML Modules ERROR httpup sync p5-xml-sax
p5-xml-sax-base 1.08 Perl XML Modules ERROR httpup sync p5-xml-sax-base
p5-xml-simple 2.20 Perl module to easily read/write XML ERROR httpup sync p5-xml-simple
p5-xml-xql 0.68 Perl module for querying XML tree structures with… ERROR httpup sync p5-xml-xql
p5-yaml 1.23 Pure Perl module for serialization of data struct… OK httpup sync p5-yaml
p5-yaml-libyaml 0.62 Perl YAML Serialization using XS and libyaml OK httpup sync p5-yaml-libyaml
patchelf 0.10 Utility to modify the dynamic linker and RPATH of… OK httpup sync patchelf
pavucontrol 2.0 Pulseaudio graphical mixer OK httpup sync pavucontrol
pecl-fileinfo 1.0.4 PHP extension to retrieve file information OK httpup sync pecl-fileinfo
pecl-geoip 1.1.1 PHP extension for country name lookup of ip addre… OK httpup sync pecl-geoip
pecl-imagick 3.4.3 PHP extension to create and modify images using i… OK httpup sync pecl-imagick
pecl-lzf 1.6.6 PHP extension for LZF compression OK httpup sync pecl-lzf
pecl-mcrypt 1.0.1 PECL mcrypt extension OK httpup sync pecl-mcrypt
pecl-puzzle 0.11 PHP module to identify similar pictures FATAL httpup sync pecl-puzzle
php 7.4.33 PHP interpreter, extension modules and support st… OK httpup sync php
php-bcmath 7.4.33 BCMath module for PHP OK httpup sync php-bcmath
php-cgi 7.4.33 PHP interpreter, extension modules and support st… OK httpup sync php-cgi
php-curl 7.4.33 curl module for PHP OK httpup sync php-curl
php-exif 7.4.33 Exif module for PHP OK httpup sync php-exif
php-fpm 7.4.33 CGI/FastCGI version of the PHP interpreter OK httpup sync php-fpm
php-ftp 7.4.33 MBString module for PHP OK httpup sync php-ftp
php-gd 7.4.33 GD module for PHP OK httpup sync php-gd
php-gettext 7.4.33 gettext module for PHP OK httpup sync php-gettext
php-gmp 7.4.33 GNU Multiple Precision module for PHP OK httpup sync php-gmp
php-imap 7.4.33 IMAP module for PHP OK httpup sync php-imap
php-intl 7.4.33 MBString module for PHP OK httpup sync php-intl
php-ldap 7.4.33 LDAP module for PHP OK httpup sync php-ldap
php-mbstring 7.4.33 MBString module for PHP OK httpup sync php-mbstring
php-mysqli 7.4.33 mysqli module for PHP OK httpup sync php-mysqli
php-odbc 7.4.33 ODBC module for PHP OK httpup sync php-odbc
php-opcache 7.4.33 OPcache module for pHP OK httpup sync php-opcache
php-openssl 7.4.33 MBString module for PHP OK httpup sync php-openssl
php-pcntl 7.4.33 Process control module for PHP OK httpup sync php-pcntl
php-pdo-mysql 7.4.33 mysql module for PHP OK httpup sync php-pdo-mysql
php-pdo-sqlite 7.4.33 SQLite PDO module for PHP OK httpup sync php-pdo-sqlite
php-sockets 7.4.33 Sockets module for PHP OK httpup sync php-sockets
php-sodium 7.4.33 libsodium module for PHP OK httpup sync php-sodium
php-sqlite3 7.4.33 MBString module for PHP OK httpup sync php-sqlite3
php-tidy 7.4.33 Tidy module for PHP OK httpup sync php-tidy
php-xdebug 3.0.2 Debugging extension for php OK httpup sync php-xdebug
php-zip 7.4.33 ZIP module for PHP OK httpup sync php-zip
php-zlib 7.4.33 Zlib module for PHP OK httpup sync php-zlib
picotts 1.1 Text to speech program ERROR httpup sync picotts
pidgin 2.14.1 GTK based instant messaging client OK httpup sync pidgin
pidgin-otr 4.0.2 Pidgin plugin for OTR ERROR httpup sync pidgin-otr
pidgin-sipe 1.25.0 Pidgin plugin for Microsoft LCS/OCS OK httpup sync pidgin-sipe
pigeonhole 0.5.19 Sieve plugin for dovecot OK httpup sync pigeonhole
pipewire 0.2.7 PipeWire is a server and user space API to deal w… OK httpup sync pipewire
pjproject 2.10 Multimedia communication library ERROR httpup sync pjproject
pjsip 2.10 Multimedia communication library ERROR httpup sync pjsip
pjsua 2.10 Multimedia communication library ERROR httpup sync pjsua
pkgutils 5.40 A set of utilities to manage software packages ERROR httpup sync pkgutils
platform8 2.1.0 Platform support library used by libCEC and binar… OK httpup sync platform8
pnmixer 0.7.2 System tray mixer application OK httpup sync pnmixer
ponymix 4 Pulseaudio command line mixer ERROR httpup sync ponymix
portaudio 19_20140130 Portable cross-platform audio I/O library OK httpup sync portaudio
presage 0.9.1 Predictable input FATAL httpup sync presage
proggyfonts 0.2 The proggy fonts are a set of fixed-width screen … FATAL httpup sync proggyfonts
projectm 2.1.0 Audio visualization library OK httpup sync projectm
prosody 0.12.4 XMPP server ERROR httpup sync prosody
prosody-modules 20231105 Prosody add-on modules ERROR httpup sync prosody-modules
prt-get 5.19 A utility to simplify ports searching/installing ERROR httpup sync prt-get
pulseaudio 14.2 Sound server ERROR httpup sync pulseaudio
pulseaudio-32 8.0 PulseAudio is a cross-platform, networked sound s… OK httpup sync pulseaudio-32
py-bluez 0.18 Python bluetooth bindings FATAL httpup sync py-bluez
py-cryptodomex 3.4.12 Python cryptographic library FATAL httpup sync py-cryptodomex
py-gdata 2.0.18 A library required by the youtube plugin of freevo FATAL httpup sync py-gdata
py-httplib2 0.8 Python HTTP client module OK httpup sync py-httplib2
py-send2trash 1.4.1 Python module to delete files OK httpup sync py-send2trash
py-simplejson 2.3.2 Python module for JSON ERROR httpup sync py-simplejson
py-sqlalchemy 0.9.7 Python module for SQL ERROR httpup sync py-sqlalchemy
pygoom 1.9.0 Visualization for freevo OK httpup sync pygoom
pylirc 0.0.5 lirc library for python OK httpup sync pylirc
pyqt 4.9.1 Python bindings for qt FATAL httpup sync pyqt
pysqlite 2.4.1 Python sqlite bindings FATAL httpup sync pysqlite
python 2.7.17 Python interpreter, version 2.7 WARN httpup sync python
python-m2crypto 0.37.1 M2Crypto: A Python crypto and SSL toolkit OK httpup sync python-m2crypto
python-pystache 0.5.4 Mustache in Python ERROR httpup sync python-pystache
python-typing 3.10 Type hints for Python OK httpup sync python-typing
python3-acme 1.12.0 ACME protocol implementation in Python OK httpup sync python3-acme
python3-bcrypt 3.2.0 Password hashing library OK httpup sync python3-bcrypt
python3-configargparse 0.14.0 A drop-in replacement for argparse that allows op… ERROR httpup sync python3-configargparse
python3-curl 7.21.5 Python interface to Curl OK httpup sync python3-curl
python3-decorator 4.4.2 Module is to make it easy to define signature-pre… OK httpup sync python3-decorator
python3-ecdsa 0.16.0 Python implementation of ECDSA cryptography OK httpup sync python3-ecdsa
python3-fabric 2.5.0 Library designed to execute shell commands remote… OK httpup sync python3-fabric
python3-invoke 1.4.1 Library for managing shell-oriented subprocesses OK httpup sync python3-invoke
python3-jdcal 1.4.1 Python library to convert between Julian and Greg… OK httpup sync python3-jdcal
python3-josepy 1.7.0 JOSE protocol implementation in Python using cryp… WARN httpup sync python3-josepy
python3-libxml2 2.9.9 Python 3 bindings for the XML library version 2 OK httpup sync python3-libxml2
python3-lxml 4.4.0 A pythonic binding for the libxml2 and libxslt li… ERROR httpup sync python3-lxml
python3-mock 4.0.3 Testing library for python OK httpup sync python3-mock
python3-openpyxl 3.0.6 Python library to read/write Excel 2010 xlsx/xlsm… OK httpup sync python3-openpyxl
python3-paramiko 2.7.2 Python module that implements the SSH2 protocol OK httpup sync python3-paramiko
python3-pdfminer 20201018 Python module to extract information from PDF doc… OK httpup sync python3-pdfminer
python3-pycrypto 2.7a1 Python Cryptography Toolkit OK httpup sync python3-pycrypto
python3-pynacl 1.4.0 Python binding for libsodium OK httpup sync python3-pynacl
python3-pypdf 1.25.1 Python PDF toolkit library OK httpup sync python3-pypdf
python3-pyrfc3339 1.1 Parses and generates RFC 3339-compliant timestamps OK httpup sync python3-pyrfc3339
python3-requests-toolbelt 0.9.1 Utilities for python-requests OK httpup sync python3-requests-toolbelt
python3-robobrowser 0.5.3 Pythonic library for browsing the web without a s… OK httpup sync python3-robobrowser
python3-soupsieve 1.9.2 CSS selector implementation for Beautiful Soup FATAL httpup sync python3-soupsieve
python3-werkzeug 0.15.5 WSGI (Web Server Gateway Interface) library FATAL httpup sync python3-werkzeug
python3-xlsxwriter 1.1.8 Python module for creating Excel XLSX files OK httpup sync python3-xlsxwriter
python3-yaml 3.11 Python interface to yaml OK httpup sync python3-yaml
pyxml 0.8.4 Python xml library OK httpup sync pyxml
qemu 3.0.0 Fast CPU emulator and virtualizer for the x86 pla… OK httpup sync qemu
qemu-all 3.0.0 Fast CPU emulator and virtualizer for all support… OK httpup sync qemu-all
qlipper 5.1.2 cross-platform clipboard history applet ERROR httpup sync qlipper
qt4 4.8.7 Qt4 Free Edition OK httpup sync qt4
qt5-styleplugins 5.0.0-$scommit Additional style plugins for Qt5 ERROR httpup sync qt5-styleplugins
qt5ct 0.41 Qt5 Configuration Utility OK httpup sync qt5ct
qterminal 0.14.1 A lightweight Qt-based terminal emulator ERROR httpup sync qterminal
qtermwidget 0.14.1 A terminal widget for Qt, used by QTerminal ERROR httpup sync qtermwidget
radvd 2.19 IPv6 router advertisement daemon OK httpup sync radvd
rapidjson 1.1.0 A fast JSON parser/generator for C++ with both SA… OK httpup sync rapidjson
razor-agents 2.85 Distributed, collaborative, spam detection and fi… OK httpup sync razor-agents
rc 2.29 BSD-like init-scripts ERROR httpup sync rc
re2 2020-03-03 Fast, safe, thread-friendly regular expression en… FATAL httpup sync re2
recode 3.7 Converts files between various character sets and… FATAL httpup sync recode
remmina 1.3.6 Audio recording and editing program FATAL httpup sync remmina
retroarch 1.7.7 Reference frontend for the libretro API ERROR httpup sync retroarch
rfkill 0.5 Userspace tool to query and toggle rfkill switches OK httpup sync rfkill
rp-pppoe 3.14 Roaring Penguin's Point-to-Point Protocol over Et… OK httpup sync rp-pppoe
rpcbind 0.2.3 Server that converts RPC program numbers into uni… OK httpup sync rpcbind
samba 4.11.4 SMB server and client for unix ERROR httpup sync samba
sbc 1.4 Bluetooth low-complexity, subband codec library OK httpup sync sbc
scim 1.4.9 Smart Common Input Method platform OK httpup sync scim
scim-32 1.4.9 Smart Common Input Method platform (32-bit) OK httpup sync scim-32
scim-anthy 1.2.7 Input Method engine for Japanese OK httpup sync scim-anthy
scim-anthy-32 1.2.7 Input Method engine for Japanese OK httpup sync scim-anthy-32
scim-bridge 0.4.16 Input Method platform OK httpup sync scim-bridge
scim-bridge-32 0.4.16 Input Method platform OK httpup sync scim-bridge-32
scim-tables 0.5.12 Input Method tables ERROR httpup sync scim-tables
scim-tables-32 0.5.12 Input Method tables OK httpup sync scim-tables-32
sddm 0.18.1 Login manager for X11 and Wayland ERROR httpup sync sddm
sdparm 1.12 Utility similar to hdparm for SCSI devices ERROR httpup sync sdparm
shadow 4.8.1 Shadow password file utilities (with PAM support) INFO httpup sync shadow
shairplay 20160101 Free portable AirPlay server implementation simil… OK httpup sync shairplay
signond 8.60 A D-Bus service which performs user authenticatio… ERROR httpup sync signond
simp_le 0.18.1 Parses and generates RFC 3339-compliant timestamps OK httpup sync simp_le
skk-dict 20190427 Dictionaries for the SKK Japanese input method OK httpup sync skk-dict
skype P2P VoIP software which supports end-to-end encry… OK httpup sync skype
snes9x git-20140414 Super Nintendo emulator FATAL httpup sync snes9x
soci 4.0.0 C++ Database Access Library ERROR httpup sync soci
socket_wrapper 1.1.9 Wrapper for network functions OK httpup sync socket_wrapper
sox 14.4.2 The swiss army knife of sound processing OK httpup sync sox
spamassassin 3.4.6 Mail filter to identify spam OK httpup sync spamassassin
speex-32 1.2.0 A free codec library for speech. OK httpup sync speex-32
speexdsp-32 1.2rc3 DSP library derived from speex OK httpup sync speexdsp-32
sqlite-odbc 0.9991 UnixODBC connector for SQLite OK httpup sync sqlite-odbc
stund 0.97 STUN server and client OK httpup sync stund
sublime 3.3211 Closed Source Text Editor ERROR httpup sync sublime
supermin 5.1.20 Tool for creating and building supermin appliances OK httpup sync supermin
svox-pico 20120212 Text to speech engine FATAL httpup sync svox-pico
syslog-ng 3.17.2 Syslog daemon OK httpup sync syslog-ng
tcldict 8.5.1 Tcl XML parsing library FATAL httpup sync tcldict
tcldom 3.1 Tcl XML parsing library FATAL httpup sync tcldom
tclkit 8.5a4 A compact, single file executable containing Tcl,… OK httpup sync tclkit
tcllib 1.10 Tcl Standard Library FATAL httpup sync tcllib
tclxml 3.1 Tcl XML parsing library FATAL httpup sync tclxml
tdb 1.3.16 Trivial DataBase similar gdbm OK httpup sync tdb
tdb-32 1.2.12 Trivial DataBase similar gdbm OK httpup sync tdb-32
tesseract 4.1.1 OCR program and libraries OK httpup sync tesseract
tesseract-eng 4.0.0 Tesseract language data file OK httpup sync tesseract-eng
tesseract-jpn 4.0.0 Tesseract language data file OK httpup sync tesseract-jpn
tesseract-nor 4.0.0 Tesseract language data file OK httpup sync tesseract-nor
tesseract-por 4.0.0 Tesseract language data file OK httpup sync tesseract-por
tesseract-spa 4.0.0 Tesseract language data file OK httpup sync tesseract-spa
thunderbird 60.6.1 email client from the Mozilla project OK httpup sync thunderbird
tiff-utils 4.0.9 TIFF utilities OK httpup sync tiff-utils
timidity++ 2.14.0 Midi to wav converter OK httpup sync timidity++
timidity-sgm 2.01 High quality (and big) soundfonts for timidity OK httpup sync timidity-sgm
tomcat 7.0.47 Java Servlet container (binary version) ERROR httpup sync tomcat
transmission 2.94 BitTorrent client/daemon with command-line and we… OK httpup sync transmission
tuxoniceui 1.1 TuxOnIce user interface OK httpup sync tuxoniceui
ucommon 7.0.0 Portable C++ application framework for threading,… ERROR httpup sync ucommon
udisks 2.1.8 Storage media interface OK httpup sync udisks
udns 0.4 Asyncronous DNS library ERROR httpup sync udns
uid_wrapper 1.2.4 Wrapper for Unix user and group functions OK httpup sync uid_wrapper
unetbootin 661 Bootable USB disk creator OK httpup sync unetbootin
unixodbc 2.3.9 Database API OK httpup sync unixodbc
unixodbc-gui r100 Graphical ODBC manager (half-baked) ERROR httpup sync unixodbc-gui
urw-base35-fonts 20180327 Substitutes for the 35 fonts required by Adobe Po… OK httpup sync urw-base35-fonts
v4l-utils 1.16.7 Video conversion tools library OK httpup sync v4l-utils
v4l2loopback 0.12.5 Kernel module to create V4L2 loopback devices FATAL httpup sync v4l2loopback
vim 8.2.4827 Highly configurable text editor WARN httpup sync vim
virt-manager 2.1.0 VM Manager OK httpup sync virt-manager
vpnc 0.5.3-${_commit:0:7} VPN client for Cisco3000 VPN concentrators ERROR httpup sync vpnc
vsftpd 3.0.3 Secure FTP server OK httpup sync vsftpd
vsxu 0.5.1 OpenGL programming environment to visualize music… OK httpup sync vsxu
watchdog 5.15 Watchdog daemon OK httpup sync watchdog
wavsplit 1.2.1 Splits wav files FATAL httpup sync wavsplit
webcpp 0.8.4 Command line utilities to highlight source code OK httpup sync webcpp
wireless-regdb 2023.09.01 Regulatory domain database for wireless compliance ERROR httpup sync wireless-regdb
wireshark 1.12.6 Network Sniffer with nice GTK+ UI ERROR httpup sync wireshark
wv 1.2.9 Command line utilities to convert Microsoft Word … ERROR httpup sync wv
x11vnc 0.9.16 VNC server for real X displays OK httpup sync x11vnc
x264 157.20190427 Library for encoding H264/AVC video streams (snap… OK httpup sync x264
xapian 1.4.9 Search engine library OK httpup sync xapian
xdotool 3.20160805.1 fake keyboard/mouse input, window management, and… ERROR httpup sync xdotool
xerces-c 3.2.3 A validating XML parser written in a portable sub… ERROR httpup sync xerces-c
xlhtml 0.5 Command line utilities to convert Excel and Power… ERROR httpup sync xlhtml
xorg-editres 1.0.6 X Toolkit resource editor OK httpup sync xorg-editres
xorg-font-helvetica 20131213 Helvetica font FATAL httpup sync xorg-font-helvetica
xpdf 4.02 PDF viewer OK httpup sync xpdf
xsd 4.0.0 An open-source, cross-platform W3C XML Schema to … ERROR httpup sync xsd
yajl 2.1.0 Yet Another JSON Library OK httpup sync yajl
zbar 0.23 Barcode reading library and utility FATAL httpup sync zbar
zsnes 1.51 Super Nintendo Emulator ERROR httpup sync zsnes