Unofficial CRUX PortDB

Maintainer:akosela at andykosela dot com
Type:httpup (sync file)

Port: Version: Description: Health: Port download command:
atari800 4.0.0 Portable and free Atari 8-bit emulator WARN httpup sync atari800
cc65 2.18 C compiler for 6502 based systems WARN httpup sync cc65
frotz 2.44 Infocom games interpreter OK httpup sync frotz
git-lite 2.22.0 Directory content manager (lite build) OK httpup sync git-lite
go-cs 1.1 Concurrent ssh client OK httpup sync go-cs
hatop 0.7.7 Interactive ncurses client for HAProxy OK httpup sync hatop
inform615 6.15 Inform 6 programming language WARN httpup sync inform615
linuxdoc-tools 0.9.73 Convert LinuxDoc SGML source into other formats WARN httpup sync linuxdoc-tools
memcached 1.5.16 Distributed memory object caching system OK httpup sync memcached
opentyrian 2.1.20190312 Open source port of the DOS game Tyrian (1995) WARN httpup sync opentyrian
pmars 0.9.3 Portable Core War simulator OK httpup sync pmars
ptunnel 0.72 Tunnel TCP connections over ICMP echo request and… OK httpup sync ptunnel
svgalib 1.9.27 Linux SVGA graphics library WARN httpup sync svgalib
varnish 6.1.1 High-performance HTTP accelerator OK httpup sync varnish
xhyperoid 1.2 Port of Hyperoid game (1991) INFO httpup sync xhyperoid